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Isidingo will not replace Ashley February 19, 2008

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Ashley CallieSABC 3 and the producers of Isidingo have decided not to recast actress Ashley Callie’s role in the soapie. Isidingo’s executive producer, Pumla Hopa, said: “In honour of Ashley’s memory and her exceptional acting skills, the SABC and the creative team have decided not to recast her role.

“Her family is happy about that because, as much as there might be capable actresses out there, she was one of a kind and it would never be the same.”

Callie died on Friday following a head-on car collision in Johannesburg the week before.

A memorial service for Callie will be held on Thursday at the Johannesburg Country Club, in Auckland Park.

Hopa said: “If we were to recast, the more than 4 million viewers would be up in arms. Ashley was not only loved by the show’s audiences; we also loved her so much that we could not give her role away.”

How, and when, Callie’s character will make her last appearance in Isidingo is not clear, and Hopa said it will not be made public in order not to spoil the show’s plot. – The Times


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Brad Says:

Awesome tribute. Well done SABC 3. This is like a standing ovation to Ashley’s calibre of acting and beauty. If Ashley is gone, Leone goes with her.

Palesa Madumo Says:

As a Lee fan, I am happy with that decision. No one could have pulled the character off anyway :)
1ove Ashley!

Bianca - Anne P Moll Says:

Even though our hearts will ache for Lee Haines (Ashley Callie) I feel this is the right decision. No one can be Lee Haines as Ashley Callie. Every time I see her my heart fails to beat. It is so full of pain of losing Lee.

Anel Says:

This is a great loss!

When I heard the news I couldn’t help but shed a tear.

Ashley filled the lived of so many people. She became part of many South African house holds. Sharing herself through the character we all know as Lee Haines.

She will truly be missed.

To her family, thank you for sharing her with us. My prayers go out to you in this time.

Lelani Says:

I’m really so sad…it’s unreal, I really can’t believe it. I wish I knew the reason for this, maybe one day though. It’s funny how sad I feel – I didn’t know her personally, but it hurts more than anything I have experienced previously…I found this song and it’s so true…sorry this is like the 2nd song I’m posting, but I am a song person, if I can relate to the lyrics…

I was sure by now
God You would have reached down
And wiped our tears away
Stepped in and saved the day
But once again, I say “Amen”, and it’s still raining

As the thunder rolls
I barely hear Your whisper through the rain
“I’m with you”
And as Your mercy falls
I raise my hands and praise the God who gives
And takes away

And I’ll praise You in this storm
And I will lift my hands
For You are who You are
No matter where I am
And every tear I’ve cried
You hold in Your hand
You never left my side
And though my heart is torn
I will praise You in this storm

I remember when
I stumbled in the wind
You heard my cry to you
And you raised me up again
My strength is almost gone
How can I carry on
If I can’t find You

But as the thunder rolls
I barely hear You whisper through the rain
“I’m with you”
And as Your mercy falls
I raise my hands and praise the God who gives
And takes away

I lift my eyes unto the hills
Where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord
The Maker of Heaven and Earth

>>>who of you will be attending the memorial service???

To the Callie family, my deepest condolences, you are all in my prayers.
Ashley, we are missing you more every single day…

Matthew Says:

I’m a huge Celine Dion fan, and each time I hear her song, I surrender, I think of Ashley. I think it epitomises what each fan, friend or family member of Ashley feels.

RIP Ashley.

Justine Assad Says:

While speaking of music that offers comfort, I have always found an almost overwhelming solace and gentleness in Frédéric Chopin’s Prelude No. 15 in D Flat Major, otherwise known as the “Raindrop prelude”, and Franz Liszt’s Liebestraume No 3 in A Flat Major.
I realize that classical piano does not appeal to most, but listen and feel and allow yourself to be embraced by the astounding beauty of these two compositions; you might find some happiness. Liebestraume in particular reminds me of Ashley; I was listening to it upon hearing of her passing.

Saffy Says:

You will be missed.

Cherissa Says:

Ashley Callie will be missed and i’m glad that isidingo will not replace her!
She was one of a kind and played Lee very well and i don’t think anyone can or will ever take her place.
She was so inspirational to me, taking on her head strong father going after what she belived in!!

she will be missed by myself and my family and we ar eheart broken!!

Angelique Chrisostomou Says:

I am so pleased at the decision not to replace Lee,it will be difficult to find someone that can fill her shoes. Such an incredible woman, beautiful and talented. She will be missed.

I have created a site for all of Ashleys fans,

Charms Says:

To all the family and friends of Ashley pls accept our heartfelt condolences. We are thinking you you in the days and years ahead.

Lots of love
Charmaine & Fernand

Helen Says:

Ashley is safely in the arms of God. Now we all need to pray that God with give strength to her family and loved ones that they too will be able to bear the pain of losing their precious little girl. Ashley rest in peace, to her family my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

Yvette Says:

Good decision not to recast the role of Leonie. No one can fill those shoes. While we grieve & miss you on earth, I’m sure the heavens are rejoicing to have you back. Ashley, RIP

Robyn Willson Says:

Ashley, Rest in peace, you will be missed terribly on Isidingo. We love you!!

Isidingo producers – thank you for not trying to replace someone who clearly is irreplaceable!

Witness Says:

So Sad to Hear!!! Condolences to the Callie’s. Regretfully nothing will return our STAR!! The “star” newspaper in turn had to tarnish while in mourning. Metro also bending facts a little. Their Diagram posted in the Star, a totally impossible occurrence, then like Pretorius speeding in excess of 130km/h in 60km/h zone, swerved in to the right lane as the road makes a slight bend to the left going into the intersection as Ashley was waiting to turn right. Yes, she crossed slighty into right hand lane of approaching traffic waiting for Pretorius to pass (in the left lane where he was spotted) as every normal driver does, but he then lost control due to excessive speed, uncontrolled weight distribution in his vehicle, swerved right and collided with her vehicle. Lottering Must’ve been bought, or might have arrived at the scene without having his usual dose of coffee. Anyone, visit the scene and check the marks. The Metro has joined Africa day and has contributed by screwing up something simple. The survivors should be polygraphed, Our Front Page Author, Louise Flanagan sent back to school as it was PRETORIUS who collided with Asley, her vehicle being stationery at the time, not the other way around. Jealousy makes u nasty, right? Lottering is the “expert” who so accurately makes forensic statements about skidmarks, but cannot perform a simple mathematical equation that determines Speed at impact based on position of impact, weight and distribution, road condition and where the vehicles came to stand still. This calls for an Inquest and some serious investigation. The scene had been recreated, as am I a Unicorn.


Kathleen Says:

I’m glad that they will honour her like this. Man! My heart is so heavy! Rest is peace Ashley!

Witness Says:

MY SINCERE APOLOGY FOR POSTING MY CONCERN UNDER THIS FORUM, realised late that an alternative had been establised for the purpose.


Catherine Says:

Can someone put Ashley’s Bio up. I realised just how little I knew about her. We all know how talented and gorgeous she was but when was she born? Don’t know if anyone noticed but the SABC tribute has her born in 1973…then she’d be 34 turning 35..contradicting reports of her being 32. Was she engaged? Know she has a sister but a brother? As with my brotehrs death I choose to remember their births and lives we were given the priveldge in being a part of.

Liza Says:

Ashley may you rest in peace .you will be sadley missed as you were a friend in our home every day as we watched you on tv.

May god bless ashleys family on thurday and grant them the strenth to get through the days and months without her

our prayers are with you all


Lindsay Says:

I am so sad at the passing of Ashley Callie. My deepest condolences to the Callie family. South Africa has lost a great star, such class and grace.

I agree with Witness, I have been in an accident similar to this one where my car was stationary and the other driver (who by chance also happened to a young guy) was speeding. My car took the impact and was very badly damaged. It was towed away while he was able to drive his vehicle away from the accident scene. If his car rolled after the collision, he was definitely speeding – wake up Mr Lottering!!!! We can put this down to just plain irresponsibility. I hope Nico Pretorius doesn’t go a day in his life without feeling overwhelming guilt about what he has done. Isn’t driving with 6 people in a car illegal too?

Tatu Says:

Ashley’s passing has come as a great shock to us in Tanzania. She will be greatly missed by many who were loyal fans of Isidingo. We only got the news yesterday Tuseday 19th and its as if we have lost a close friend. May God rest her lovely soul in Peace and may He grant strength to the family and friends of Ashley….

Estelle Says:

As Ashley’s loved ones sadly know, Ashley cannot be replaced. So it makes perfect sense that Leone is not replaced.

nicole Says:

Isidingo producers thank u for not replacing Ashley it was good decision,we have grown to love her, we watched her in our homes everyday, and now to replace wouldnt be the same and also not for the CALLIE family.
you will be soley missed, may you rest in peace. you will always be remembered.

mendes family

David Says:

News Report (12H00 – 20 Feb 2008 – Radio News) saying that “Ashley’s vehicle was on the wrong side of the road… Officials were not sure if Ashley fell asleep or was intoxicated”… I knew Ashley and there is NO WAY that she would drink and drive!!

How apt to put the blame on Ashley since she is not here to defend herself! I smell a rat here! Sis on the media for having allowed that broadcast! Have some compassion! The survivors will of course shift the blame! So typical of human kind!

I’m not in the least amused!

Simon Says:

Unreal. No question of whether the others had been drinking or driving recklessly? The truth will come out, but at the end of the day Ashley is not with us any longer :(

Debra Says:

I am glad they will not replace her, no one could anyway. Everytime I come onto the web site ot see her in Isidingo I get this huge lump in my throat. If I lived in Guateng I would be attending her memorial.

Rest in peace sweet angel

Shane Says:

Ashley really touched me in a way that I hadnt realised at the time. Reason being that although I have become an occasional viewer of the show, Ashley’s depature left me with a void I cannot explain. It feels like I lost someone near to me and I cant even bring myself to watch any of her scenes now.
Ashley was as BRILLIANT as she was BEAUTIFUL.

anon Says:

It is illegal under South African law to put 6 people in a Clio. A passenger car may only legally transport 5 people. Furthermore, every passenger in a car must wear a seatbelt and the driver is responsible for ensuring that this is so. There aren’t 6 sets of seat belts in a Clio.

Passenger cars (especially small cars) are not designed to carry 6 people in safety. On the passive safety side, there is less insufficient space in an overloaded car for the driver to manoeuvre the car properly, the car isn’t designed to handle or brake with that weight distribution. On the active safety side, seatbelts and airbags are not designed for 6 passengers.

The mere fact that there were 6 people in that car already establishes at least some responsibility on the part of the driver. That car should not have been on the road with 6 people on board.

Anon Says:

I was the original poster of the previous comment on another website. It has been copied over to here without my permission. Please remove it and this comment.

The Loser Says:

Just to clarify: it wasn’t a Clio, it was a Scenic; and a report in The Star claims that the drivers of both vehicles were wearing seatbelts. It also went on to say that there was evidence that the Scenic was exceeding the speed limit, but officials were uncertain as by how much. It also stated that Ashley either, in the act of turning, cut the corner, or if not turning, was just on the wrong side of the road. Witnesses confirmed directions of both vehicles and the traffic lights were green, and there was no indication to alcohol having been involved.
As it seems so far, it’s just a sad, fatal accident. I suspect though, that to a lot of ardent fans, it will forever be something of a mystery.

Thandolwethu Says:

I feel like I’ve lost an older sister and all I knew about her was what I saw on Isidigo. Rest In Peace, your
work on earth is done. We will always love and miss you.

K Says:

Hats off to the producers of Isidingo for not having to replace Ashley Callie’s character….you guys have definitely made the right decision.
Ashley RIP.

mbali mchunu Says:

We will always miss Ashley, may her soul rest in peace. I’m glad they will not replace her.

anon Says:

i think ash would have wanted her passing to bring people together. so lets stop the bickering and let her soul be @ peace.

Thanks ash 4 been a role model we all would admire for a very long tym

Natalie Le Clue Says:

Yes, please lets stop this trend of messages. I did not know Ashley, but I dont think she would have wanted this to happen. Lets remember the remarkable and spectacular woman that she will always be in the heart of her family, friends and fans.

Ashley Callie, forever beautiful, forever treasured.

IvaB Says:



Thuli Says:

Well Done Isidingo Producers / Directors ! Ashley was an irreplacable character, I watched Isidingo because of her. I am one of her heart broken fans. It is good that we will forget about her like we did with Marubini of Backstage.

anon Says:


Tebo Says:

Rest in peace, Ashley. And so too shall the character of Leone Haines. Sad, but that’s life. Thanks to SABC3 for keeping it real.

siza Says:

My deepest condolences to the family,you would swear I knew Ashley personally, her acting on Isidingo was so powerful that it captured my heart. She was devine and abundantly talented. I will miss her lots

sizakele Says:

You would swear I knew Ashley personally, her acting on Isidingo was so powerful that it captured my heart. She was devine and abundantly talented. I will miss her lots

AJ Says:

Upon reading that Isidingo will not re-cast Ashley’s character has made the hairs on my arms stand on end!!! I am so happy with that decision that it brings shivers to me. It really is so sad that she won’t be on TV anymore. God bless her sweet soul and legacy always xxx

TUSH Says:


Flea Says:


Just thought I’d let y’all of you who don’t know that they are planning to broadcast this special, tomorrow on SABC3 at 17:45


Sheldon Says:

Im so glad that they didn’t give her role away to another actress, it just shows how much respect they all have for her. Im happy with that decision.

There’s only 1 Ashley Callie!

Margaret Musekwa Says:

We will be there even if we have to walk from the south!

Disgusted Says:

First off my deepest condolences to the Callie Family. May God be with you through this hard time.
Secondly, I am very disgusted at every person posting things on this forum concerning the accident and whos to blame. Come on people get a life. No one has the right to say what they are saying, not on this website anyway. This space is here to pay tribute to Ashley, not lash out at anybody!

Please, rather spend time with your families if you feel bored.

Kim Says:

Vote for Ashley … Let’s all do something positive to truly honour Ashley’s memory and show our love and support for someone so special.

Vote for Ashley in the upcoming Stars of Mzansi Awards on 29 February 2008. She has been nominated in the Mzansi Star Actress category:
While you’re there, vote for Isidingo in the Mzansi Star TV Show category and Robert Whitehead (Lee’s “Daddy”) in the Mzansi Star Actor category.

Voting closes on 25 February at 24h00.

To vote:

Phone Vote for your favourite Stars of Mzansi by calling 083 913 3122. calls are charged at VAS rates, free minutes do not apply.

Barbara Harmel Says:

So glad of the decision not to try and ‘replace’ the Leone Haines character through another actress. What an impossibility!
Let all of us who mourn the tragic loss of Ashley Callie commit ourselves to actively honouring her memory. Let us all make a daily and ongoing committment to changing the character of driving in our country. Learning and obeying the rules of the road, safe and respectful driving is vital. In this way the hideous price Ashley paid will not be in vain. Barbara

Ryan Says:

As much as I will miss Leaone’s character no one, no one could do justice to the role like Ashley has done since the beggining. Ashley was the life in Lee. No one can replace that…

Keke Says:

Wow Ashley..Your death has really shoked us all,especially me. Its hard to watch Isidingo and see you on the screen. Its surreal. I feel as if I have lost a relative…Thanks Ashley. You were a FANTASTIC actress! You Rock! Where ever you are you will always be in oue hearts.God Bless.MWA

Natalie Le Clue Says:

I dont know if its just me. But with each passing day Ashley’s passing just seems to be more and more surreal to me. I just cant wrap my brain around the fact that she is gone. When I wake up in the morning I think about her, when I go to sleep, I think about her. I just cant seem to grasp the concept of her not being around anymore. It’s just so final. I dont think I will be feeling any differently for quite some time.

Estelle Says:

No, Natalie, it’s not just you. I feel the same. Ashley – the human, the daughter, sister, friend – is on my mind all of the time.
I guess our brains are just wired to treat someone we see so often as a known, as a friend. Hey, I invite the Isidingo cast into my home 5 times a week – that’s more often I see any of my other friends.
Most of all I see Ashley’s smile, almost like a mischievious child at times.
The memory will linger …

johannK Says:

tears tears tears. we didnt know her in person, wish we did. she must have been a great daughter, sister friend. more tears. like the 2 previous people said, shes on my mind all the time. i dont want to work, i dont want to eat i just want to think about her all the time. i am so sad. it feel like the diana story all over again. i loved them both. i keep on asking why, but we cant change anything. how can it hurt so much. ashley i wish i knew you, but now i never will. i wish i could tear my heart out cause it hurt so much. i cant be at the memorial, instead ill be at the scene of the accident lying a wreath and flowers.
ashley i miss u lots. to sabc 3 and isidingo thanks for not replacing her. would like to know when her last appearence wwill be. dont want to miss that.

Melanie Says:

Liewe Callie Familie!
My innige simpatie in die hartseer tyd, weet dat julle in ons gebede is, ons almal sal Ashley baie mis, daar was net een “Lee”!
Wees sterk!

Riana Says:

To all you people out there,let us not trow stones as to who did what,fact is we lost a good person. Good luck to the family of the Renault. You guys will need it. Ashley,rest in peace

Zet Perry Says:

To Ashley’s family. Although I never watched the program, I am a mother of twin daughters aged 30, I would just like to send my condolences to you as a family and her friends. May God be with you during this time of mourning and may God bless you. I am sure that time will heal your broken hearts!!

Lizelle Says:

Thank you Isidingo for not recasting Ashley’s role. The cast of Isidingo are like family members to us, the viewers, thus it would have been unfit to replace a family member. Keeping it real is one of the reasons we love Isidingo.

Our deepest condolences to her family, friends and colleagues. She will be missed dearly.

Lynn Says:

I haven’t been able to watch isidingo since I heard of Ashley’s passing. I will miss her so much and am really glad that they are not going to replace her character on the show. To her family and friends, my thoughts are with you today and I pray that you will be strong and that God will bless you through this time of mourning and sadness.

Glynis Says:

Deepest Sympathy to the Callie family, friends, colleagues and all who loved Ashley Callie. I feel your pain and my heart goes out to you. I will forever miss this beautiful, talented and graceful Lady who brought a ‘touch of class’ to Isidingo. My thoughts and prayers are with her family on the terrible loss of their beloved daughter and sister. God Bless you all. As I do not live in Gauteng, I will light a candle in Memory of dear Ashley during the Memorial Service. May our dearest Ashley Rest In Peace.

Peggy Says:

Since Ashley’s accident and her passing on, I’ve found it very hard to watch Isidingo. Each time I hold the remote in my hand to switch to SABC3 I just feel week at my knees, the thought of Lee Haines being no more, is very shattering. Af for SABC 3, well done for not replacing Lee, because that’s what she is/was “irreplacable”. May her soul rest in peace.

Deonette Nieuwoudt Says:

You will never be forgotten, we will miss you very much. Isidingo will never be the same without you. But your memories will carry on in our hearts.
We love you and will carry your sweet smile with us each and everyday.

Lots of Love
Deonette Nieuwoudt

Jamie-Lee Says:

My family has watched Isidingo every single evening since it started unless circumstances stopped us.
Our favourite actress was defnitely Ashley. We all feel as though we have lost someone we know – she was the perfect woman.I am glad they are not replacing her as it will never be the same.

My sincerest condolences to her family and friends – i feel your pain. I lost a family member 7 months ago also in a car accident and it is one of the hardest things to deal with.
Stay strong and support each other – that is the most important thing you can do right now.
Ashley will live on in our hearts forever.
God Bless

Napogadi Morena Says:

The roads of South Africa are continuing to steal the best talents that we have. I never noticed the glow in Ashely’s smile until she passed on, South Africa will never be the same again. But we rejoice for having been blessed with such a beautiful soul for the past 32 years and I’m grateful for that…

Zama Says:

My condolences to the family and friends, i feel like i knew her, when you see someone in your tv everyday, you feel like you know them, she was a nice person, her unforgetable smile, will certainly not be forgotten.

May her soul rest in peace

Tebogo Says:

It is with great pain to lose a person like Ashlye, but the song writer says:”By and By when the morning comes when all the saits of God are gathered at home we’ll tell a story how we’ve overcomed and we’ll understand in better By and By”!!!
Callie Family you are not the only once who have lost we share the same loss. May the Mighty comforter be with you.

Tebogo Says:

It is with great pain to lose a person like Ashlye, but the song writer says:”By and By when the morning comes when all the saints of God are gathered at home we’ll tell a story how we’ve overcomed and we’ll understand in better By and By”!!!
Callie Family you are not the only once who have lost we share the same loss. May the Mighty comforter be with you.

Grace Baron Says:

Words cannot begin to explain the sadness and loss Im feeling.But God has picked His rose…

johannK Says:

like i said last night i took some flowers to the accident scene. it felt so useless. nothing will make the pain go away. afterwards i felt numb. everything i do feel so useless cause nothing will bring her back. but in a way i feel a little better. still very sad but a little better. wish i could do more.

Kathleen Says:

Wow, every day that passes just feels more and more unreal! To the Callie family, May God Bless and keep each one of you!

Andile Shoko Says:

I support the good gesture of the creative team. That’s why I’m fan of Isidingo is real!!

Sue du Plooy Says:

Dear Ashley,

You were truly and inspiration and example to everyone. Your talents were beyond compare.

My condolences to Ashley’s family who will always be amidst their presence.

Sue du Plooy

Tshepiso Makhabane Says:

I have been crying so much, having heard the very sad news…deepest condolences to all South Africans, neighbours, friends all over the world, family, everyone who got to know her one way or the other.

Thank you to the producer, the team and the cast of ISIDINGO for her ‘un-replacement’ – we will remember her for the amazing way that she impacted our lives.

God Bless all of you.

Tshepiso Makhabane

Lezane Says:

I never knew that a soapie could affect my personal life the way Isidingo affects mine. When i heard the news that “Lee” was in an accident i thought she would be ok. The news of her death has affected me in ways i cannot describe, its asif she were family. Never have i mourned for an actress before.

The impact that she had on my life is amaizing and im so thrilled that you have decided not to recast Ashley as there would never be a another Lee, she is gone.
I dont know how im going to get over this, my heart is so sore, i really and truely will miss her sparkling personality, isidingo just wont be the same again.
To the Callie family, thank you for raising a wonderful daughter, you can truely be proud of her. May GOD be with you in this very difficult time in your life.
To the producers of Isidingo, thank you for allowing Ashley to be part of our lives, she has been a true inspiration and blessing to me as well as thousands out there. Thank you for honouring her memory.

To everyone out there who is reading this, let us use Ashley as an example and learn from her life by trying to be better at everything we do.
Me, i will strive to be an ispiration to someone out there, the way Ashley inspired me.

Thank you Lee for what you have done for me, May you rest in peace. Oneday we will all be reunited, until then, Farewell my friend.

Tamanda Says:

Dear Ashly,

You’ll never be forgotten, i know you are with angels in the sky. we’ll miss you badly.

May your soul rest in heavenly Peace.

Makhakhela Makhabane Says:

I have been away and only saw the news this morning, about the passing-on of Ashley. I watched Isidingo repeat at 9:00 and the sight of “Leone” just did it for me. I felt so much pain and wondered what her parents, family and close friends are feeling; if I felt so much pain!!!!

To all of you – family, friends, good people – we must focus on the “gift’ that she really was. She was young but she had done so much, for her days were not as many, on this earth. Let us all be consoled and celebrate her life in a way that will impact positively on our lives, environement, people arround us, our nation and the global village.

We have to learn that we are ‘passers-by’ in this world, and have to do our assignment as we do not have the benefit of time.


Sakeng Morule Says:

I felt like I know Ashley at personal level. She was different at all times. No one can replace her charector.We will alwas remember her as Lee.May her soul rest in peace.

Jenni Says:

Isidingo directors/script writers. Thank you for deciding not to replace Ashley. No one could take her part. As much as we still love seeing her, please stop showing episodes with her still in it. It is too painful to watch this fantastic person and try to accept she is no longer with us. Our sincere sympathies to you all as her co-stars. Jenni and family

Patrick Says:

Ashley: Thank you for the joy & excitement you brought to our home each evening in Isidingo, we watch & enjoy the show every night and have only missed a few episodes, but not through choice. You will be sorely missed in our home and of course in that of your family. To all the Callie family we convey our sincere condolences and wish them well as they learn to live with only the memories of such a beautiful person. RIP Ashley

Phillippa Says:

As silly as it sounds, I feel like I have lost a friend.
she was an incredible actress and that clip on top Billing showed us the real person.

I wish the family well and an very sorry for their loss!

Lindile Says:

I am happy that there will be no re-casting for Lee’s replacement because it wouldn’d be the same no matter how good the actress is. Ashley was great. hope the creative team of Isidingo will keep Isidingo interesting still. when i heard she was in hospital i prayed that she doesn’t pass away because i would have loved to see what’s gonna happen with her, daddy and the Rajesh.

So sad she’s gone.

Kerry Gray Says:

Hey Natalie and Estelle, you guys are not the only ones that can’t get Ash out of their heads. I can’t stop thinking about her either. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about her and her family and how much we are gonna miss her.

I am just so glad that we all got a chance or the pleasure of having her in our lives even though it was for a short time.

She is now in heaven watching over us and for me that is very comforting.

I will miss you dearly Ash.

Rest in peace and See ya.

Natalie Victor Says:

I can honestly say that not only will Isidingo NEVER be the same again but neither will my life.
I have never felt this hurt in my entire life. I still think about her all day every day since the accident. She was our friend, our support and hope in this country.
This whole country has lost a vital part of its siginificance and its treasured beauty.

I love you Ashley.
Rest in peace Angel!!!

Natalie Le Clue Says:

I agree with you ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PERCENT, Natalie, she embodied everything that was good about SA.

ursula Says:

When will this government stand up and have a 0 tolerance for fast cars and driving drunk? when will alcohol be removed from society and cars limited to doing 100km/hr?when will traffic cops stop hiding behind tree’s and start forcing camera’s at every robot and intersection, i see countless idiots going through red robots, overtaking on blind rises/bends when will enough be enough?
when will justice be served in this case? are people going to sit back and accept the word of that misfit as truth? that it was ashleys fault when any normal person can see it wasnt, ashley was a responsible person in every shape and form, when will the truth be told and the purps arrested and locked up for killing an innocent person, how can we sit back and think just because its a celeb its her fault? easy to pass the buck when she cant defend herself?
ashley was more than words can express and even if every day is hard to get through and the light never seems to shine through, we will never stop loving her and thinking of her with admiration for all that she stood for.
What goes around comes around, i hope those speeding drunks out there growup sometime and remember they arent the only ones who deserve to be here and they should be fined and arrested and have their licence removed forever.

Emerita Says:

Ashley-Lee will be missed,she stood on what she belived is right.A good daugher, best orgranizer,She believed on herself.My condolence to Ashley’s family.
Barker Hein,am so sorry you lost Dancan, now the daughter who could take your breath away.

johannK Says:

where can i get hold of the ashley fan club? please let me know.

Nontobeko Lynette Mhlongo Says:

I so love the idea to not replace Ashley in the role of Leone Haines.She was a brilliant actress and her tragic death has sadden many SA viewers (not ignoring the loss that her family and friends feel).

Yip…I agree.Don’t replace our Lee.

Rest In Peace Ashley Callie.

May God be with your family during this sad time.

ingrid Says:

Ashley you are going to be missed and I hope your family finds some peace with the fact that you are and will always be missed by South Africa…Our ‘Princess’ may you rest in peace

annna moloi Says:

Thank you for not replacing this brilliant woman. I salute you Isidingo and for that I will keep on watching the show. She was a gem and will be missed. To her family only God can help you through these trying times.

Kerry Gray Says:

Just heard on the 94.7 News that we will see Ashley as Lee on Isidingo for the last time later this month.

That is going to be a really sad day for me and for everyone of her other fans too.

Miss you loads Ash

Rest in peace

Love ya always.

Tarry-anne Says:

I hope they play the song unforgetable as a final tribute with a collage of pics of Ash,at the end of the last episode where i will see Ash at her best for the last time as Lee Haines now takes a bow, that’ll be sweet,

miss u madly, and yes that will be a very sad day once again for me and many others

Val Says:

It will be with tears in my eyes when they do the Tribute to Ashley on Isidingo. I am so glad that they are not re casting some one else.It is so hard watching Isidingo seeing her so vibrant and lovely that is hard to realise our lovell Lee is actually gone. How hard it must be for her family. I salute you Ashley Callie and just know that you’re safe in the arms of Jesus. We all miss her terribly. But please could SABC3 let everyone know when the tribute will be as not everyone is able to watch due to work hours and traffic>

Khanyisa Says:

Hi All,

It’s going to be hard watchng Isidingo without Ashley.
I pray to God everyday to keep her family strong.

Ash…i was still waiting for the photo that you promised me?????

Will always remember you

Love you Lots!

OB Says:

I hope you are resting well. Please look after Kopano le Zandile


Gosh how time flies…I still pray for Ashley’s family and truly hope that they face every day a little stronger while knowing their angel is never forgotten by the many people she impacted. You are in my thoughts and prayers x

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