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SABC 3 tribute to Ashley in Sunday Times February 17, 2008

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A lovely, serene and peaceful picture of Ashley (accompanied by the tribute below) appeared in The Sunday Times today.

In memory of a beautiful character.

SABC bids a very sad farewell to Ashley Callie, a gracious and talented young star who captured our imagination, on and off the screen. Ashley, we will remember you for your warmth , passion and invaluable contribution to the performing arts. As will millions for your character of Lee Haines in the hit local soap Isidingo on SABC 3. While we mourn your passing, we also celebrate your life and the incredible mark you have left on all of us. Our prayers and thoughts are with your family at this time.

Ashley Callie, you will forever stay in our hearts.

Ashley Callie


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paulette louw Says:

to the cally family – ashley was part of my life for a long time and i could not wait for 6h30 weekdays to see this beautifull and talented lady that brought so much fun and joy and tears into my life. You will be missed. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jayvant Says:

Dear Ashley: We know that you are still with us, just on a different plane.Without even physically meeting you, you have touched my heart. Your sudden departure of your mortal coil has left many shocked and saddenned. Please look down on your loved ones for they miss you the most.As for myself-I am deeply moved by your absence…

Business Acquaintance Says:

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I’m sure you’re able to access me email address, so drop me a mail.


vuyokazi Says:

To Ashleys family, my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your Daughter and Sister. You blessed us with a beautifull Being that touched many peoples live. Yes we grieve and @ the same time thank the Lord for having given us the chance to have Her grace us with Her presence in our living rooms daily. She is gone to rest, live not your lives in empty miserable days but live on as She would want you to, for She will be watching over you, SMILING (as always), GUIDING YOU, AND HOLDING YOU NEAR AND DEAR. My condolences.

Tony Nengwekhulu Says:

Ashley you will be missed dearley , you were a true posative role model in my life . you were a godess and your spirit and smile will live on in my heart forever . God bless you family through this hard time .

Fritz and Marika Says:

What a shock to hear of her passing. Many a South African abroad and hear in New Zealand willremember you fondly. You are in our prayers. Rest peacefully.

Boikanyo Tawe Says:

Looking at her pics in the net, just make her alive again. Ashley’s face will always be real in my mind. God is always there for the broken hearted and may her family find comfort in Him. May her soul rest in peace.

Shirley Says:

I am so shocked and saddened to hear of Ashley’s death. It’s hard to believe that she is gone. She was one of SA’s most talented and promising actors. Not to mention how startling her beauty was. I didn’t often watch Isidingo, but when I did, I was mesmerised by her. To her family, friends and all that loved and knew her – my deepest sympathy. I wish you all comfort, knowing she is at peace.

Ash and mel Says:

How little we knew what sorrow that day would bring a day and date we will never forget so sudden was your shocked us all, if tears could build a lane we would walk right up to heaven and bring you back again. Why do the best have to go? An answer we will never know god chooses the best they say and certainely got the best that day we smile with others but weep alone resting in the arms of GOD. No better place to be absent from this world of pain secure in her place of rest and peace, no more scorned by the earthly flesh missed far beyond words can say cherished in her fans hearts forever and always! RIP Ashley Callie

taalib Says:

Wewill rememerber har in our prays and she is in a better place.We pray for the family that they must get through the difficulty.GoD knows best.R.I.P

taalib Says:

We will rememerber her in our prays and she is in a better place.We pray for the family that they must get through the difficulty.GoD knows best.R.I.P.May whispers of a thousand angels be with her 2nite ,their light provide happeness and joy.

Anita & Andre Says:

We mourn the death of a talented, beautiful person we got to love and become fond of from Isidingo, we share the heartache with her beloved family, friends and cast/collegues of Isidingo, those who were very close in her life, the show will not be the same without her, we will miss that cheeky smile. A life so young taken away too soon. You are all in our thoughts.

Phindile Says:

May Ashley`s soul rest in peace.Our heartfelt condolences to the Callie and Isidingo family,we are with you in prayer as we mourn the loss of our beloved `Lee`.May your hearts be comforted.Regards Phindi,England

ingie Says:

you are beautiful, more graceful than us all
you stepped on a cloud…
but if we do, we’ll fall
coz our feet are heavy
tell me
is heaven as soft as we’re told…

Genevieve Says:

Ashley, even though I never had the honour of meeting you, you have touched my life. It is almost 2am and I still cannot sleep, the shock…the horror…words cannot suffice. You have touched so many lives and hearts. When I see you on Isidingo on Monday it will be too much to handle. To the Callie family, I cannot imagine your pain and heartache. Please know that millions of people are thinking of you and praying for you. Oh what a beautiful flame Ashley possessed, how cruel that her flame was snuffed out too soon, too young.

Robyn Jamieson Says:

You were our angel. Gorgeous, talented, and a beautiful person and woman. Nothing can mend the heartache of your passing away.

Your flame will burn within our spirits, as will your memory in our hearts.

To the Callie family, your daughter was a inspiration and a gorgeous earth angel. We will never let her be forgotten, as we all loved her and what she did for us in so many different ways. Thank you for letting her be a part of our lives. We are all with you during this hard time and our hearts go out to you, our arms comfort you and tears are shared with you.

Jacqui Says:

I’ve never felt this much sadness in a long time – not since Dian’s death. My hearfelt condolences to the Callie family. Such a sad loss of a young and dynamic woman in the prime of her life. I dont think anyone will be able to play the part of “Ice Princess” Lee Haines quite like you Ash. Rest in peace.

Ketan Says:

You I did not know, you I will not forget. Remain as lovely wherever you are…’till then…

Eileen Says:

To us you are Lee. We admired you, were stunned by your regal bearing, beauty and presence. Yet when you smiled, that naughty little glint in your eyes came through so appealingly. You will be missed tremendously and I know that many people will never be able to watch Isidingo again, which is sad. God bless your beautiful soul Ashley, and rest in peace. To your family, God give you strength to help you to heal.

Johan Says:

Our heartfelt condolences to the Callie family. May God be with you through this terrible time. She will be missed.

PC Says:

My sincere condolences to the Callie family. May God be with you through this difficult time. Callie will be missed and will remain in our thoughts.

Angela Says:

You will be greatly missed by me since I really enjoyed seeing you every night in Isidingo and became a huge fan. There will be a void now that can never be filled. You were a wonderful actress with a lovely personality. My sincere condolences to your family at this trying time. May you rest in peace, Ashley

Belinda Says:

How we are going to miss Ashlee, such an amazing talent, part of our family each evening. Condolences to the Callie family. May the angels keep her safe and shine their light over you all.

Steve Letsike Says:

May her SOUL REST IN PEACE, the love and warmth she had will remain, as for her body was so weak, but her spirit is so strong and will also remain with us, she will be honoured for the work she has done and will be remembered by everyone till…….Robala ka kgotso Ashley.

tlotlo Says:

my your soul rest in peace

Cindy Says:

Thinking of Ashley’s family during this difficult time. I am so sorry for your loss. Your daughter and sister will be missed.

Nono Says:

What a talented, beautiful person, with a beautiful smile and angelic face. May your beautiful soul rest in peace – we will miss you. To the Callie family, you are not alone in this tragic time. Many of us are praying for you. May God give you the strength to carry on.



Alan Berger Says:

My deepest condolinces to the Callie Family, I am very sadened by her Death..She will live in our hearts and Souls Forever.

Be Strong. G-D Bless you all.

Alan Berger




Sylvia Says:

Dear Callie,
so sorry you had to lose your life at such a fantastic time in your life. You are so beautiful and such a lovely person, heaven must be smiling to have you there.
May God comfort your family in this sad time.

Stella Says:

I said this about 10 times, why,why,why, it felt like i knew her. The Callie Family, Isidingo Crew especially Robert & Karen (Harriet)the people she worked closely. How ever is going to replace her(should they to write of her part), has big shoes to fill as it won’t be the same.

Callie Family, only time heals the wounds, be stron. Ash,God bless your beautiful soul, and rest in peace.

Laura Says:

As a writer in the TV industry, who now and again had the pleasure of spotting Ashley walking the corridors of Henley Studios – barefoot & bubbly – all I can say is “how truly sad”. We may not have exchanged words, but still, an indelible mark was planted in my memory. You will be missed. May your spirit rest peacefully and may your family and friends find comfort and strength during this difficult time.
“Ashley now entertains God and his Angels”.

Yolanda Says:

She was the only reason I wactched Isidingo, I couldn’t wait for her to get back at Barker and set things right. In this criminal country we live in, it’s nice to have an idol who fights for justice and peace, even if its only in a soap, but it’s sooo close to home. For the Callie family, my thoughts are with you. God Bless.

Yolanda de Witt

Jane Kamfer Says:

How I already miss the warm hearted , beautifull ,amazing talented Ashlee who has been part of my in a very special way,To the Callie family, you are not alone in this tragic time.My prayers is with you all.God Bless.

Xoliswa Magqira Says:

Thank you God for blessing us with such a wonderful person, Ashley was an angel among humans, her family was still looking forward to her beauty, success and wisdom as it has been growing so rapidly. Yet you decided to take her at that very moment, because that beauty, success and wisdom is what we will remember her by.Her spirit lives on as one of South Africa’s youngest and greatest.

Thank you Lord for blessing us with such a wonderful talented person.

Lala ngoxolo Sis’ Ashley, Sohlala sikukhumbula!

Lynn Russouw Says:

Although we only knew you as the actress who kept us hooked to Isidingo, you have become part of our family. Your talents will be truly missed. May the angels take you to His presence and you be granted endless peace.

Sincerest Condolences to the Friends and Family.

Maureen Says:

I could not believe my ears when i heard on the radio on Friday afternoon that our beautiful Ashley has passed on,you were perfect,your smile was perfect,your character as “Lee Haines” was also perfect,there will never be another “Lee Haines” as perfect as you,you were the best,and always will be.
May God give courage to your Family and loved ones to carry on.

Amy Says:

I was so saddened by the tragic news, such charisma, such pleasure- she brought on our TV sets. She will be dearly missed and I hope her memory will live on forever. Rest in peace

Vicky Says:

Was so shocked and saddened by the news of Ashley!
Isidingo is not going to be the same without her in it, you brought out the best in everyone.
I will miss not seeing you every night.
My Condolences to Ashley’s Family, you are in our prayers!
Rest in Peace Ashley!

Tebogo Ramaselele Says:

This is very sad…I find it so difficult to accept that she will no longer be seen on our Tv screens… She was such a great actress and I just wanna to thank God for allowing south africa to have her for that little time…..She played her role and it it was her time to say good bye…..May her soul rest in peace……

Denise Says:

How sad to have lost our bright and shining star, the beautiful and talented Ashley Callie. May God comfort her family, friends and the cast of Isidingo at this time.

This was a song which I wrote as a dedication to a young friend of my son, who passed away tragically. I now also dedicate it to Ashley.
Ashley, you are in a better place and you sing the songs of angels now. Rest in peace, pretty lady.

You Have Wings

When it’s late at night,
And I’m all alone,
When I see a falling star.
Then I think of you,
And the things we did,
And I wonder where you are.

I will never forget
All the love that we shared,
There is nothing can keep us apart.
When I gaze at the star-studded sky every night,
I know that you are safe in my heart.

I don’t understand,
Why you left this way,
And all I can do is cry.
Then it comes to mind,
Something you once said:
Give me wings and let me fly.

Though I’m sad that you’re gone,
I am glad that you are free,
As you soar with the eagles on high.
I rejoice just to know you are happy at last,
You have wings and you can fly.

I remember how,
The last time we met,
There was a tear in your eye.
But I never knew,
As you turned to go,
That would be our last goodbye.

Sometimes when I sleep,
You are there in my dreams,
As the memories come drifting by.
I know that one day we will meet once again,
And through eternity we will fly.

© Denise Pienaar 2006

Vernon Says:

There’s a peice of music titled “God’s time is best”; it is a soulful, peaceful piece of music to listen to.

Here too, God’s time was best, despite the means of bringing about an end. May the Callie family find comfort in this.

And to those of us still living; live your life in such a manner that people around you are always smiling for, when your time will come, you can go smiling, and they will be crying – at the loss, and for knowing you. This is how Ashley lived her life, hence all the tributes on this site; a true example to us all.

Lyn. Pretoria Says:

Ashley portrayed my favourite character in Isidingo. I have occasionally wondered whether Lee would eventually marry Alec or go back to Rajesh–perhaps even an affair with Frank. Now we will never know.

Wouldn’t it be a great tribute to Ashley if her real funeral could be incorporated into an episode of Isidingo? Just a thought. Also a special episode showing all her best performances in the story up to her death.

More important, my sincere condolences to Ashley’s family and her family of Isiding actors. You will be terribly missed and I hope that your character will not be replaced.

Yours in sadness

Tshidi Says:

May your beautiful soul rest in peace – we will miss you. To the Callie family, you are not alone in this tragic time. Many of us are praying for you. May the good God give you the strength to carry on.

hangwie Says:

we will miss u ashley may your soul rest in peace.

Roshell Says:

Ashley touched my life in many ways. Im normally not fond of S.A sopies but she gave new meaning to it. I cant explain how sadden I am by her death.i prayed to god for her recovery but it seems as if god had other plans for her. I want Ashleys family to know that we are all with them in their time of need. Rest in peace of dear angel.

Ingrid Says:

Our thoughts & prayers are with Ashley’s family & friends & all the Isidingo fans. She was one of my favourites in Isidingo and her loss will be sorely missed. Ashley, in our hearts you will stay forever.

noluvuyo hans Says:

my sincere condolevces to the Callie family,your daughter was a very beautiful and talented actress she will be missed.I always look forward to watching Isidingo because im gonna see my favourite character,now i’ve lost interest in it now that “Lee” is gone.

Rest in Peace Ashley we will always remember your angelic face and your beautiful smile

Aurette Says:

Ashley was my favourite Isidingo star. She always looked beautiful and stylish and I loved watching her play the role of Lee Haines. Isidingo won’t be the same without her.

lolo Says:

Ashley you made Isidingo for me . Words fail me.
I remmember and episode were you were venting against Cherel. It was in a meeting with Dumisani and Rajesh.
It went something like this:

Lee:”She’s as crazy as a loon” ( Refering to Cherel)

Dumisani: ” What’s a loon” ( Confused)

Rajesh: ” It’s a bird that jumps around when its angry or mating” (something to that effect)

Lee: ” Thank you National Geographic”

The delivery of that line,the impact of that line. I will say this again “Words fail me ”

Rest in peace Ashely you will be missed

Joan James Says:


Please accept my heartfelt condolences to you at this very sad time.

I know that LAUREN will feel very lost not having her sister’s guidance in her life, but she must remember that the thoughts of Ashley will continue to be there for her.

To Ashley’s PARENTS, strength from GOD in these years ahead.

I loved her portrayal as Leone Haines in Isidingo and will always remember her.

With my deepest sympathy

Joan James
Monday, 18 February 2008

Thomas Says:

My wife records the soapie at nights and we watch it together in the mornings.I began looking forward to see what was going to happen next! The show really hit home. Lee Heyns was a real person to me, as real as you can get, a solid rock in the series.I shall miss her..
To the Callie family and her friends, ny sincerest condolences.

andrew neill harris Says:

to the callie family and lauren im so sorry to hear about ashley death.she was a great actress.may she reat in peace

Gwen Says:

My Condolences to the Callie Family – friends and co-workers
“She will not grow old
A we who are left grow old
Time will not weary her
At the going done of the sun
We shall remember her”

Rest in Peace Ashley

Gwen Says:

My Condolences to the Callie Family – friends and co-workers
“She will not grow old
As we who are left grow old
Time will not weary her
At the going done of the sun
We shall remember her”

Rest in Peace Ashley

jessica Says:

Dear Ashley

You were a beautiful person, inside and out! The passion with which you portrayed the role of Leone Haines…you touched the lives of many, especially the women in SA…silently empowering us to be strong, independent females. Thank you for all the laughs, tears & joy you brought to our lives over the years. Your passing is such a tragic loss to all of us, but especially to your family & friends. My deepest condolensces to all of them, they are in my thoughts and prayers. And even though you are no longer with us, you’ll always be in our hearts and your memory will always live on! I know you’re happy & safe where you are and God must be happy as he as one of his most beautiful angels back with him again. So you rest in peace love…

Gugu Says:

Watching her on Isidingo on Friday was just so unbelievable, what a beautiful soul,may your soul rest in peace. you will be missed

Jakki Says:

Ashley, my home will never be the same without your lovely face on my TV everyday. You were beautiful and talented and graced my life everyday for eight short years, you will be sorely missed. To the Callie Family may God hold you and comfort you all through this tragic and traumatic time. All my love a great and very sad fan. Jakki

Pitso Says:

You soul still leaves with us, nay your soul rest in peace and we’ll miss you.

Thembisa Ntwalana Says:

May your soul rest in peace Ashley and we will miss you.

Our condolescenes to Callie family.

Barbara Harmel Says:


I have just seen your “expression of condolences” to the Callie family on their daughter Ashley’s death.

Its brevity and patent insincerity was shocking. Could you have done nothing more respectful, let alone grateful, for one of your biggest AR stars, let alone an exceptionally talented young artist to whom even our Minister of Arts & Culture paid more fulsome a tribute?

Shame on you!

Brian Says:

I actually think they should’ve cancelled tonight’s show and featured the Isidingo cast, talking about Ashley and showing clips of her even (if possible).

Barbara Harmel Says:

I agree with Brian. I found – as I said above – the way the announcer expressed ‘condolences’ just prior to the screening of Isidingo this evening, Monday 18 February, 3 days after her death, simply shocking.

Brian Says:

Not even a ‘in memory of Ashley Callie’ notice. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt — maybe it takes a couple of days to organise this, and maybe tomorrow or later this week they’ll do something.

Sonja Says:

i didnt watch isidingo that much, but ashley stood out in the show. isidingo will have an emptiness.

it was a total shock to hear that she died of her injuries. there is the question of why did it happen to this young, outstanding star, sister, daughter and friend. why always comes up in tragic stories like this, and God is the only one with the answer and one day we will have all our answers on Why we have to go through anything

my prayers are with the family of Ashley, and i pray that our Heavenly Father will give them the strenght to go through this sad time, and the peace and love that will help them trough, this is asked in the name of Jesus.

May God be with you all

Yvonne Says:

I agree with Brian and Barbara ! Please SABC3 – I hope you are reading all these messages of condolances and that you can make a more befitting tribute to Ashley. She was beautiful, talented and well-loved by all who were fortunate enough to have watched Isidingo. We are waiting….

GG Says:

I would like to know if Ashley Callie had a boyfriend or Fiance, that nobody seems to worry about. If she did then this is to you my sincere condolences and to her family and all her friends

Nadia Dubree Says:

It was such a shock to hear of Ashley’s death. It seems so unfair that she was taken away at the prime of her life. Ashley was a remarkable person with a great smile. She will be sorely missed. May her soul rest in peace.

Justine Assad Says:

I concur with Brian, Barbara and Yvonne, a dedicated tribute would be the only sincere form of admiration and respect, everything else is seems trivialized.
Though in fairness to the presenters, they did mention her passing and gave condolences on Friday; but in regards to SABC3 as a network, I think they should compile some sort of homage to someone who has made an indelible mark on the hearts of so many and is obviously incomprehensibly missed.
Maybe if they get enough requests and badgering…

The Loser Says:

Yes, a tribute is absolutely necessary.
I also found it somewhat appalling that – and not SABC 3 – gave regular updates on her progress during the week leading up to her death; they were the only television broadcaster to do so, I commend them for that, but SABC 3 seemed to somehow be marginalizing one of “their own”.
It’s disgusting.


May the Allmighty Lord give the family, friends and fans all the strength to carry on. “LEE” was the greatest. I loved watching her – I seen her on her first TV ad and was so taken with her. She was perfect. Ashley you have gone to a better place. May you be the brightest star high above the sky to lite up the nite. When we look up we will know you are now shining down on us. Rest In Peace
Zaeda – Muscat – Sultanate of Oman

ada Says:

it was with shock that i found out about the passing away of ashley(lee in isidingo). i used to live in africa (nigeria) and never missed an episode of those three greats soaps – isidingo, generations and 7 de laan. you can’t but find yourself becoming a part of the characters of these brilliant actors and actresses. after my move to my new base in the uk, i still visit their respective websites from time to time to catch up.’lee’ (ashley) represented the quintessential new age woman – confident and very focussed. sad that such a brilliant actress should be taken away so soon….and at the peak of her life (32) and career. may THE LORD, who has called her ‘home, grant her rest in HIS bossom. sincere condolences to her family. THE LORD comfort you….

lulu Amutike Says:

Ashley dearest,
I keep on thinking that am in my sleep, having this bad dream & that when I open my eyes it ‘ll all be gone away or maybe just some storyline the soapy has come up with to get at Bakker, but all this is wish thinking. I want to encourage the callie family to trust God in this diffcult time, for their daily strength & courage its not easy especially that her death came 2 her in that way, she was not ill. Know that many of us are with u, we feel the pain of ur loss & share it because its our pain too. we’re crying for Ash…but God knows best. South African that loved & surppoted Ashley are with u in thoughts & prayers u really touched my life. Rest in Peace

Kim Mc Donald Says:

Dearest Callie,s family, friends and SABC Isidingo Soaps, my condolences and deepest sympathy to all.
We will miss Ashleigh, what a fantastic actress she was. RIP Ashley.

Ashie Says:

I feel like i lost a member of my family.everyday @ 18:30 we welcomed the isidingo cast into our we lost a dear in peace ashley. We love you

Jethro Fraser Says:

Strenght to the Callie family

I wish to express my deepest sympathy for your sad loss. I was enchanted by Ashley’s eloquence and her sublime acting prowess. She certainly ranked as one of the best actresses on the South African screens. She lingers on in my most treasured thoughts.

I wish to extend all my well wishes to the family; may God carry you through your period of mourn and grieve. Be comforted by the knowledge that Callie is resting in peace.

Rest in Peace, Ashley.

Jethro Fraser
Cape Town

Veronica Says:

Ashley can’t believe that u are gone. I can’t imagine what isidingo will be like without you. U have been part of my life even though we have never met. May your soul rest in peace and your memory live on in our hearts forever.

jp kammies Says:

you have been a great inspiration to all aspiring actors…
may your soul rest in peace.

Cheryll Says:

To your family

God has taken a beautiful person from you to be with him. This seems selfish but he has his reasons. She must have special qualities he requires by his side. So, if its any help, rest your thoughts that she is now doing the lords work in the mansion with many rooms. May god bless you and give you strenght during this terrible time of loss.

Jonathan Says:

To the Familly of Ashley Callie

Isidingo will not be the same without her , I am sorry for your
lose may god be with you always

Hammond Katso Says:

God bless you forever Ashley Callie. I am saddened by your death. To your family, may god comfort you at this time.

CC Says:

After her TV funeral, I just couldn’t bring my self to watch Isidingo again. Today, for the first time – I tried to watch Isidingo again….but it’s just not the same. It is like visiting old familiar places, but the familiar faces are gone :(

I always watched the re-runs on Saterdays….but i don’t bother anymore….it’s just not the same.

I still miss you, Ashley!!

Your biggest Fan!! Thinking of you today.

sfiso mokoena Says:

gal you were part of us in families. now that you are gone make us keep remembering you all times. you still loved and you will be always remembered when supper comes. may the Lord be blessed by your actions in heaven..

sfiso mokoena Says:

we love you still

Barbara Says:

Even though we have lived inthe UK for 3 years, wherever you look at a site for Isidingo, it still comes up with Ashley’s passing. You were so beautiful. You will never beforgotten honey.

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