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Family and friends gather to remember Ashley February 21, 2008

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Lauren Callie and mom Claire CallieHundreds of mourners arrived at the Johannesburg Country club on Thursday morning to say goodbye to actress Ashley Callie who died on Friday last week.Callie, who was well known for her role as Leone Haines in Isidingo, was involved in a car accident on the corner of 4th Avenue and Tana Road.

Although initial reports indicated she was doing well after surgery, she died as a result of her injuries.

“Ashley’s life motto was Carpe Diem ( seize the day) – she saw opportunities and took them. She lived life to the full. There is no point in asking what ifs, or reflecting on the negative – look at the love and warmth here today,” said close family friend and master of ceremonies Kate Turkington.

A coral-coloured rose, Ashley’s favourite colour, has been named after her.

Pumla Hopa, Executive producer for Isidingo said that there would always be a gaping hole in the Isidingo family.

“How could we forget having so much but such a little of you?” she said,” your poise, presence and radiance lit our screens. Ashley is among the glowing stars above us. She achieved more in her young life than most older than her.”

SABC group chief executive officer, Dali Mpofu, said millions of Isidingo fans could say that they’d lost a loved one.

“I ask Ashley’s family to forgive me for treating her like public property. She was one of the people who told our stories and she did that so well in Isidingo. You were great, you touched our lives,” he said.

Local singer, Loyiso Bala, sang Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable as a tribute to Callie.

“Ashley told her sister a week before she died that she wanted to buy Loyiso’s CD; she didn’t get around to it, but he is here to sing for her now,” said the master of ceremonies.

Visibly moved, Callie’s father, Graham hugged Loyiso after he had sung.

Robert Whitehead who played the role of Leone’s villainous father, Barker Haines on the show was unable to remain composed as he read William Shakespeare’s eighteenth sonnet “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”

“Ashley was a woman of grace and style, elegant, charming, sensitive and tender. In the swamp of vulgarity we wade through, she was polished. Crisp as an apple,” he said.

“I would marvel at having such a fabulous daughter in TV land; if I did have a daughter in real life, Ashley would have been the daughter I would want. ”

Unable to hold back his tears he concluded,” I always thought she would be snatched away by Hollywood. I never dreamt she would be snatched away like this. After all is said I done, I will always wish she was still here.”

Callie is survived by her mother, Claire, sister Lauren (both featured in the photo above), father Graham, and brother, John. – News24


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Lisa gangabishun(dbn) Says:

Isidingo will never b da same again without LEE.sitting here watching da replay saddens me.itr hard seeing her beautiful,enigmatic character and knowing she isnt around anymore!having such a beautiful rose named afta Ashley is fitting 2 her memory…2 da Callie family,take heart that Ashley is going 2 a better place n we will all eventually meet.take care and be strong

Eugene Roux Says:

Ashley go with God we know that you are in a better place now. Let us do and be there for each other day by day as life was so easily given so easily can it be taken away.

And to the family, we stand by you in this time of grief and hardship, but know this that Ashley will always be there in spirit wherever you may go and when it is your time to depart this earth, rest assured she will be waiting at the gates of heaven for you.

Rest in peace Ashley

Estelle Says:

Thanks for posting that. I think today has been hard for all of us – as I was driving , I filled with a deep sense of the fragility of life.
SABC3 news at 1 showed part of the memorial and I sobbed – my own sorrow overflowing into empathy for those whose lives have been so closely touched by Ashley.
Again, to the family and friends and colleagues – strength to you as you enter yet another new phase of life.
Blessings to you all.

Lucia Says:

Am from Malawi,but i have know Ashley as if she is my hommie, sometimes i even thought she can recognise me if we meet.

This week i have been watching isidingo with soul, power Harriete the match making storyline will finish without Lee.

May her soul rest in peace

Robyn Jamieson Says:

Mr and Mrs Callie, Lauren and John…

Thank you for letting us be a part of Ashley’s farewell and celbration of life. I had the complete honour of meeting her once. She is and was an inspiration of life, energy, hope, radiating life, love, laughter and purity.

She will never be forgotten and we will keep her memory, her spirit and flame alive within us.

THANK YOU for sharing your angel with us!

Ash, you live within us and we will keep your flame alive!

Madri Says:

What can i say…. A JOB extremely well done!!!!!!!!!
Ashley we are all going to miss you so much. Your pretty face on our TV screens. To her Family my thoughts are with you!!!! Good-bye Ashley!!!

ANON Says:


Anon Says:

Shame man, Sorry to all of Ashley’s fans,friends and family, the Beauty of God showed in the Love, care and support you all showed on this website.God’s Beauty showed in her Life story.Thank God for having Blessed your lives with her.Thank God for the Love that you showed for her.It’s all Beautiful.And He will all give you the strength to pull through this and Bless you more and more!

Deonette Nieuwoudt Says:

Dear Callie Family

I wish i could have been a the memorial serivce. Allthough i was not there in person i was there in spirit.

Hope that you will all find peace.

Deonette Nieuwoudt

David Says:

Goodbye my friend… I’m devastated, but I know that God has recalled you for a greater purpose, although we who grieve, don’t quite understand it.

You were, in my eyes, perfect! Thank you for just being you! Thank you for the laughs and the tears… I will never forget you, I know you will be the brightest shining star in our heaven’s above…

Thank you for everything you have done for all of us!

In living and loving memory…Always!

johannK Says:

i never thought that a grown man can cry so much in two weeks. ash, rest in peace. i now know that u were a wonderfull person. aunt claire, uncle graham. lauren and john, i thanlk you for sharing her with us for the past years. we continue to keep you in our thoughts

ngwanasenana Says:

when i heard that you were gone i was horrified. i cud nt believe that i was nt going to see you again but i wud lyk to thank you for entertaining us everyday on isidingo, you were the best. i pray that God’s peace reign on your family and loved ones. during this difficult time. your spirit will live on. R.I.P. I love you

AJ Says:

I couldn’t sleep properly lsat night – I kept thinking of Ashley and what she must’ve seen and felt those last few split seconds before the accident. The thought of those images horrifies me. I feel so sad today – this is nothing compared to what her family must be feeling. God keep you safe always.

Kerry Says:

How my heart aches today. I wore black today to work (in Scotland) just to feel a part of the ceremony in South Africa. I STILL gasp when I think about what has happened and who we have lost. Again, our love to your family and friends at this sad time. “Weep not my friends for behind the clouds of your sorrow, the sun still shines. And soon the winds of TIME will blow away the clouds and the warmth of the sun will heal your hearts” Goodbye Ashley, may you forever rest in peace. Love Kerry and Family all the way in Scotland xxx

Lisa Vogel Says:

I have just watched the tribute to Ashley on 3Talk – i am totally shattered, i’ve been a fan since the very start – I sit here crying but i have to thank you Ashley from the very bottom of my heart – you will always be so very special to me. I can’t believe the impact you’ve had on me and all your fans – if only one could “turn back time” – Rest in Peace! All my love xxx

johannK Says:

i also watched noeleen. like i said before i didnt know a grown man can cry this much. i dont care. everything feel so final and real now that the memorial is over. i guess in a way it felt like a caracter she played, the accident and all. but now i realised its the end. i dont have more tisues. toilet paper will have to do now.bye ash.

olu-k Says:

it is truly sad to loose such talent,she truly was a star.though I never met her i felt i knew her,may her soul rest in peace,she is indeed unforgtable

Rest in peace Ashley


It is always hard to say “goodbye”! To the family, friends and cast we ALL share in your sorrow and loss – Lee has touched so many of us; we trust that as the days go by that the pain will ease;

May God Bless you all

Schon, Shelley and the Scheeper's family Says:

Dear Callie Family

Our deepest condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Ashley was a lovely, beautiful person, and we are so sorry for your loss.

Farewell Ashley, rest in peace.

Meg Says:

What a difficult day…I just couldnt bring myself to attend your memorial! Its amazing how many lives you have touched…together with your family a nation mourns one of their shining stars Ashley may you sleep the sleep of angels…from dust we came and to dust we shall return…Rest peacefully sweet Ashley xxx

Thabo mojela Says:

To the Callie family, i convey my deepest condolences. I loved Ashley dearly eventhough i never got a chance to ever see her place in person. Only God knows…

Sue-Ellen Says:

Dear Callie Family

I lost my fiance in a car accdent 7 months ago July, 13th 2007. She had server brain demage and passed away in hospital after surger. I personally didnt understand how could someone so young so beautiful so full of life be taken from this world in such a harsh way. It has taken time for me to be able to talk about it and to understand it. However i just want to say to you all that i know exactly what kind of pain you are feeling and i regret to say that it will only get worse before ut can get better. And you are all in my prayers and just believe because i live my life today with these words in my head” God will not give me a heav rock to carry without knowing my strenght.”

Meg Says:

Sue ellen…im sorry for your great loss…what beautiful words

teresa Says:

To the Callie family and the cast of Isidingo

My prayers and thoughts are with all of you . I can’t imagine how difficult it is going to be to carry on filming without her .The fact that the producers have decided not to recast the role is very fitting tribute to her , it just wouldn’t be the same seeing someone else acting her part.It’s strange to feel this way , as if i’ve just lost my best friend even though i’ve never met her. Watching 3 talk this afternoon just reinforced the fact of her strong personality , sense of humour and infectious smile . Our prayers and thoughts are with the family and cast.
To Ashely may you rest in peace and god keep you safe until we meet again . You were taken to soon but your memory will live on forever .We will miss you dearly ! RIP

Sue-Ellen Says:

thanx meg ashley’s death has made me very sad and i started to miss my fiance so much. but you know what its not so much the longing for their presence that gets to you anymore. its the good things like seeing ther smile or hearing their voice that makes you smile as well and remember them.

anyway i still hope and pray everyday and i am definately looking forward to seeing them both one day. and ashley’s famiy should know that God loaned his angel ASHLEY to them and He needed her back. So they should hold on to the memories they shared with her, it will keep them going.

Barbara Harmel Says:

Thank you so much, Callie family, for affording us the opportunity of some degree of closure after your beautiful and extraordinary daughter, Ashley’s, death. It was so dignified, gracious and yet also so warm a Memorial Service, and in this way seemed to reflect so appropriately some of her finest attributes.
I was so overwhelmed by Robert Whitehead’s presentation in her honour, his extraordinary eloquence, eradition and love for his colleague and friend. And also so grateful for his humanity in talking to his sense of loss and grief. After Kate Turkington’s urging us not to have gathered to “beat our breasts” and weep and mourn, it was exquisetely appropriate to accept and understand the essentially human need to weep, to grieve, to not go into denial about this terrible loss.

Meg Says:

You are welcome sue ellen,if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to listen…im here let me know

Boitshoko Says:

Ashley lived her life to the full,so humble and extremely talented,a beautiful soul who will forever be missed on our screens…will b a fan for life…RIP Mz “Leonie Haines”

Zimkitha CPT Says:

To the Callie family I dont have words, I know axactly how you must be feeling right now, I also lost my 15yr old brother last year August he was shot. The pain is ubearable I miss him so much I wish he can come back to me and my mom, but I want to tell you Leoni is in Peace I will always call Ashley Leoni Haines Oh I admired her so much she was so powerful stubborn like her dad Barker. Have faith in God as time goes God will ease the pain. To the cast of Isidingo hang in there Lee will be part of your lives everyday I love you all.

Fiona Da Silva Says:

Words cannot express how devastated and family and i were when we heard the news about Ashley. We have always commented on how she looks and the clothes she wore and the brilliant actress she was…so Isidinog wont be the same and I can bear to watch the series with her still in it…It is so hard for me because she is the reason I loved watching Isidingo

God Bless and Rest in peace Ashley

Kathleen Says:

Hey everyone! LEts all pull together and honour our beloved Ashley one more time!
LEts all vote for her for the stars of mzansi award for best actress!

She deserve this award!

boitshoko Says:

agreed…lets vote 4 ashley,she trully deserves to win the accolade, just like she won the SAFTA…Vote guys :o )

Tebogo Maimane Says:

They say that that a man is the head of the family but a woman is the heart of the nation…It is really heart breaking and painful to loose a loved one.But above all may the peace of the Lord that surpasses all man understanding guard our hearts…

Nthabiseng Says:

Cudnt agree more with you Kathleen and Boichoko< she truly deserves it.

Once more, may her beautiful soul rest in peace.

Paul Says:

I agree with you guys. Vote as often as you can, she has to get the Best Actress award, there’s no 2 ways about it. I’ve been voting since this afternoon. The 3-talk Tribute left me in tears, and I’ve just seen some footage of the Memorial Service on another website. I really wish I could’ve been there. I’m still trying to come to terms with this tragic loss. It’s like we’ve lost someone close to us … Can anyone tell me where we can get a copy of the Beautiful Funeral Programme/Booklet that they had at the Memorial. Ashley, I miss u always, and we will never be the same without you :-(

cheryl&travis Says:

We have been in London for a few months now and since the day of the accident have been kept updated. One can only imagine the disbelief we felt when we got emailed with news of her untimely passing.

What a wonderful, radiant, positiv being Ashley was, but we are sure that her light will forever shine brightly.

remember, the good die young!

ashley will be dearly missed and Isidingo will not be the same.

God’s blessing to her family, colleagues and friends.

Keep on shining Ashley. You will always be a gem!


anon Says:

It felt like springtime on this february morning,
In the courtyard birds were singing your praise !
I’m still recalling things you said to make me feel alright !
I carry them with me today !
Now as i lay me down to sleep , as i pray, that you will hold me dear, though i’m far away !
I whisper your name in to the sky..and i will wake up happy
I wonder why….
Its not clear to me ..every season has its change and i will see you when the sun comes out again !

Natalie Le Clue Says:

Ashley, you have given me the best example of how to live one’s life to the fullest and with utter passion. I can promise that I will be aiming to live my life each day at a time, as passionately as I can possibly muster. With you in my mind and your spirit in my heart, how could I go wrong?

To the Callie family, I hope that you can find strenght in the fact of how much your stunning daughter is loved.

I will carry you with me always, Cheers Ash!

Tarry-anne Says:


Yvonne Says:

Hi Tarry-Anne

That is so beautifully written, it stopped me in my tracks. I am sure it echoes the thoughts of all of us who are mourning Ashley. The loss is just too much to process.

Thank you !

Barbara Harmel Says:

I saw you, several times. At the restauarant you once owned, La Vista in Melville, some of these. You were pouring over books, so self-contained and focused, I did not want to tell you of how very much I admired your talent, the person who shone through your role. I saw you once at the lotions, potions and make-up section of one our department stores in Cresta – again, so quietly focuded on your mission. I so wish now I had told you of my admiration of you. I hope you knew how very much we all held you in such high regard and affection Ashley Callie. How horribly too soon you have gone, so horrifically, and with such grief left behind you. Did you ever dream of how you your fellow countrywomen and men regarded you, I wonder. I so hope you had at least some intimation of this.

Barry & Lee Ann Smith Says:

This is to Claire Calley, We are not sure if you will remembe us, we used to look after you mom at our Nursing Home about 6 – 7 years ago.

We are very sad to hear about Ashley and we would like you to know that our thoughts are with you.

Generally the generosity and kindness of any person is carried down from generation to generation, your mom was a lovely lady and you yourself are a lovely person, although we do not know Ashley, we are certain that you have passed on your generosity and kindness to her. The fact that her life was taken so tragically and unnecessarily is very sad and a great loss to all that knew her or your family.

God bless you and your family at this time.

Barry and Lee Ann

Andrew Kwabula Says:

We have lost a level – headed sister as Africans


Thabo Says:

Death of a loved one is the most terrible pain all humans have to go through at some stage in their lives. This is the time when most people acknowledge the presence of God and yes, I too have experienced it. I asked myself, how can God be so cruel to take someone you have known your entire life away from you? What makes it all even harder is knowing that you will never see them again. This kind of pain never truely goes away, it scars you for the rest of your life. To the Callie family i say to you be strong and stand together in her memory. MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE!!

Tanja Says:

“And we who are left – will grow old with the years, knowing sorrow and heartache and pain, while you stand on the moor with the wind in your hair – young, splendid and always the same.”

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