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Share your love, positive energy & best wishes February 12, 2008

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Ashley Callie and Robert Whitehead (Lee and Barker Haines in Isidingo)As most of South Africa knows by now, Ashley Callie was involved in a serious car accident on Friday 8 February 2008. She sustained head injuries and underwent surgery on Saturday. Thankfully, she is recovering at Johannesburg General Hospital and is in a stable condition.

As fans of Ashley’s work and her remarkable spirit that shines through her character on Isidingo, we have created this site to pull together support from all her fans, friends and family.

Our messages will combine to send Ashley loads of positive energy, prayers and best wishes to get her through this difficult time and towards a very speedy recovery.

Please share your thoughts and messages by commenting on this post.


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Theo Says:

Come on Ashley, Lee needs you to make a comeback! Our thoughts are with you … get BETTER!!!

Gail Says:

I know that you will come through this as strong as u always have been. You are such a special person, just be strong and get well soon.

Kathleen Says:

We are all praying for you Ashley! You will get through this!

Coleen Matthews Says:

Many warm thoughts are coming your way,
To lighten your heart and brighten your day.
With lots of good wishes that soon you will be,
Well on your way to recovery.

M Says:

Beautiful message Coleen, i agree with it totally. We love you Ash.

Wendy Says:

We praying for you Ashley. We wish you a speedy recovery.

Candice Constable Says:

We dont know what the future holds for Ms Callie in this time of adversity and pain, so we wish her well and a speedy recovery. If it’s her time to leave us then no one can interfere. I sincerely hope and pray that this tragedy won’t rob Ms Callie of her friends, family and fans. I hope that through all of this she will survive and be stronger. Ms Callie the whole of SA wishes you well.

Linda Holmes Says:

Ashley, you are one of SA’s brightest stars! You are beautiful inside and out. We have been blessed to have such a sensitive, talented actress on our screens daily. There are so many warm, positive wishes for you and prayers for a and speedy recovery. The Callie family is also in our thoughts and prayers.

frank lammers Says:

dear Ashley,

received the terrible news yesterday here in holland, through a south african friend. hope you get well. hang in there. so we can attend the opening night of our film together. lots a love and streinght to you and your beloved. greetings Frank.

Sharni Says:

Dear Ashley

Even though we only know you from your part as Lee Haines, it is clear that you have an amazing and kind soul.

With all the love that is out there for you, you will recover in no time at all.

Take care

zama Says:

Our prayers are with you Ashley and your family. I wish you full recovery… xxx

Vernon Says:

Ashley, my thoughts have been with you since the first day I heard about this terribl ordeal. Stay strong girl.

irene Says:

A more beautiful vibrant soul is hard to find. Ashley, the Africa Channel wishes you a full and speedy recovery.


Hey Ashley, so sorry to hear about the accident, but very glad to hear you’re on your way to recovery. I feel I know you personally and I’m sure the rest of your fans feel that way too, so we wish you a speedy recovery and know that you & your family are in our prayers.


Lauren Says:

To Ashley and her family

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. I am professionally involved in a large network of acute rehabilitation services for patients following traumatic brain injuries – please let us know if there is any support or advice that we can lend!



Sheroma Says:

Ashley, wishing you a speedy recovery, may God bless you and keep you safe. Get well soon

Maree Says:

Hi Ashly (lee) Sorry to hear about the accident, but we remember you in prayer and have faith and know that the lord will take great care of you. Get well soon!!

Ian Cumming Says:

Ashley, I only know you as Lee Haines, but have recently also had my little granddaughter of 4 months involved in a serious head on collision. I really know what your family is going through at this time. I wish you a very speedy and complete recovery! Hang in there! How will Barker EVER survive without you?

Marilyn Small, PMB Says:

Ashley’s portrayal of Lee Haines is professional, poised and perfect. She is a joy to watch and I’ve no doubt her performance has contributed immeasurably to the success of Isidingo.
She is a beautiful young woman which much to live for. We pray for her full recovery.
God bless you Ashley.

c, ctown Says:

Our thoughts are with you and your family.
God bless..

Dane Says:

Wishing you a speedy recovery Ashley, and that you may once again be your upbeat bubbly gorgeous self again soon!!

Zibeth Says:

Sending lots of positive energy for a speedy and full recovery. Wishing family and friends strength in this very difficult time.

Ang Says:

Ashleigh … you can do it girl! We are waiting for you … Sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way!

Bela Says:

Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.

Jacques Weber Says:

Dear Callie Family,

Ashley is in my prayers for a fast recovery and a fast return to her sparking life.

I hope you go from strengh to strengh.

Friends, Family, Fans please view this facebook group.

Vivian Says:

Hey Ash…I saw you last at Fashion Week, and that lunch we promised to do can wait a little while longer. I am thinking of you constantly, and praying hard for your full recovery. You’ll pull through this one with flying colours girl…you are so strong. We all love you and are waiting for very good news.

All my love

Merle Smith Says:

For Ashley and her parents and sister and all her family. God speed you on a swift and complete recovery. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Ashley’s family, please believe that the Lord will bring her safely through this.
Ask him to keep your hope and spirits up. She is a wonderful actress, and I know she will come through this safely, and with God’s healing hand,
Merle Smith

South African Says:

Good luck and God bless.

William Says:


I don`t know Ashley Callie, but I know JESUS CHRIST the risen Saviour, who died for each of us so that by his stripes WE are HEALED, and HE knows Ashley HE knew her when the earth wasn`t even created yet, her name is engraved in HIS hand and was on HIS lips when he took the punishment that would pay for our healing.
HE loves her so very much and thats why we know that it is HIS will for her to be well and whole. I pray and believe with you for her complete healing and that the HOLY SPIRIT will comfort and strenghten the hearts and minds of all her loved ones in this difficult time in JESUS Name, Amen



Amelia Says:

Our thoughts are with you and your family. You have been such an inspiration to us 30-something women. You’re only allowed to take a short rest, and come back to inspire us some more…. Take care and see you SOON.

Toinette Says:

Dear Ashley,

We pray for you everyday and believe that you will recover fully as we believe in God and know what He can do and we believe in miracles, I lost a brother in a car accident and also pray for your family as I know what they are going through but once again just believe and you’ll see the outcome…..take care and hope to see you soon in Issidingo.

Toinette & Family

Lanine Says:

You are the most AMAZING star! Wishing you prayers and thoughts of a GREAT recovery. God Bless Ashley Callie. God Bless her family and the family of those involved in the ordeal too. It must be equally difficult for their families. I was absolutely shocked when I discovered what had happened to out Lee. Words are not enough. Stay Strong.

carol Says:

ashley we are all thinking of you.get well soon you will be just fine

Shannon Says:

Ashley my thoughts and prayers are with you – constantly.

Lauren Davids Says:

Dear Ashley..!!

My thoughts and prayers are with you girl. I know you will pull through you are a fighter!! Ive never met such an AMAZING person before! When i met you in 2006 my wildest dream came true!!!
You are a BRILLLIANT actor..!

Lots of Love
God bless:-)

Lynne McCarthy Says:


I was about to shoot my debut on Isidingo alongside you on Monday, when I got the shocking news on Saturday morning.

My thoughts are with you and I’m channelling positive and healing energy to you!

Get well soon darling!

Love and Light



Siresha Says:

Dear Ashley,

I wish you a speedy recovery and want you to know that we are all praying for you,just keep the faith and hold on,you are an inspiration to all of us.

Get well soon.

Sam Says:

Its crazy – we dont know you but by god we feel for you! Be strong, feel the healing thoughts of millions hovering over your beside and absorb them into your body. Miss Callie – your stunning.


Takalani Says:

Ashley, wishing u a speedy recovery… God is with you… u will be well soon.

LEON Says:

You are in my thoughts daily and I know that you will make a full recovery.I asked GOD for this.

merle Says:

I know the whole of South Africa is praying for your recovery. Please make a speedy recovery as we miss you as I am sure do the cast of Isidingo. Get well soon.

Michelle Says:

Wishing you and those that love you courage and love during this really difficult time! Know that the thoughts of many are with you….

Mike Penny Says:

Wishing you strength and love as you recover. all our prayers are with you.

Bernita Says:

Dear Ashley and family,

You are in our thoughts and we are praying that you will make a full recovery.

All the best to your family and friends.

Nava Says:

Good luck Ashley, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Philippa Robinson Says:

I was a varsity with Ashley and have always been impressed by her spirit and courage. My thoughts are with her and her family

Tracy Says:

Dear Ashley

You have such natural talent as an actress and I have always admired you as a person from the personal interviews that I have seen on T.V.

A very close friend of mine was in a very serious car accident a few years ago, so my thoughts are with you and especially your family in this difficult time.

Will keep praying for you…..

Moira de Swardt Says:

Continued thoughts and prayers for you and for your parents, family and friends at this time.

Tanya Says:

Hi Ashley,
Thinking of you all the time & wishing you a speedy recovery. You are such a beatiful person with so much to offer. Our prayers are with you and your family. Lots of love.

Tracy and Emma Says:

Our beautiful cousin, you’re an amazingly strong person and you will make it through this. We remain positive and we’re praying for God and his angels to help you pull through this. Our hearts and thoughts are with you always…
Love Trac and Em

Lizel Says:

Ashley, when you read this one day, just know I had no words … that is why I can only go on my knees and pray for you each step of the way! With your inner strength and God’s Almighty Strength, I know everything is going to be all right!

Paola Says:

Sending you all my energy and positive thoughts for a full recovery. I know you can do it!

amanda and ockert roos Says:

My husband and I are praying 4 u, But please can someone keep us updated on your progress to recovery.
God bless u and as I am praying for u right now, I hang a “neclace of faith” around your neck in the name of Jesus, The Son of God.

Trishen Says:

Hi Ashley

May the force be with you.

Take care

Gwynneth Ann Titus Says:

Hi Ashley,

May God be with you during your recovery. Hope to see you gracing our tv screens soon. Our thoughts are with you and your family as we wish you a speedy recovery. God Bless.

Gwynneth and family…

Jess Says:

Hi Ashley!

I drove past your accident that on Friday night. The entire road was blocked off by people who were there to support and offer help.

I know you’ll do fine with so many positive thoughts from so many people. And so much support from those around you!

I am a devout Isidingo fan and I hope you are back and bright as every in no time!

Robynne Says:

Hi Ashley,

You are in my thoughts and prayers!

God Bless!

Vanessa Says:

Dearest Ashley,

My thoughts and prayers are with both you and your family during this very difficult time.A couple of years back I was admitted to the same hospital for severe head injuries also the result of a bad car accident.
Doctors said it was a miracle I survived.But it was more than that, it was Someone very special above that was with me all the way to recovery.I pray that as He healed me, He will heal you as well.God Bless.

Rene Says:

God bless you for a speedy recovery

Barbara Says:

Ashley – such a talented and intelligent actress. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. I’ve been where you and made full recovery thanks to God’s amazing Grace. Trust Him to bring you through this. His healing Spirit is with you.

Kim Says:

Dear Ashley

Get well soon, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this hard time.

Frieda Says:

Hi Ashley

Today is valentines day and I wanted you to know that you have received so many showers of flowers today.

Each flower representing – caring, loving, speedy recovery, strength to pull through, prayers for you, healing power, strength and good wishes for your family, South Africans standing up and cheering you on, family – friends and loved ones standing by you, Smiles and cheers for you when you wake up.

We can’t wait to see you back on track. Showers of blessings and get well soon

lulu Says:

Dearest Ash… wishing you a speedy recovery, Isidingo still needs your beauty, charm and your beautiful smile, get well soon

Delene Says:

Nothing in life is impossible Ashley.
Be strong and get well soon.
Come on now, you can do it!

Barbra Says:

Through God “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE”. My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.
Keep strong, keep up your faith and allow God to do his mighty works.

Lisa Vogel Says:

Dear Ashley and the Callie family – God be with you through this time – wishing you a full recovery Ashley! Lauren thank you so much for keeping the public posted – i know this is a hard time for you and we so much appreciate it! My prayers are with you all! Love & Light Lisa

Lynn Says:

To Ashley and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you during this trying time. Stay strong.

Hazel Levine Says:

Ashley – The news of your terrible accident was really upsetting. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery. Please fight – you still have so much to do!

Navesh&Sel Says:

Get well soon Ashley, you are constantly in our prayers. May God give you the strenght and courage to get you through this trying time. God bless!

carla & family Says:

Dear Ashley

Hearing about your accident left us all feeling very sad but we wish you a speedy recovery. You are in our prayers everyday.

Lindy Says:

Ashley, having watched you religiously EVERY night on Isidingo, you have become like family and I was so sad to hear the news about your accident. Wishing you a very speedy recovery, Isidingo will not be the same without you, my prayers are with you and your family! I believe you are a strong person, you will pull through this!


Samantha Says:

Ashley, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you strength,love and a speedy recovery.

Justine Assad Says:

Dear Ashley Callie,

The most articulate of us cannot find words to express our concerns and care we have for you and you loved ones.
May God keep you close to Him in this painful and difficult time, and may you have all the strength and blessing.

Warmest regards and best wishes,

Toni Says:

Ashley, I am praying that you will get better soon and make a full recovery. I am praying for you and your family

joy Says:

To Ashley and Family. Be strong. All of South Africa holds you in our thoughts and prayers. Lauren, Thank you for the updates, this must be so hard for you. Ashley….We love you!

Jayne Says:

Hi Miss Callie and her Family,

My thoughts and prays are with you and your family in this time of need. My Mom and I wish you and your family all the best at this time. I wish you a speedy recovery. All the best.

Jayne and Wilma

Annie Says:

To Ashley’s family.

Just thinking of Ashley, makes one want to cry, but we must all stand together in faith, and bring her through his.
Please sit next to her bed, and quietly read Psalm 91 to her (it is the protection psalm) I believe she will hear
each word you are reading, and accept this psalm for yourselves as well, as it WILL give you and Ashley strength. God Bless!!!

sheylah Says:

Im a loyal isidingo fan, and I cant watch until I know you are going to pull through!! My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family! I know you will pull through! Waiting for the good news!!

Elaine Says:

Hi Ashley & family,

Trusting that our Heavenly Father will touch you in a way that only He can, to put you back on the road to recovery. It was a massive shock when I learned about your accident. I pray that you will fully recover to be with the ones loving & dear to you. Hold on to Him and He will not forsake you. The Callie family is also in my prayers and thoughts. Hang in there girl, I adore you. You are an outstanding actress and I need to see you in Isidingo.

leonie Harrison Says:

Ashley I only know you through Isidingo. You ar great.
May our Heavenly Father touch you and Heal you.He will hold you in the pald of HIs hand and say you will be healed.
God Bless You, adn your family.

Clare Says:

Be strong and confident! God is with you and his angels will protect you and heal you! You are a very special person and very well liked!
God Bless! Get well soon!

helena Says:

i drove in melville onday and you were driving in the car next to us, we got all exited and waved and screamed, you waved and greeted back u were so kind and humble, i wish u all the health, and god bless you.

Camilla Says:

Dearest cousin
Your strength and courage will bring you to full recovery. You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly.
much love
Camilla and the rest of the Callie family from Australia

Connie Says:

Dear Ashley and Family,
I feel as though I know you as you are part of my daily life! I never miss Isidingo and Lee is my favourite character.
I was devesatated when I heard the news of your accident, as it felt as if it had happened to a friend!
You are such a wonderfully talented actress and woman.
I pray that God is with you now and will heal you and your injuries completely so that you can wake up soon and return to life with your family, and also your fans!
Best wishes for a speedy recovery and please know how much you are loved and admired by the South African public!

To Ashley’s family – my thoughts go out to you all in this very difficult time! May God comfort you and give you the strength to be strong for Ashley at this time.

Busisiwe Says:

South Africans are behind you with their prayers and wishes that you get better. We know you are going to be back on your feet sooner than you think. We love you. God will pull you through. To the family just be thankful and have faith because Callie will be back with you in no time, sharing her beautiful smile. God Bless

catarina Says:

hi ashley

thanks for being such a great actor and thanks for givimg us the meanig of love and sunshine and get weel soon as we need the rays of the sunshine shining from you

god blessd

Glenn Says:

Ash my darling
Tess and I are praying for your recovery, I can’t bear the thought of your bright, enthusiastic and talented light being snuffed out. I love you my darling niece. Miracles do happen and pray God you are the miracle for our family. Thoughts and prayers for my brother and family.

ronnie Says:

Hey Ashley,

You just hang in there and get well, we will go on praying for you and supporting you anyway we can.
You are very special to your family , friends and fans.

God bless

Samantha Says:

All our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Get well soooon.
God bless.

Dani_Buns Says:

Hey Guys,

So sad and broken hearted bout what happened to Ashley Callie,

Please know that you are in my prayers and i cant wait to see you up and running again…

best wishes,

Dani Buns

Maureen Says:

wishing you a speedy recovery,may God touch and bless you as you are going through this journey of recovery with Him,you are in our thoughts and Prayers always.

You are loved!

Kelly Says:

Get well soon.
Everyone is praying for you to make a speedy recovery.

We love you!!

Liz Says:

Absolutely shocking news! I pray for Ashley’s speedy recovery & also for the three occupants of the other car involved.Much love & light also to all the families.

Robyn Willson Says:

Hey Ashley,

Fight as hard as you can and God will do the rest.
You are in my thoughts. Stay strong, you have all your family, friends and fans love and support!

Love you Ash!!!

Robyn Willson

Laurentia Says:

Hi Ashley

We all know that you are a Fighter! My husband and I love watching Isidingo and you are our Favourite…so please get well soon and come back to Isidingo, we are missing you!!!
We are praying for you

Laurentia and Robert Bruce

claire petermann Says:

hi ashley
still praying for you . i know the angels are watching over you . pleas pleas get well soon . looking forward to seeing you in the halls of the sabc soon
lots of love to you and your family

Vanessa Donnelly Says:

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Our prayers and thoughts are with you throughout this time. To the family, stay strong and may God be with you through this trying time. Ashley, Isidingo will never be the same without you so please get well soon as the whole country wants to see you back on our screens.

Lots of love and well wishes.

Vanessa & Deven

Maxine Says:

I know you will get better soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time!

Annamarie Says:


I realy hope in God’s name you will get better soon, you are a real inspiration to alot of people. I wish you a speedy recovery. To your family, our thoughts are with you and we are praying for you to.


Elaine Says:

My love & kindness shall not depart from u, nor shall My covenant of peace & completeness be removed, says The Lord who has compassion on u.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Resh Says:

hi Ashley

Get well soon

D Says:

Callie family. I am so, so sorry. I so loved your daughter, she was my fave character. May God be with you, you are in my prayers. I am absolutly shocked by the sad news. You are in my thoughts.
Ashley, you were such a beautiful woman, you will be truly missed. Rest in peace Ashley.:(

Justine Assad Says:

Dear Callie Family,

My sincerest and deepest sympathies.

May God keep you close to him in what must certainly be a very difficult time. You will be in my prayers.

Once again, my deepest condolences to all who knew and loved her. May God be with you all.

Justine Assad

Candice Johnson Says:

Dear Callie Family,

My deepest sympathy to you all she was a beautiful talented lady, will be missed by all her fans!

May she rest in peace, and you all in my prayers.

God Bless,
Candice Johnson

Morgan Henderson Says:

I am left in shock, I just heard the news on the radio.

To the family – Words can not make up for the loss of such a young and beautiful woman. May God be with you in this time of great pain and sadness.

South Africa cries with you…

Ashley – your memory will live forever on screen and in many hearts.

In peace,

Morgan Henderson

juanita Says:

this is to Ashley’s family, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. May our Angel Ashley rest in peace. If assistance is needed, we will be happy to help your family with any hiring needed. (Marques, tables, chairs, etc) M&M HIRING
Juanita Naidoo
Contact numbers:0824516905

Coleen Matthews Says:

The Callie Family,
May these words of sympathy
Help comfort you somehow
And let you know that others share
The loss you feeling now

Roslyn Says:

Sincerest condolences to the family of Ashley Callie. It will be a great lost to not see her smiling face on TV or in magazines. She always projected a wonderful zest for life. My thoughts are with you.

Belinda Griggs Says:

I have just heard the news about Ashley’s passing. My deepest sympathy to her family. She will be sadly missed. She was one of South Africa’s finest actresses. I was one of her greatest fans. South African Television will never be the same again. My condolences to all who knew her. You are all in my prayers.

Bridget Parker Says:

My heart is broken… Ashley will be sorely missed. May God provide her family and all who knew and loved her with comfort during this time. My prayers are with you all.

Matt and Jackie Rhys Says:

To Ashley’s family,
May God be with you in this time of sadness. Our thoughts are with you as we deal with our own sadness at her passing. She was a magnificent actress, full of grace and charm.
God Bless.

Agnes Says:

My prayers are with you Ashley,we love you. I wish you a speedy recovery. xxx

Brian and Wendy Says:

Just heard the sad news. It feels like a member of my family has died. Condolences to her family, friends and colleagues.

Rest in Peace

Roussot Family Says:

We are truly, deeply, sorely shocked and numb to hear the tragic news of Ashley’s tragic death. I spoke to Lauren last night, and was very appreciative of the call and said we must all pray. I have not stopped crying since. Lauren, our sincere Condolences to you and your family … Ashley was an amazing, stunning person and actress, and she’ll be DEARLY MISSED.

We are truly, deeply saddened.

Ashley, you will live on in our hearts and memory forever.

Estelle Says:

To the Callie family and Isidingo Team, I’m saddened to hear of Ashley’s passing. What a shock. I saw her in a play last year, what wonderful talent, now lost. God Bless you all

Jay Says:

Our deepest condolences to family, friends & colleagues. We will miss her beautiful face on our screen

Razia Says:

I also just heard the sad news now. I am so sad. To all who loved Ashley my heart goes out to you, Our sincere condolences to you. God Bless you all

Eileen Shaw Says:

My thoughts and prayers are with Ashley’s family and friends. She will truly be missed. Watching you on TV tonight broke my heart.. May you rest in peace!

Kenny Orchison Says:

I sincerely wish Ashley’s loved ones all the comfort and peace that God has to pour from his father heart.
Find strength in his arms, he will carry you…
Ashley, thank you for what you meant to me and south africans alike… you are in the company of angels…
Rest in peace.
Kenny Orchison

Ronny & Mieke Says:

Lee… You were like a family member. I never missed Isidingo. You were one of the reasons I never did. You will be truly missed. To her family… I dont know what to say. I was hoping and trusting she would heal. My heart goes out to you.

Riaan Says:

Our sincere condolensences and best wishes to
the family and friends of Ashley.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you during
this time.

Annie Says:

Heavenly Father,I pray that you will comfort Ashley’s family,friends and all those who were close to her and a part of her life. Lord please just hold them close, and
dry their tears , as they need you so much right now. Amen.

Russ Says:

Ash, it is with great shock that we say goodbye to you. Your happy nature and awesome humor will be missed by all of us. we love you angel. RIP

Dalene Joubert Says:



Premilla Singh Says:

We are deeply disturbed to hear of the untimely death of Ashley. We wish the Callie family strength to get through this diffficult period. God bless her soul.





Brendan Pollecutt Says:

My dearest beautiful Ash

I am beyond devastated. So many memories. All of them bring a smile to my face.

This is a great tragedy. The only solace we can take is that you soaked up every day of your way too short life.

May your spirit, warmth and humour live on forever and ever.

See you on the other side


sheila msizi Says:

Ash, may yo soul rest in peace,yo spirit will foreva live on,u were an inspiration to some of us may God cuddle u in his arms n decide to make u one of his pure angels cas u r one indeed….


Beautiful thoughts of love to Ashley’s family and friends. Until you meet again.

Eve Armstrong Says:

Ashley Girl
Fly with your Angels – you are so very loved!
Eve, R/Bay

Barbara Harmel Says:

Deeply saddened. To all the family, friends and colleagues of this beautiful and extraordinarily talented young actress, so, so sorry. May you take some strength from all of us who never knew her – we would see her from time to time at La Vista – but watched her each evening with such delight in her. Barbara

Nonkululeko Maseko Says:

I am shocked to have heard that Ash has passed on……….it is with such sadness that our roads have claimed another innocent life once again.In Zulu we say “Kufa awudeli (death you don’t ever have enough)” so cruel yet so true.May your soul rest in eternal PEACE!

keletso Says:

i’m deeply saddened by the sudden untimely death of ashley, this is so disturbing. i mean this woman was so good at what she did and she did everything with so much grace. what a loss for us south africans and the tv industry. may her soul rest in peace and as i’m writing it i cannot believe that i’m saying so…….it’s really sad.

Gcobani Says:

I really had hoped that she will recover when they said she was in a stable condition.I’m really troubled by these news.May she rest in peace.

Ben & Andre Says:

We would like to express our deepest sympathy to Ashley’s family, friends & colleagues! You are all in our prayers & thoughts! Ashley you will always be remembered, may you rest in eternal Peace! Two of your greatest Isidingo fans!

Oageng Mariri Says:

My heart stopped beating when i heard these destructing news, it was more like a dejavu as i previously experienced the same feeling when i heard the passing away of Lebo Mathosa. For a moment i was convinced i was under heart attack. I just wanna say I thank God for you were a South-African. I always felt the power and the strength of your talent (like a hurricane) reaching me through the T.V screen everytime i watched Isindgo. How unfortunate i consider myself to be as i never got the chance to personally meet you as you’ve always been someone i looked up to and this severe emotional pain hurts like a sharp spear stabbed through my heart. How i wish God could send you back; your portrayal of Leonie Haines epitomized the ultimate level of talent and passion for the work that one does. I always knew that God wouldnt hesitate to repossess your talent and i know for sure that you will blaze the heavens with the power of your talent. Uttering the following words are more like leading myself to destruction; nevertheless “MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE” you truly were a genuine gift of talent to Africa, and its sad because this gift is now gone and it is irreplaceable. GOOD BYE ASHLEY!

Barbara Harmel Says:

Dear Ludwig

If you log on to you will see the amazing outpouring of grief about the death of this beautiful and hugely talented young actress, Ashley Callie.
She clearly was one of the most popular actresses in South Africa, and for many viewers, was THE reason for watching the ‘soapie’ Isidingo on SABC3.

I am sure there are thousands of us who would love to have a rose named after her in our gardens. I see her as an exquisite long-stemmed creamy rose with tinges of bronze and a hint of pink, a delicate but unmistakeable perfume.

Would you consider this, in her honour?

Thank you.
Barbara, Johannesburg

Christine Raulstone Says:

Dear Family of Ashley
I am so sad about Ashley. I think she was wonderful and really enjoyed watching her on Isidingo. Everybody that I have met in Durban are all very upset about her death.
Love to her family.

Elias Says:

Didnt know Ashley,but when I read about the accident and knew that she plays Isidingo I was sad because I knew Isidingo is popular in my home country,Tanzania.I was glad to hear that she is in stable condition,only to be shocked in this sunday morning while reading Sunday Times!May God rest her in peace!

coutinho family Says:

To the Callie family. Our deepest condolences to the passing of Ashely. She was a beautiful women and an excellent actress. Isidingo will not be the same without her. My God be with you. At least now she is in a better place and will not suffer.

We will really miss you Ashley

Paul Says:

I know I have written the other day, but decided to write again. I still cannot believed that our beloved, ASHLEY CALLIE, is gone. I feel like I’m in a bad dream and I cannot wake up. I bought all the newspapers yesterday, and have kept all the articles, and beautiful photo’s that they had of her. I came across an autographed photo that I received from the Isidingo set of ASHLEY. It said “Hi Paul Keep Watching Love, Ashley”. It’s something that I’ll treasure with me always, and keep close to me. We have lost a truly beautiful, stunning, gifted person, who was taken away far too soon from us. How are we, as a Nation, going to ever come to terms with this tragedy? To Lauren, Callie Family, & Deon, my thoughts and prayers are with you always during this difficult time. Ashley will live on in our hearts forever.

We miss you so dearly, ASHLEY, so dearly …

Rest in Peace.


PAUL xxx

Tracey Says:

My deepest sympathy to Ashley’s family.

The feeling has yet to sink in of this tragic loss.
Ashley shone through her character and there will not be a day that i watch Isidingo and not remember the truly inspirational person she was. Isidingo will never be the same…

Geoff and Rose Says:

Very saddened by the news. She was an icon in SA television – and was loved by fans of Isidingo. Condolanaces to her family and Isidingo staff. May she rest in peace.

Elaine Says:

My sincere condolences to the Callie family on their big loss.
She will be missed by one and all. May you find comfort knowing that God will guide you through this dark period and in the future. She will never be forgotten and He will soften your pain in the years ahead. The wonderful memories of her will always be there. God bless.

Shereen Says:

My condolences go out to the Callie family. May Ashley rest in peace. God Bless.


Dear Callie family
SA lost a gifted actress, our living room lost a gifter actress.I don’t think, but know she was a wonderful person (from colleague, to friend to family member). She will be grately missed by me and thousands of others. Always remember that everything happens for a reason. God has this day planned way ahead before we were even born. We’re all just gifts and temporary in this world. Natalie Martin (Cape Town)

Will Alves Says:

Ashley, you are our sister. Thankyou for touching our lives. May you walk and dance in the light. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones and family. God Bless you all.

Denise Says:

It was with shock that I learnt of the tragic death of the very talented and beautiful Ashley Callie.
May God be with her family and the cast of Isidingo. I cannot believe we will not see Lee again. A huge loss to Isidingo and to South Africa.

Jayne Says:

It was with deep shock and regret that I learnt of Your death. You will be sadly missed – it was wonderful to have you in my home every evening. Like Princess Diana was an icon to me you too were an icon and role model. May your family find peace and know that God has a greater plan. Love Jayne

Gwen Lekwape Says:

Our Sincerest condolenses to the Callie Family and allthe Isidingo Cast, Fans and Friends. We will all miss her, May her sould rest in perfect peace. We know that we all going, but not this soon. We all love you Lee aka Ash… Barker be strong, as your daughter left us unexpected… We will keep watching ISIDINGO…

Pula Mathibe Says:

Sad loss for South African Television and her family [immediate and friends], Ashley is a beautiful and brilliant actress. May her soul rest in peace and her memory engraved in our hearts.


imo Says:

Condolences to Ashley Callie’s family for the great loss.

penny kweyama Says:

Callie Family, May God be with you in this trying time. Ashley was a rose, she won’t be forgotten. May she rest in peace.


Dear Ashley

We watched Isidingo every day, only to see you. You were the light of every day, and the most beautiful. No one can ever replace you.

Arishma, Nicky & Safiyaah Says:

Ashley will be greatly missed! She was an individaul of such class & integrity. She was a remarkable role model to young South African Ladies… Rest in Peace… May you fly high among the Angels… truly missed….Arishma, Nicky & Safiyaah….

Thandi Masingi Says:

The talent that God gave you, will always remind us of you, i pray that God gives your family, friends and all your fans the sthreagh to carry great you were!!! rest in peace!

Barbara Harmel Says:


Thanks, we shall look into it.
Ludwig’s Rose Farm (Pty) Ltd

Tel: 012 544 0144

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From: Barbara Harmel [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2008 10:27 PM
Subject: a rose for Ashley Callie

Dear Ludwig

If you log on to you will see the amazing outpouring of grief about the death of this beautiful and hugely talented young actress, Ashley Callie.

She clearly was one of the most popular actresses in South Africa, and for many viewers, was THE reason for watching the ‘soapie’ Isidingo on SABC3.

I am sure there are thousands of us who would love to have a rose named after her in our gardens. I see her as an exquisite long-stemmed creamy rose with tinges of bronze and a hint of pink, a delicate but unmistakeable perfume.

Would you consider this, in her honour?

Thank you.

Barbara, Johannesburg

caroline Says:

“we love you ashley” we cannot explain the exteme grief when we heard the shocking news of ashleys death…isidingo will never be the same again…you may be gone but you will never be forgotten…god always chooses the best and he proved that when he chose you…we love you asley
from caroline naadira and meena

Denise Says:

It is not easy to lose a loved one and no matter what anyone tells you it seems that the hurt will last an eternity. But just believe in the fact that it does get more bearable with time and the loving memories that you have of Ashley will eventually be the only ones lingering in your heart. I pray that you will receive Divine intervention to help you through this difficult time and know there is a whole nation out there who is thinking of you and who fell in love with “Lee”.

Nwabisa Says:


REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!!!!

lorean Says:

as i write this note i do not know where to begin. there are clearly not enough words to begin to describe the impact ashley had on the lives of millions of south africans. its a dreadful shame that we had to lose her as she was a light in our darkest moments. we lost ashley but heaven gained an angel. rest in peace

Richard Leloon Says:

Lee(Ashley)….our live at home centered around you and the isindingo crew. You brought resilience and determination on screen and you became an icon to my wife and daughter.On their behalf,i know you fought well and as much as you were too young to be taken away from us,God had better plans for you.I believe he watching over you now. I pray for strength for your family as they go through this period.To them i say,your daughter was bigger than you could ever imagine,take heart and God bless you richly.

victoria Says:

My heartfelt and sincerest condolences to the Callie family. I was so shocked to hear of her death and the majority of people in zambia are still dazed by the news. She was an inspired and believable actress and will be greatly missed. May the good Lord comfort you in your grief and know that Ashley is in the safe and warm hands of our lord Jesus Christ

Barbara Harmel Says:

Let all of us who mourn the tragic loss of Ashley Callie commit ourselves to actively honouring her memory. Let us all make a daily and ongoing committment to changing the character of driving in our country. Learning and obeying the rules of the road, safe and respectful driving is vital. In this way the hideous price Ashley paid will not be in vain. Barbara

Sibongile Mavuso Says:

it seems like it was just yeaterday when you walked through the door, when you smiled and when you cried. like a precious jewel you were taken away from us. now i lie awake and imagine your soul like a bird that soars the sky. you walked and touched many lives and were ever you go i know you will touch more. as tears stream out my eyes and my heart feels like it will never mend, i know that he took you to a better place. until we meet again, keep smiling like the angel you now are. may her soul rest in peace. lord only you know the pain that the family feels and only you can take it away, they need you at this time to be their comforter, hold them close to your heart. i ask this in the name of Jecus Christ amen.

Simon Says:

I totally agree with Barbara, great idea and great way to live.

Thando Mabeqa Says:

To the Callie Family
Your loss is ours too. We are grieving the loss of your lovely daughter. I will always remember the day i met Ashleigh at the Parkview library we chatted for some time. What a smile that will stay forever with me.It was real honour to have known your daughter. We take comfort in knowing that she is resting in the arms of her creator. I will never forget the sparkle in her eyes.May her soul rest in peace.

Candice Titta Says:

i am deeply sad to what has happened, and i send my thoughts and prayers to the family and close friends. my gran and i have always been a fan of isidingo and its heart breaking to see her move on tv still today, RIP precious lady

Philip Theron Says:

A very sad time for the Ashley family and friends, and a HUGE loss to South African theater. My sincere condolences to her grieving family
I am devastated at the untimely death of Ashley. She seemed such a wonderful and sincere person, and had the most radiant smile and mischievous eyes. I shall miss those. It is reassuring to know that she is resting in the arms of God, and that another beautiful angel has been born..
Rest in peace dear Ashley








penny Says:


Michelle (Mickey) Says:

As I tyoe this, tears pore down my cheeks.
They are for the family,friends & fans….

Michelle (mickey) Says:

Ashley you will be remebered with much joy.For that is what you were !!!!

lati Says:

I remember the day when she went to morning live to donate blood,It thrilled me.When I had that she is recovering I kept my thumb crossed.This is God dids my she rest in peace.

Vee Says:

Dear Ashley, I cant believe that you have been taken from us at such a young age. You where my Inspirationon on and off the screen. They say the good die young. That is you my precious. May you sleep in peace and the angels take you to our maker and there you will be a golden angel. I will miss you and so will all your fans. My aunt will definately miss you. She watched Isidingo everyday never missed a day.
I will light a candle for you angel and I know you will always be there to give me Inspiration to go on.

To your family my deepest and warmest sympathy go to them. Remember that Ashley is still around and I say this as she has left wonderful memories for all of us to share.

May Godbless you all and keep you safe and happy.

I will miss you Ashley rest in peace sweetpea.

all my love Vee xxxx

Colleen Says:

Please accept my heartfelt sympathies for your loss. My thought are with you and your family during this difficult time.

Goodbye my ice-maiden

Yvonne Cape Town Says:



Anneline Says:

My deepest condolences to the callie family,friends and fans. Ashley will be dearly missed by all of us but she will be remembered forever. Goodbye Ashley






Gabby Says:

Ashley Callie was a brilliant South African Actress and its really sad to hear what happened, she will be sorely missed on Isidingo and I also will not be watching Isidingo anymore as she was my favorite actress on the soapie. Rest in peace ASHLEY!!!

Gabrielle’ Parkes

Gabby Says:

Hope the Callie family fill be ok and all our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

No one will ever replace ASHLEY CALLIE


Thoughts &prayers are with Ashleys family & friends today. She was our shining star and will be sorely missed, but now she is a shining bright star up there with our Lord, God needed her for his soapie that he is making, may she rest in peace now and may the family be consoled by our thoughts & prayers.
Fondest love from a real fan of Ashley’s and Isidingo Ann

Ntokozo Says:

I was utterly crushed when I found out about Ashley’s passing. She has been part of our lives forever. She was more than an actress, she was a welcomed visitor to my home (via the TV set). I will really miss her and hope her family can feel all the love from South Africa :-(

Palesa Says:

It is sad for South Africans to loose again one beautiful and talented woman in such young age. she was one of the people who made me fall in love with isidingo, i loved everything about her, may her soul rest in Peace.

Phillip Says:

You will be dearly missed, i enjoyed watching your character, resp in peace

kreesan Says:

Its unbelievabe i mean is this really happening ,i still remember the first time i saw ashlee, beautiful ,poised and a sombre smile she acknowledged my presence i was just a mere employee at the sabc at that time but i remember going home so full of pride cos i had seen our princess of sabc .That would be my lifetime memory of this great person

sisanda Says:

Ashley your passing has shocked the whole nation. I’m deeply sorry to the Callie family, we will alays miss and love you. May your soul rest in peace. Everytime i think of you, i will sing Shirley Ceaser’s Song I remember Mama.

kay Says:

Our deepest sympathy to Ashley’s family and friends at this terrible time. We love Isidingo and especially Lee and Barker. We are in tears every evening when we watch it. We feel they have made the correct decision by not replacing her on the show – there was only one of her, beautiful, poised and elegant all the time, unflappable and so cool. She was a true role model for young South African women. RIP Ashley Callie, you will be missed.

Amelia Says:

After reading all the comments,what more can one say? You lost a daughter….a sister…a friend…..i am so so sorry for you… us she was Lee….to you…. she was your baby…..your pain must be so intense……there are so many willing hearts carrying you through this with love……..may time help healing your broken hearts…….for she was in life and is truly an Angel now……..

Siki Dlanga Says:

Ashley, my favourite actress by far. I can’t even compare you to another. I so badly wanted to see you awarded an Oscar in Hollywood. There is no actress like you anywhere not even in Hollywood. But I think you showed us that greatness does not need to be applauded in Hollywood we have it here in South Africa. I rejoiced as I watched you collect your Awards here in South Africa. Your grace, your poise, your beauty and your incredible gift will be missed…and i know you inspired many more South Africans. Rest in Peace you will remain beautiful, talented and young as we grow older – your beauty is preserved.

maluleke rebecca Says:

to the callie family it’s hard to say this , god gives and take . the bible said god will give and take .i’d like to thank all the people who supported the family . to the cast of isidingo thanx for your concern and actions in ashley’s role god bless.may ashley’s soul rest in peace .

sabelovictory Says:

She’s gone,gone forever-she won’t come back again.But why did not she left a notice that shows she is going ,leaving us mourning?

We’ll cry,cry and cry ’til we wipe the last tears on our eyes,the queen has gone far away.ASHLEY’S beats no more-now she’s left the corpse and unite with her spirit.
yes we’ve lost someone special,indeed a fortune,a precious ,amazing woman.
may her little soul rest in piece,we’re missing you-we can feel ur absence-pliz come back ASHLEY we still need what u had-ulale kahle ntomb’encane

sabelovictorymkhaliphi Says:

Gone but not forgetten.Her soul might be wondering but her heart is stil with what she’d left behind,the people who miss her dearly,the people who are covered by a luner eclipse’ shadow,our screens are looking for an actress called ASHLEY CALLIE-but I can not give them(screens)the good answers.Actual she’s not dead-she only left the gloomy world ,because that was the only way without wings-may her soul rest in peace,we are not looking for chaos over her belongings

uphumule kahle ntombazane–sabelo victory mkhaliphi in UNIVERSITY OF JOBURG

Lisa Vogel Says:

Hi all fans, i know i have posted this question before but i need to find out Ashley’s birth date. I’ve been given two dates – the 19th May and the 30th December, Please could someone help with this, i’d like to remmeber her and light a candle on her birthday.
To Ashley, i miss you so very much! To the Callie family, my thoughts are with you – God Bless!

zukiswa Says:

I would like to say to ashley’s family be strong at this time we all loved ashley very much and will are deeply hurt too cause she was the best. and she lived a wonderful life the are no regrets causes she lived her life to the fullest.WE’LL MISS YOU ASHLEY,LEE!!!

Natalie Victor Says:


IF YOU KNOW PLEASE MAIL ME ON or sms me on 0741818366.


Natalie Le Clue Says:

Hi Natalie, most people say it is the 19th of May.

admin Says:

Hi Natalie 1 and Natalie 2 :)

Ashley was born on 19 May 1973 – this has been added to the About Ashley page here:

Barbara Harmel Says:

Two weeks ago, today, marks her death. And it remains unbelievable. Still think of Ashley Callie daily, and the cruel ending of so young and so gifted a woman. And of her family, enduring this horrendous shock and loss.
Alive though she will always remain with all of us.

African Honeymoons Says:

WE will always remember you!

phalon Says:

You were my role model,i really looked up 2 you.My dream was always 2 becoming an actress,probably still is.Currently i’m in matric and don’t know what to do next year but u give hope and courage 2 carry on end and folow my dream to becoming an actress just like you Ashely.I’ll be doing it for you Ash.You’ll always be in my heart forever and ever…

phalon Says:

will dearly miss you my sweetheart and will always remember role model

Tanya Says:

Seize the day……
Love you Always Ashley…..!
God Bless!

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