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Remembering Ashley February 21, 2008

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A few moments from Ashley’s memorial in Johannesburg today. We will remember and love you forever.

A Top Billing tribute to Ash’s life, presented by her former Isidingo co-star, Tumisho Masha, who played the role of Dumisani Thusong.


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Luyanda Says:

Rest in Peace Ash

Estelle Says:

Wow, what a day yesterday was. I feel emotionally “hungover”. I could not sleep last night. How much more, then, must Ashley’s loved ones, friends, colleagues be feeling?
I had an appointment in Victory Park, drove around in the area with my car’s headlights on – my version of lighting a candle for Ashley.
I watched then news at 1, 3 talk, the news at 7, Top Billing. I sobbed. So much insight into Ashley off-camera. What a delightful, spontaneous laugh she has.
“Carpe diem” used to be my motto, but somewhere I got sidetracked by the hectic nature of life. I needed that reminder!
Ashley, I trust that you are at peace and that you are aware of the love that is felt for you.
To everyone who knew Ashley and is feeling the gaping loss – may God hold you in the palm of His hand; may Ashley’s smile, laugh, humour and spontaneity be a comfort to you.
Thanks again to those who are maintaining this website. You are enormously special, courageous people!! Thanks for posting so much for us to remember Ashley by.
Today I celebrate Ashley’s life and fun spirit.

Lesego Says:

May your lovely soul rest in peace

adams daka Says:

To the family,

I was deeply grieved to learn of the sad demise of Ashley. Please accept, on my own behalf and on behalf of the entire zambia, our deepest condolences.

May God give you the strength and the courage to bear this irreparable loss. We pray for the salvation of the
departed soul.

We all are here with u..and will be with u all the time…

may lord provide the peace to all and give us strength.

adams daka Says:

To all south africans- I know words are most insufficient at this sensitive moment. All I would like to mention is that “ALL zambians are with you as you mourn Ashley,my email is

Kathleen Says:

Lets all vote and make sure she is honoured by the best actress award!!!!!!!

Joy Says:

Hamba kahle, beautiful rose, we will miss you always. To Ash’s family, we are with you forever.

Kathleen Says:

Hey everyone! Lets all pull together and honour our beloved Ashley one more time by voting for her for the stars of mzansi award for best actress.


She deserve this award!

Tandile Says:

Ashley will always be remembered as our Lee in Isidingo, she was a beautiful person inside out. We will miss her. To Ash’s family God be you always,Rest in peace Ash.

Demitri Tsinonis Says:

To Ashleys family and friends.I’m a student at the Glen high school and wrote this poem and would like to dedicate it to her and her family.We feel your pain and miss her as much.

The life of an Actress

Your life within the screen
Your joyfull voice which lives within
Your eyes have seek through my soul
Your grace has gone, replaced by pain
Your beauty within shan’t be forgotten
Your character shall live within our days
Your love won’t be forgotten, for by God’s grace you live within
Your spirit shall be missed, but hope shall not be lost
Your love shall carry within my soul
Your the actress who lives beyond
Dedicated to Ashley Callie

By Demitri Tsinonis

candice Says:

Estelle i could not agree with you more i was so sad to hear the news i really believed she would pull through for the better. They say the good die younge. Ashley was taken from the world too soon, i will miss her immensely and cannot imagine the loss that those close to her must be feeling at this time. My thoughts go out to all of you at this time and hope that all the love that has been felt for Ashley in the last two weeks will pull the family throught this difficult time.

Roz Says:

She will always be remembered in the hearts of many, may her dear soul rest in peace. To the family God will never a burden that you cannot carry, stay focused and will be your comforter.

Pam Says:

I cant believe that we will never see Ashley grace our screens again – she was a true inspiration, and I will miss her dearly. Rest In Peace

Sharon Singh Says:

I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a beautiful & talented actress. Callies energy on screen was so wonderful – it was like she was speaking directly to you. She has always been both my mums & my favourite of the cast of Isidingo. Her absence will leave a void in the series that will be impossible to fill. For me, she was the epitomy of elegance & grace. She was a shining star. I will miss her immensely. To her family & friends – my thoughts & prayers are with you. You should be proud – she accomplished so much in such a short while. Remember God always picks the most beautiful of his flowers first. Rest in peace, my darling Asley!

carrie Says:


maurice Says:

I really wish I could see these videos posted. Somehow they do not load:((

Xoliswa Says:

Rest in peace Ashley nu wil always be in our thoughts

Xoliswa Goba Says:

I cant believe that we will never see Ashley in Isidingo and we always remember you as Lee Haines.
May your soul rest in place!

sihle Says:

rest in peace our beloved Lee!!

paulette louw Says:

Liewe familie van Ashley – die “groot” dag is nou verby nou eers het julle die ondersteuning nodig. Aan Deon niemand het nog vir jou aanmoediging en sterkte toegewens nie . Ek doen dit nou. Jy was baie gelukkig om so ‘n spesiale persoon in jou lewe te kon he. Moenie gaan le nie – wys vir haar hoe sterk jy is.Ignoreer die lelike ou media wat altyd uit is vir ‘n sensasionele storie. Ek hoop eendag dat as iets met my of my gesin sal gebeur dat ek ook die liefde sal kan ervaar. Baie sterke en liefde van iemand wat maar net ‘ normale siel is wat ook emosie kan ervaar. Ashley jou suster is net so mooi soos jy hoor! xxxxxxxx

lizzy Says:

we will miss you and your lovely smile Ash (Lee hannes) my condolences to the callie family,sindingo players and all her fans Ash I deeply sorry that you country failed to all people who drinks and drive may Our Lord punish you.we love you ash and to those who are selling lincensing you are putting our lives in danger please stop in GOD’s name.

thema zulu Says:

Rest in peace Ash, you have left a lesson behind to follow our dreams and make the most of it, Thank you. You will be always in my heart and thoughts. Lala phumule sobonana kwelizayo!

Sara Says:

To Ashley’s Family, Friends, Colleagues and Fans and to Nico Pretorius and his family (who are also going through hell at the moment)- I would like to share this poem by EJ Strickland with you (pronouns adapted slightly):

A Word From The Lord In Time Of Grief

My child, My child, do not despair;
Cast upon Me all your care.
Give Me each particle of grief
So that in turn, you’ll find relief.
Give ALL your burden unto Me.
For as you do, you’ll surely see
That I will lighten every load
You bear along life’s lengthy road.

Your daughter is now here with Me
And in a better place than thee.
So shed your tears of pain and grief.
For weeping brings a sure relief.
Yes mourning helps you understand
That you go on to what I’ve planned.

My child, I care what you now feel;
All your grief, I’ll surely heal.
For I make perfect everything
My children to My throne do bring.
Yes! She is in a better place
And there’s a smile upon her face;
And she will wait quite patiently
Until once more you both will be
Together here before My throne
And heaven also is your home!

But now to you, I speak a word
And say what you’ve already heard.
You can come now to be with Me,
But I have something more for thee!
There’s things I still would have you do
Before My angels come for you.
In front of you there lies the task
For which you frequently have asked;
It’s at a crossroad you now stand
And look toward the things I’ve planned.

Yes! Child! You may come here.
But if you stay it will appear
That you have made the better choice,
For you will grow and know My voice;
And you’ll do exploits in My name;
People’s lives won’t be the same;
And so My child, I say today,
That it is better that you stay.


This poem is appropriate for anyone who knew and loved Ashley, as well as Lee, for while some of us feel that we know Ashley in truth we only really know and love her character on Isidingo.

There is a purpose for everything. There is a reason why Ashley has been taken from her loved ones so early in her extrordinary life. Her motto was “Carpe Diem” and I’m sure that anyone who lived with a motto like that would not want people, especially people she loved, to give up on life. She would want them to continue that motto within their own lives.

To Nico – I hope you get to read this because I have no other means of contacting you – Grieve, cry, rant and rave if you must, but don’t let this tragic accident, that was nobody’s fault, ruin your life. You were spared for a reason. Your friends who were with you were spared for a reason. Find out what that reason is and sieze the day…

Blaming one another is not going to make time reverse itself and bring Ashley back to us. Let’s keep her memory alive and move forward in life to what God has planned for each of us.

My sympathies to all concerned.


Babo K. K Says:

Rest in peace Ashley.

Phiwokuhle Jo-anne Says:

love the poem dat sara wrote…very nice

rest in peace dear Ash

Phiwokuhle Jo-anne Says:

loved the poem dat sara left

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