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Isidingo actress mourned February 17, 2008

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Tributes continued to pour in last night as news of the death of award-winning Isidingo actress Ashley Callie sunk in. The 32-year- old star succumbed to severe head injuries on Friday, a week after she was involved in a horror car crash in Johannesburg.

Callie played the role of Leonie (Lee), the daughter of business magnate Barker Haines in the prime-time SABC 3 soapie.

Their voices quivering with emotion, dozens of Callie’s television fans phoned radio stations and wrote messages of condolences on her website.

Hundreds of responses were posted on the website created by her fans to support her while in hospital after the accident.

One fan wrote: “I haven’t felt this badly since Princess Diana died. How is it possible that someone so young, beautiful and talented can just be snuffed from our midst? ”

Another message read: “Ashley, you were an amazing woman, an amazing actress. RIP.”

And: “I cannot imagine Isidingo without her. It’s such a tragic shock. I just cannot believe she is gone. It is heart wrenching watching Isidingo and knowing that there will be a time when she is no longer in the show.”

Minister of Arts and Culture Pallo Jordan said he was deeply shocked and saddened by the untimely death of a young, gifted South African television actress.

“We hope that her family, friends, relatives and fans will allow her spirit to rest in peace,” Jordan said in a statement yesterday morning.

“We were truly blessed to have a young, gifted South African who stretched all the sinews in her body to reflect the ideals of a united, non-racial and non-sexist society. Lala ngoxolo (rest in peace), Ms Callie!”

Gauteng Arts and Culture MEC Barbara Creecy said: “On behalf of the Gauteng provincial government we extend our condolences to the Callie family, Isidingo cast, members of the arts fraternity and those who loved and supported Ashley.

“As we mourn her death, let us also celebrate her life as she continues to live in the hearts and minds of Isidingo soapie lovers through her character on the screen.”

Isidingo executive producer Phumla Hopa said the soap opera’s writing team was still in shock over her passing and did not have any concrete plans on how to deal with her character — an integral part of the Isidingo team for five years — in upcoming story lines.

Said Hopa: “Ashley’s professionalism and talent is going to be sorely missed by us, her production team, the cast and crew of Isidingo. But more than her work as an actress, Ashley’s humor, compassion, sparkle and positivity is going to be missed the most.”

Callie was involved in a head-on collision last Friday night on the corner of 4th Avenue and Tana Road in Emmarentia, north of Johannesburg. She was driving home after she had attended the Pirelli Calender launch at Summer Place in Hyde Park.

While in intensive care at the Johannesburg Hospital, she underwent brain surgery last Saturday to alleviate the pressure on her brain.

Doctors told the family they were optimistic about her recovery and her sister, Lauren, said they were indeed convinced that she would pull through because she was a very strong person.

But on Friday afternoon, with her family members keeping vigil at her bedside, she lost the battle to live.

The grieving family released a statement: “It is with great sadness that we confirm that Ashley Callie passed away today (Friday), a week after her tragic motorcar accident. Ashley continues to live on in our hearts and minds.”

In 2006 Callie won the award for best actress in a soap — for her role as Haines — at the inaugural South African Film and Television Awards. – The Times


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Selina Says:

To the Callie Family,

I write something on this site everyday – and i will continue to do so for as long as it is up. I know that no words can take away your pain but i hope that all these message from all off us that loved Ashley so dearly will bring some sort of comfort to you.

You must be so proud that your daughter/sister/friend has made such a great impact on people’s lives.

I am almost certain that not one of us will get over this. Ashley will live on in out hearts. Ashley was a remarkable person and we will miss her.

My love and prayers to you – always know that you are constantly in my thoughts.



lindsey Says:

The last time I felt so sad when a celebrity died was when Princess Di was killed in that horrific car accident. We love you Ashley and will miss seeing you on our telly.


Estelle Says:

I am still in shock. Ashley is on my mind all of the time. I cannot begin to imagine how Ashley’s family, friends and colleagues are feeling. My heart bleeds for all of you.
May you all find comfort in this time.

Business Acquaintance Says:

Ashley – Having lost her at such a young age is tragic, but hey, angels must return to their resting place right!

As her sister says – Ashley will live in our hearts and minds forever, she walked into my life and left footprints behind.

God be with us all (family, friends, fans)in these trying times.

Lets turn this into a postive outcome – perhaps setting up a charity or contributing towards a charity that Ashley supported – in remembrance of her.

Roberto Says:

I am deeply, deeply saddened. My condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to family, friends and fans of Ashley Callie.


Bertha Lucas Says:

My heart goes out to Ashley’s family at this time and assures them of my support. I am sure you are very proud of her, and we should all celebrate her beautiful short but fulfilling life and remember her for the wonderful talented person she was.

Jacqui Says:

I’m lost for words… i can’t imagine the pain and sadness. “Tomorrow is never promised” – she will live in our hearts forever. My condolences to the Callie family. Although never meeting you i am left with a feeling of emptiness… I will miss you. you were just everything – extreme beauty and outstanding talent… You deserve the best – i know you will get it..

Catherine Says:

I am deeply shocked by the passing of this beautiful young woman. My deepest condolences to her family and all her colleagues on Isidingo. She will be so sorely missed.

Cat Says:

We talked every time I walked past La Vista – and it was always about cats. How we loved them, how easy it is to get attached to a little furball that purrs and licks your fingers. Her presence at La Vista gave it such a special ambience – and she never minded that I threw flower petals at the entrance, right next to the two little Mexican dolls with their arms full of red blooms. Her smile was always ready and honest – reaching her eyes, showing her clear and strong spirit to whoever was sharing her personal space with her.

She gave me a little black water bottle in the shape of a cat after I wrote an article on La Vista. That little waterbottle lives with my five cats in all the cat hair, occasional dust and sounds of jazz, blues and heavy metal in my flat.

I prayed for her every day. I pleaded with God to spare her, to keep her among us, to make her better, so we could still share in her strength and unselfish love. I could see myself walking down the hospital corridor, bringing her all sorts of cat trinkets, just to see her smile again.

But God took her.

I am so angry. Bitter, shocked, so incredibly sad that Ashleigh is gone.

God, she’s with You now. Please make her family and loved ones strong in their grief.

We will miss Ashleigh.

And I will miss her until I breathe no more.

Natalie Le Clue Says:

This morning, I wanted to do something for Ashley. I took a black lint and made a little ribbon, on the one end I placed an ‘A’ and on the other a ‘C’, in gold, of course to represent Ashley Callie.

I will wear this ribbon for the next week with great pride in rememberance of a spectacular person. I will also wear it when I attend the Celine Dion concert, in Ashley’s honour, I dont know if she enjoyed her music, but it means a lot to me, so I would like to share this special day in my life with her. I will keep this ribbon with me always, so I can be reminded of Ashley and all she stood for and so as to never forget her.

Ani Says:

I was so shocked when i heard. I cant even find the words to write how sad I am . One thing I can definetly say is she will ALWAYS be remembered. My condolences to all that new her….

Laura Says:

Your were a lady with grace and poise – which I am sure were traits of yours not only on screen but in the real world. SA has lost an ambassadress which made each day without presumption a brighter place. If your death was to bring all together in unity and love – then this would only be in glory to you. May you rest in peace, and blessings to your family at this time.

jo Says:

you will be missed

Khanyisa Mpambani Says:

It is of great sadness to have lost such a wonderful and beautiful character. Isidingo will definately not be the same without the fierce and extra ordinary leone haynes. Ashley you will always stay in our hearts, watching you everyday on isidingo made you part of our household and your passing was a great shock to us all. My condolences to your family and friends…my heart goes with you….Rest in peace Goddess of the world…

Natalie Le Clue Says:

This is the ribbon I will be wearing for Ashley:


Annette Says:

Well, don’t really know what to say, as no words will make it better or take the hurt and emptyness away… Watched the rerun this morning and felt sad again – Isidingo will never be the same again. To her loved ones: my deepest condolences and I can’t say when or if it will stop hurting – we don’t know your pain only our own , but please know that SA is thinking of you in this time. Asley was great and a real role model and is soreley missed. Rest in peace….

Cedric Mboyisa Says:

When I heard about Ashley’s untimely death I felt as though I had lost a member of my own family. It is extremely sad to lose such a gifted South African. You may be gone but your incomparable memory lives on. You’ve left behind a legacy of excellence, and you’ve made me proud to be a South African. We will never forget you. We will miss you so much, but we’ll never stop celebrating your life. May God always be with you. We love you so much.

Leoni Says:

Having lost a son in Dec. 2007 I know how Ashley’s family and friends must be feeling. The pain and loss will always be there. You had a very special daughter and sister who was loved my many. I pray for healing and strength for you all.
“Is it real? Yes…
it always has been.
it always will be, and
it exists in and beyond
every corner of our alternate
(Richard Bach -
Messiah’s Handbook)

Ashley – R.I.P.

Debra Says:

Our condolances to the family, friends, co-stars of Ashley Callie. I am heart broken at her untimely death, I was totally shocked and sadned at the anouncement on Friday nigh. I want to cry everytime I think about this beautiful person snatched from earth whilst in her prime, Ashley was an amazing actress with great talent and we will miss her everyday.
We will mourn her loss along with her family, friends and co-stars.

Ashley rest in peace at Gods side, We love you and miss you dearly.

Sean Says:

I am so sad. Although i have not watched Isidingo for a while, i loved her good nature and charisma that she had on screen. I feel like i have lost a sister. May we all meet again in heaven. God Bless.

Kamogelo Says:

In 2006, during her acceptance speech at the SAFTA awards, she warned the country to drive safely and arrive alive. This after Lebo Mathosa died in a car crash
In 2008 she got involved in a car accident and died, ironic and sad.
I shall miss Lee as nobody can say ‘Daddy’ like she did. But mostly I will miss Ashley for her talent.She was a superstar, an excellent performer and a beautiful human being.
Ashley – RIP

Smed Says:

This is all too surreal, as we mourn the loss of one of SA’s most beautiful, stylish, graceful and humble actresses – especially since she is still to be on Isidingo for another 3/4 weeks. Its too painful for me to watch. My thoughts and love go to her family and reali life friends, as fans like me are friends from a far.
Rest in Peace dear Friend

Tammy Says:

We were on our way home on friday evening when we heard the news at 6 on 5fm….we were so shocked i dunno how we made it home….
We all took it for granted that she would pull through …
Lee, you were part of our household for the past 5 years…..we loved you so much, words cannot express the sadness. Our thoughts are with the Callie family at this sad time…Lauren, especially you – I know what you are going through, I lost my 29-year old sister 3 years ago….
The Pattersons in Potchefstroom

laila Says:

I really felt that ashley will recover and when i heard about her death i was totally numb.i am so sad that i don’t feel like doing anything.she was a remarkable woman,charming,beautiful,caring,sweet and loving person.we as her supporters and fans are feeling this way so imagine how her isidingo unit must be feeling because they worked with her everyday and her family who has lost a daughter,sister,cousin,niece.when we are born than we have a certain time in this world and god decides when our time will be up so ashley’s life was only for 32 yrs.we will never understand the reason why god took her away.we all wanted her to live but did any of us think for a second that what if she lived and was brain damaged or had lost her memory due to her head injuries.we would have been more broken than and what about her suffering.we all loved her and that is why god decided not to make her suffer and took her away.However it is a real tragedy and i dot’t know how we will watch isidingo without time goes by our wounds of losing her will heal but we will never forget.we will never be able to bring ashley back but we can do a lot so that her memory lives on. 1.A BOOK CAN BE WRITTEN ON HER

sam Says:

To the Callie family, and all of Ashley’s friends and loved ones, if Ashley could say something to you now, I imagine it would go something like this:

“A brief moment of darkness was all that I knew, before Heaven’s Gate came into my view. All the hurt, fear and pain I have ever known, is gone from my life – I’m finally home. I gazed upon the Lord’s smiling face, and for the first time in my life, I knew and felt His grace. Your hearts have been broken, I can see from up here, as you struggle along and you wipe every tear. If only I had words I could send you today that would tell you I’m home and I’m really okay. I know that you miss me, but please dry your tears. I will always be watching and loving you, and trying to calm your fears. A cool breeze on your face, a touch of light rain – I will send as a reminder that we will meet again. Life on earth is but one brief moment in time; I’m finally home – eternity is mine. So for now know I love you in my own special way, and we will meet again on that glorious day.”
(Authors unknown)

Goitsimang Rapuli Says:

To Ashley’s family, friends, collegues and fans: Let us remember this great actor, for some of us a role model for what she truly represented: Class, positivity, poise and just raw talent.

Go well angel!!! Rest in Peace Miss. Callie

shari & audrey Says:

This is really hard…Ashley has been in our home five nights a week for the last five or six years and we really grew to love her…she was perfect in every way…looks, talent and that wonderful smile! To the Callie family…please know that our thoughts are with you…thankyou for letting us share that amazing being and make her part of our lives.

Mark , the Netherlands. Says:

God has send us an angel
an angel with a message,

To all your beautiful peoples out there!
Life is precious life is dear..
Enjoy this life passionately all your days..

Now our hearts are broken for today
we will carry this message with us away..

This beautiful angel Ashely went so early back with God…
Convincing me that she must be “a God’s messenger”.

Thank you.. Ashely your always be Beautiful !!

Massimo Says:

I’m devestated and heartbroken.
Ash, your warm smile and gentle spirit will be dearly missed by your friends at Franco’s.

Resta nelle mani di Angeli.

Dolly Says:

Ashley, Isidingo will not be the same without you.
Rest In peace and be our angel in heaven.

Candice Says:

She will be missed by all that know and that have grown to love. I’m still trying to come to terms with her death as it feels so unreal. But GOD knew best and he needed her more. My deepest condolences to her family, friends, colleges and everybody that knew and loved her. Candice

Ashley Goordin Says:


Barbara Says:

Ashley was an excellent actress. One of very few I have really appreciated. Her beauty and memory will be living on for many years to come. Our deepest sympathy to all her friends and family.
Rest assured she is doing even better work where she is now!!

Lesley Says:

What a smile..what poise, what grace..impeccable talent and angelic face. An unshakeable “old-soul”..a heart and mind to mesmerize all.

Ashley- I have never met you..but the impact your presence had on my life is profound in so many ways.
As each person is intricately connected to another- your family, friends, fans and I mourn your loss, because you embodied what so many of us strive to be..

I know you are at peace..and that makes me smile.

My deepest sympathy to the Callie family.

marissa Says:

such a tragic death – Ashley was a talent that represented the new South Africa. she became apart of our everyday lives…….she will be sorely missed.
Rest in Peace.

Brian Says:

She was my screen daughter. What a tragic loss to her family, the cast of Isidingo and to all the viewers who came to love her.

Condolences to the family

Rest in Peace Ashley.


Asanda Says:

I only have few words to say, and that is, Thank you Ashley for blessing us with your talent, we thank God for the little time that he has given you to inspire us and motivate, so young, so beautiful, and yet so talented!! Thank you and goodbye until we meet again, farewell. REST IN PEACE!

Mandy Says:

Goodbye Leone, we will miss you, I wish u were living Isidingo under different circumstances, but knowing that we will never see you again, is heart breaking, believe me, the whole country is united, and mourning your tragic death. We will forever miss you..GOODBYE AND MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE, THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL MEMORIES.

andrew harris Says:

i cant belive such tallented acttess has died so young i will miss er lovely smile.i havent been so sad since my mom heart goes to ger family at this sad time.ashley rest in peace

andrew neill harris Says:

i aslo cant belive i will never see her agin on tv she was such a great actress and made me always watch when she was on rest in peace

Bounty Hunters Charity Shop Says:

Ashleigh we got to know you so well over the past few years during your regular visits to our shop. You were a beautiful person, inside and out. So down to earth, friendly and supportive. We are so saddened that we will never again have the pleasure of your company. You will be mourned and missed by all, including our resident cats. Our sincere condolonces to your family and friends. With love, the staff at Bounty Hunters

ursula Says:

My very deepest sympathy to Callie’s family. Your loss is also my loss. Also to her fellow cast in Isidingo. God knows your heart.

Val and Barry Says:

To the Callie Family

Although we never met her, Ashley became a special part of our TV lives, she was so talented and gifted.
Nothing we say will take the pain away but our deepest
sympathies to all of you. She will be missed by so
many of her fans. Isidingo will never be the same
again. May you be granted the strength you need to go
forward. Val and Barry – Northdene KZN

Gugu Says:

I only learnt about Ashley death yesterday when I landed from France. I have watched Isidingo from the beginning and there was another Leonie then. A few moments later Ashley came in and she was just perfect as if she had been in the role forever. It even became clear how weak the previous one was. We will miss you and right now I really wish that Isidingo would just kill your charachter, cause I doubt anyone will match you skill.

I have a 6yr old daughter who is very close to her Daddy and each time says Daddy, she reminded me of no one but Lee calling Barker.

Ashwin Alexander Says:

The fist time I heard the very sad news of Ashley Callie ; was on Saturday when I overheard two ladies at a meeting at Vodaworld, Midrand.
I was totally distorted and baffled at the same time. She was one remarkable lady and actor.
I think the question on everybody’s mind is WHY a lovely, and beautiful lady that had so much to over our country had to die ; and such a cruel death, but we will only understand why, when we get to Heaven.
I’m look forward to meet her in the Mansion Above. She was an actor that moved my heart. When I checked in at OR Tambo on Saturday, I took a newspaper; Beeld.
I couldn’t eat my food at the Spur. I asked my self over and over why her …Why… but I know we will understand why, when we get to Heaven.

Vicky Gasser Says:

To the Callie family

It must be such a comfort to know how loved Ahley was, not only by those who really knew her, but by us, her many fans, who had come to admire her and love her over the years.
I was heartbroken to hear of her death, but she is now an angel looking down on all of us, an ambassador for us in Heaven. May she rest in peace – and may you all find strength and comfort during this difficult time!

Indrani Govender Says:

To the Callie Family
May you draw strengh from the knowledge that although we never met Ashley, that we loved her as Lee. she will remain in memory for a very long time. I wish all those who knew her personally angels strength and grace in this difficult time. Rest in peace Ashley.

Naresh Hurriparsad Says:

To the family of Ashley, I just want to say the she was the smile in SA T.V and there is no one on T.V that can take the place of Ashley,

Ashley was a very big part in the T.V World and I just want to say I am so sorry to hear the lose of such a great star.

Ashley RIP.

Melissa Shorter Says:

To The Callie Family, I am deeply saddened by the sudden passig of Ashley, you are truly blessed with a beautiful angel, who will be with you always, who will be your silent strength during the difficult times ahead. My mom and I have been watching Isidingo for years, Ashley, we were so proud of your achievements, South Africa is extremely proud of you. We find it so difficult to watch now, it will not be the same to watch! To Lauren, I lost my brother at the age of 18 in a tragic car accident, so i feel your pain, and for my mom who can relate to the pain your mom and dad are going through. Stay strong as God will get you through this, like he did us! Will contine to keep you in our prayers and thoughts. Stay strong. M&M

robyn Says:

You Dear Sweet Girl

taken from this eath way to soon, rest in the heavens forever!

I never met you but loved your work and admired you!


robyn Says:

You Dear Sweet Girl

taken from this earth way to soon, rest in the heavens forever!

I never met you but loved your work and admired you!


robyn Says:

You Dear Sweet Girl

taken from this earth way to soon, rest in the heavens forever!

I never met you but loved your work and admired you!


Thotho Says:

I admired you and may you rest in peace whatever God’s plans are we cannot change or challenge but deep inside our hearts you did not deserve to die so young.

May your family find strength in knowing that God cares and we are with you at this point in tine with our prayers hoping you will get used to the fact that Ashley is gone and will never be back.

Our prayers are to you Ashley and yoyr mourning family.

I salute you girl you were so admirable. rest in eternal peace Bye

Cherissa Says:

Ashley will be missed and my heart goes out to her family and to her co-stars, this is a sad time for all of South Africans who watched her on t.v. for half and hour monday to friday. We welcomed her into our homes and she was part of our family to and she will always be remembered in my house hold.
I wish her famliy and co-stars all of the best and she will be watching over all of you from heaven:-)

We all lovd her and will always love her.
For me as a fan that doesn’t know her personally i’m heart broken.

I remember the last time i saw Ashley Callie, she was walking in front of us while we were doing the 702 Discovery Walk The Talk with her dog and i remember my Father in-law saying to her “Barker’s looking for you” and she turned around and laughed her head off.

RIP Lee (Ashley Callie)
You eill be missed dearly

Louis Webber Says:

To the family, friends, and people of africa – we receive love in many different forms, and in that essence of pure love, it remains just a giving of the whole self. Let us embrace that, the loving to see her, her warmth and smile, always.

To Ashley, warp speed travel into the light, and love, and embrace of the all of us….. you remain in our hearts and thoughts.

love love Louij

Nikki Mikula Says:

Dear Lauren and Family,
The memories of Ash will always bring smiles and laughter to me.Turning up Louis Prima and dancing on the tables singing at the top of our voices before the shift started “I eat antipasta twice, thats because she is so nice, Angelina”…collapsing with laughter when we noticed someone looking at us through the window.
She was absolutely FANTASTIC!
Lots of hugs and love Nikki (used to work at THE ANT)

jessica Says:

R.I.P beautiful angel, you’ll be sorely missed, but eternally remembered…

God looked around his Garden and found an empty place.
He then looked down upon his earth and saw your loving face.

He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest.
His Garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best.
He knew that you were suffering, he knew you were in pain.
And knew that you would never get well on earth again.
He saw your path was difficult, he closed you tired eyes,
He whispered to you “Peace be Thine” and gave you wings to fly.
When we saw you sleeping so calm and free of pain,
We would not wish you back to earth to suffer once again.
You’ve left us precious memories, your love will be our guide,
You live on through your children, you’re always by our side.
It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone.
For part of us went with you on the day God called you home

Rethabile Says:

its sad , wat can i say , have no words , its painful . we have lost a great person , we have lost a talented woman . Ashleys family , May God be with you all through this rough time , wat God has done cannot be questioned , He has taken back His beloved child . Have faith , and all my prayers and luv will always be with you .

Ashley you have left our hearts broken , the pain we feel cannot be repaired . Loosing u was the hardest thing to come in terms with . Through the screens , i could see a wonderful person , a woman who had a great future ahead of her . Robala ka kgotso ngwana heso (REST IN PEACE MY SISTER ). i luved u and will continue to love you. U WERE A ROLE MODEL TO MANY OF US .Ashley u will be remembered!!!

Rethabile Says:

i dont know if cryin will heal this pain of Ashleys death , i stopped watchin Isidingo , i just cant watch it anymore , seein her face , thinkin shes not there anymore , it hurts .Ashley with her beautiful style and great dress style , why did you have to go now .

its hard . but yet i have to live with the fact that u r not there anymore …may your soul rest in peace.

i luv u

Rethabile Says:

i dont kno wat to say but cry

you always smiled on our screened , you always you were a wonderful woman

Rest in Peace Ashley , maybe it was time , God has taken back what He created He wanted her child back i cant question that , but all i can say is I luv u

tonia Says:

my heart bleeds as i read all the messages from you dearest fans.i cant think of anyone else’s untimely death that has hit me this hard next to princess diana.Now i really know and understand what it means when we say you never know how much you love someone until you loose them.its too late now to tell u how much i adore u bcoz know u cant hear me.hopefully will meet someday in heaven where you belong. i love u RIP ms callie.(‘.’)

Bianca B. Says:

Oh Ashley, we miss you so much. I can’t help but cry…But the best I can do is celebrate your life, your beautiful beautiful life. Love you so much, Ash.

seipati Says:

aaahu Ngxese.alwehlanga lungehlanga….we will forever miss ur beautiful smile.may your soul rest in peace.we will never find another one like will be missed dearly.

Gairun Says:

Oh, my word.
South Africa has lost a great talent. It’s still so shocking, that someone so beautiful has left this earth.
she was one in a million, the way she spoke, the way in which she presented herself, she was such an elegant woman!!!!
Rest in Peace!!!!!!!!

Nolene Says:

I met you in Melville. And I could not believe how lovely you are and your personality made you more
and more LOVELY. It felt like I lost a family member when I heard over the news that you past away.
I had a brother that past away of the age of 28 years
and all I can say to the family is, it wont be easy but keep strong. On the 23/02/1996 my brother past away and it still feels like yesterday.
To loose a brother a sister a peace of you dies in side as well and no one can explain what it feels like unless you have experienced it.
Love and prayers to the family. RIP ASH


you were one of my favourite Isidingo actresses. May your soul rest in peace

sarusha.reddy Says:

i really do miss you on tv it is so boring in isidingo these days. May you rest in peace

still in shock! Says:

I guess this reminds us how short life could be. we must make the most of it and stop procrastinating. cherish the time with our loved ones…stop worrying abt everything thats going on and just be happy.

I am guilty of all of the above, so I am going to just stop worrying and be happy!!!

I have always admired Ashley’s beautiful smile – she really lived her life to the fullest and I think I should follow suit.

PS. Does anyone know if Paul is ok? have not seen a post from him in ages – not even on Ash’s birthday!

Peggy Says:

Hi all Ash Fans

I hope you are all doing ok.

Still in shock,I am feeling the same way of how we
should live our lives.

Today is just one of those days that I miss Ash so much and wish that I could just turn back the clock.

I thought after that amazing dream I had,everything
will be allright,but I suppose it will all get better
in time.

Ash,you were one of a kind and will always be
remembered in a very special way.

From a devoted fan


Paul Says:

Hi Still in Shock & Peggy,

How are you guys? I’m doing well.

It’s been ages, (as Still in shock), says, since I’ve posted something on this site. One of the main reasons I stopped is all the nonsense and spam that was coming on.

Although I have not posted anything, there is not A DAY that goes by that I don’t think of Ash. And how I also wish that things would have worked out different. If only Ash was still here. I still feel that we are in a bad dream, and have yet to wake up.

Peggy, I am sorry I have not emailed you. I have your mail address and will email you by the end of this week.

I was watching the “3Talk” and “Top Billing” tributes at home yesterday, and wept. I miss Ash terribly, and “Isidingo” has NOT been the same since. In fact, I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t watch anymore. No point.

Agreed! We must live life to the full, take every opportunity that comes your way, and cherish the moments with your loved ones. Carpe Diem!

To Mr & Mrs Callie, Lauren, John, Deyon & kids. It has been 4 terrible months since Ash was cruelly taken away from us, and it feels like it was yesterday. If we, as fans, are so shattered, what are you all going through? I cannot imagine. There is still not a day that goes by that I don’t pray and think of you all. May Ash Rest in Peace.

Ashley’s stronger, but still heartbroken, fan. Always.


Peggy Says:

Hi there Paul

My friend,I am so,so glad to see you back on the
site again.You really got me worried,but I understand your reason.

I agree with all the beautiful things you mentioned
about Ash.I never thought for one moment that I
would still miss her so much after 4 months.

Yes, that tribute videos also make me so sad every
time I watch it…especially that “bloopers” one.

I am looking forward to your email.How is your
Ashley Callie Rose doing?…mine looks so beautiful.
Kerry, I will reply on your email tomorrow,Friend.

Ash Fans take care!!!

From a fellow Ash Fan


still in shock! Says:

Hi everyone.

Paul, thanks for the post! Its good to read from you again!! Yes, the spam and junk comming here was terrible – but we stood our ground and managed to let them know how we feel about this site!

I know what u mean Paul, I am really still in shock that such a beautiful, promising life can just be snatched away so untimely. its heart wrenching.

but – we cant change the past all we can do is take a page out of her book and carpe diem!

yes Isidingo’s story has really become pathetic now and all I can do is think of Ash and wish she was back!

Kerry Gray Says:

Hey Peggy, Paul and Still in shock

How are you guys doing???

I am doing fine, just really hectic at work at that is why I also have not posted a comment in a while.

Paul, Nice to see you are back on the site my Friend. Did you get my email?? I know it was short but i will reply soon and answer your other questions.

Peggy, Hey my friend. How are you doing??? Cool, i will be looking forward to your email. Chat soon.

Still in shock, thank you for all your comments and for keeping this site alive in Ash’s Memory.

Hope you are all well and i agree with all of you in your previous comments.

Ash, After all this time i still miss and love you like crazy. Not a day goes by where i don’t think of you and the pain is still very strong and will be for sometime to come. Hope you are enjoying being an Angel and looking over us from above. Meet you one day in heaven Girl.

All my love always

Mpho Says:

Hi Everyone, tomorrow I’ll be celebrating my 24th birthday and yet I can’t help but feel guilty. I feel guilty because the Callie family can’t celebrate Ash’s birthday with her anymore, but this is a bitter sweet feeling because I know she would have wanted everyone to seize each day as she did. So Ash wherever you are I want you to know that you are still my role model and what I learnt from you is that one should seize each momment in life for we don’t know what God has instore for us. Thank You Ash for the wonderfull memories and the legecy you left for us.

Kathleen Says:

Hey there Mpho
Happy birthday girl! Hope that this year you will take what you have learned from Ash and use it to the fullest! Ash left good things behind. Things we all can admire and use in our own lives!

Feel free to email me at any time on

Kind regards

Mpho Says:

Hi Kathleen

Thank You for the wonderfull massage, it means alot to me. I lost a family member on my birthday. She passed on after giving birth to a baby girl. However this website has taught me that its ok to continue loving and celebrating the lives of those who have passed on and to be grateful for the time you had with them.

You guys have no idea of the lives you are touching out there and I’m sure that Ashley is proud of this family she created in spirit as she touched so many lives in flesh.

Kathleen Says:

Hey Mpho
I am so very sorry for your loss my dear.
Although she has left this world her spirit will forever live on in her little girl and in the hearts of those who love her and who will now love her through her baby.

In a sense, they are now closer to us than they have ever been because they don’t sleep, they constantly looking over us, just like Ash is looking after her loved ones.

Stay strong girl!
Your friend

Bryan Says:

i always felt connected to ashley watching her on tv ,she was like my own sister maybe bec her and my sister shear names ,bt when she passed i fond out that we shared our birthday .Time passes so fast annd nw we are here again, at the time of the year when a grate woman passed…we will always miss u aschley .May u rest in peace

Bryan Says:

i always felt connected to ashley watching her on tv ,she was like my own sister maybe bec her and my sister share names ,bt when she passed i fond out that we shared our birthday .Time passes so fast annd nw we are here again, at the time of the year when a grate woman passed…we will always miss u aschley .May u rest in peace

Allison Says:

Hey guys

Can you believe it, today exactly a year a ago that tragic accident occurred. The whole day i kept finding myself wondering what Ash was doing that day…

I know that Ash is always watching over us!

To the Callie family i hope you guys can find strength in God and can stay strong…

Ash i really, really miss you!!

Quoting Ash …
Carpe Diem
Seize the day!


Paul Says:

Hi Guys,

Allison – I couldn’t agree more! The whole day, yesterday, Ashley was constantly on my mind. I kept asking why did she have to go? I cannot believe it’s been a year already. It was such a senseless, tragic accident, and we have lost our BEST ACTRESS!!

I miss her very much and Isidingo has never been the same. She was an amazing talent, with so much talent, that it’s just so hard to believe she’s gone.

Deyon, Mr & Mrs Callie, Lauren, John, & family – my thoughts and prayers are still with you. I cannot imagine what you all must be going through this week. Just know that there are a lot of people who care and are thinking of you all, always!

Ashley, your star shines so brightly * I miss you *

Carpe Diem!

Kerry Gray Says:

Hey Allison,

How are you doing???

Sorry I have not replied to your email. Life is just hectic and crazy at the moment.

Yep, I agree with you and the funny thing is, is that I was in that area yesterday for the very first time and It hit me that it was on the anniversary of her accident.

So I hope you are doing well.
Chat soon

Carpe Diem

Peggy Says:

Hi all your loyal Ash fans

Paul,Kerry and Allison,I just could not get myself to leave a comment since yesterday because I was too emotional.

Everything was playing back like a horrific movie…
today is exactly one year ago that I came back from a
visit in Jhb and my mother told me about that tragic
accident,I can still remember how I reacted on that news.

I was watching the last few episodes of Isidingo with Ash and oh! she looked so stunning towards the end.I don’t think there will ever be a South African
actress with her calibre.She was brilliant.

To Ash’s family and loved ones…you’re in my thoughts and prayers all the time.

Ash,you were one of a kind and can never ever be replaced.You were one special lady and I still miss
you so very much.


a Loyal and devoted fan always


Kerry Gray Says:

Hey Peggy,

How are you doing my friend??

I am doing ok, my life is just really heactic at the moment and I am dealing with a whole lot of shit with my mother.

This week is really hard for me. I keep thinking of Ash. I got a present yesterday from My dad’s friend and do you know what it was, the Ashley callie rose that I have been meaning to get for ages. It is so beautiful just like she was.

It is just all so strange to me that all of this is happening in this week but I guess it is just a sign from Ash to keep us motivated and that she is thinking of us and looking at us from above. Our guardian angel. I miss her so much.

Ash, I miss you so much and you will always be my number one celeb forever and always and I agree with Peggy you can never be replaced.

I came across this message in my gran’s memorial leaflet and it made me think of Ash,

Someone still loves you, someone still cares,
Someone still whispers your name in their prayers.
Though absent, You are still near and loved very dear.
You shared your life, our love, hope and tears.

To the Callie family, Deyon and kids, My thoughts and prayers are still with you and may the Lord give you lots and lots of Strength this week.

Lots of love
Your devoted fan forever

Peggy Says:

Hi Kerry

Sorry to hear about your mother,you must be strong
and believe that things will get better.

You couldn’t ask for a better present than the Ashley
Callie Rose.I treasure mine like gold because it
reminds me of her every time I look at it.

That message is very beautiful and inspirational.

All your fellow Ash fans must take care.

Love always


Gen Says:

Ashley was my favorite actress. Im deeply sad about her death. She seemed like such a wonderful person. I wish her family all the best

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