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Ashley wins Star Actress award February 29, 2008

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Ashley won the Star Actress award at tonight’s inaugural Stars of Mzansi awards ceremony in Johannesburg. Even though she is not with us in body, she will always be with us all in spirit. Well done Ash!Robert Whitehead (Barker Haines in Isidingo) and Steven Miyambo (Orlando in Isidingo) accepted the award on Ashley’s behalf. As they left the stage, they both sent a personal message to Ash. Steven said, “Miss Lee, rest in peace” with Robert exclaiming, “Wish you were here girl!”To all of you fellow fans on this site that have come together to remember Ashley and even vote for her for this award, thank you so much for contributing to the memory of such a special person in all our lives. And to Ashley: even when you’re not here, you’re still the best actress in town. Congratulations!


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Barbara Harmel Says:

Yes, Robert Whitehead, like you said it, we ALL wish she was here, that girl, that marvellous girl. That “crisp as an apple” girl as you put it. She was up against great competitors. But hey, could there have been any doubt that she was IT? No-one will fill her shoes, a product of such extraordinary times and talent and gifts and person.
We are all with you Robert, Orlando, everyone at Isidngo. In pride, in such grief and piercing sense of loss still, only two weeks later.

Meg Says:

Wooohooo! Well done Ash…your presence was sorely missed…not that there was any doubt you truly are a star…a star of mzanzi :)

Paul Says:

I knew it! Our Star Ashley won! I was voting non-stop for her to win. What a great pity she couldn’t be there to accept it … :-( Robert & Steven gave such mooving speeches. Did u guys see Pumla Hopa crying in the audience? Well done, Ash! Your Spirit lives on.

Catherine Says:

I had no doubt you would win this. You were born a winner and you left us a winner. Even after you have left, you are still inspiring so many to do better. I thank you for opening my eyes to treassure a fuller, more meaningful life.

Natalie Le Clue Says:

Never had any doubt that Ash would win at a canter. So glad I voted! Although you are no longer with us you continue to be a sensational inspiration.


s.miss her Says:

hey natalie………its great news !
i am so pleased, although i knew she would win.
she is a star evryday1

s.miss her Says:

ashley rocks!
to the best actress in town/sprit……..cheers

Natalie Le Clue Says:


Monique Says:

Many congratulations Ashley – your spirit lives on through the excellent work you did. I’m glad to see my 10 votes counted towards her win – she will always be Lee, the country’s favourite onscreen daughter.

To Ashley’s family, her Isidingo cast mates and friends she is gone, but will never be forgotten and thank you for sharig her so willingly with me!

David Says:

Dearest Ash!

I just knew that you’d get the award! Robbie was so right in saying…”Wish you were here girl!”… Your are and always will be our ROSE!

Miss you so much!

D xx

Gail Says:

Well done to Ashley – I had no doubt she would win, her family and friends must feel very proud of her – Strength to the Isidingo “family” who all seem to be taking her loss badly along with the rest of us. She will always be a star !

s.miss her Says:

well done ash, we all knew u could do it!
you will always live long in our hearts……..forever.

s.miss her Says:

hey all!
doess anyone know when her last appearance in isidingo will be aired?
i also think we should air it on this website……in remembrance of ashley

Sam Says:

Does anyone know Ashley’s birthdate and year? There have been different reports over the last few weeks – 1973, 1974, 1975. Just curious.

admin Says:

Hi Sam

Ash was born on 19 May 1973. It’s on the About Ashley page here:

admin Says:

s.miss – great idea, we’ll be keeping an eye out for Ash’s last episode too.

Paul Says:

I’m also not too sure when Ashley’s last episode will be aired. If I’m not mistaken, it must be another 2 weeks or so, as I remember seeing an Interview with Executive Producer Pumla Hopa, and she said they shoot episodes like 4 weeks in advance … I’m so so glad that Ashley got the Star Actress Award, I never had any doubt in my mind that she’d not get it. Well Done, Ashley! You live on in our hearts forever … I’m going to get the Ashley Callie Rose from Ludwig’s Roses soon … I think it would be really special to have.

Deyon, Lauren, John & Mr & Mrs Callie – my thoughts and prayers are with you today, and every single day. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you all, and what pain you must be going through. Ashley was the Best Actress this country will ever have!!

We are missing you so, so much Ashley !!!

Marina Says:

Geluk aan die Callie Familie en die Isidingo Familie. Ash jy is en bly nog steeds die beste. Rus in Vrede.

edna Says:

A beautiful tribute for a beautiful young lady.

I couldn’t help but cry, when Robert came and accepted the award on behalf of Ash.

I think she was most deserving of the award and it’s a nice way for her family and friends to remember her for something she loved doing.

When watching some of the clips posted on here I feel like I know her personally, only cause her she exuded so much class, charm, spunk and so many more things than you could imagine.

I will miss her dearly!

P.S Ash I hope you looking down on us, and realising what a big impact you’ve left in the nations hearts.

Alma Says:

Well done Ash on winning the Mzanzi award. I just knew you will win it.

Candy Says:

Well done GIRL!!!!You was and are still the best

Tarry-anne Says:



Tarry-anne Says:



IvaB Says:

I also couldn’t help but cry. It was so touching to see Robert stand and accept the award on behalf of Ashley’s family, and to hear him speak of her with an emotional tremour in his voice! Oh yes girl… we all wish you were here.
Well done Ashley, you truly deserved to win and I’m glad I voted for you. I miss you Ashley. Lots of love


teresa Says:

Well done Ash … You deserve it . The moment for me was Steven saying ms Lee RIP ..couldn’t help but cry you cold feel the emotion … I’m very glad she won… Will be sad to see her last episode……………………………………………………………..

Annelie Says:

It would have been nice, if Ashley could received her award her self. My simpathy goes to her family and friends, i no what you are going through.

Kim Steenhuis Says:

Tears flow down my cheeks while Robert accepts Ash award which she so richley deserved. Callie family im so proud of her achievements & she & all of u are in my thoughts daily. Rest in peace Ash & watch over your family & friends from up there. Let your smile shine through

Kathleen Says:

Hey everyone!
I read the People magazine and became so angry!
She died for no reason but the stupid stunt of a young man showing off.

We have to keep on top of this report! I for one want to know the outcome of the SAP report. Metropolice got it wrong, I hope they get it right!

She had too much to live for, justice needs to be done!

Yvonne Says:

Justice must certinly be done ! All of us who loved Ashley so much must ensure that the truth is revealed, and that action is taken against the guilty party. We owe this to her and to all of the many innocent people who die on our roads as a result of bad an selfish drivers. Enough now ! Punishments must be harsh. We are robbed of a beauiful and talented person – I doubt if my heart will ever stop aching.

Bernadette Tayler Says:

Ashley deserved the award. She was a brilliant actress. I really miss her on Isidingo. rest in peace.

Mellissa Says:

Will justice ever be served in this country!? Who will open there eyes to see innocent people dying, famous, young and old!!??
It makes me sick to my stomach but I suppose that is how we are forced to live in South Africa…

michelle Says:

roberts right we wish she was here. it is so good to see ashley callie winning the star actress award. she truly deserved and i think most if not all agree. at least she is not being replaced even though its going to hurt me to see her die on tv it would be an insult to her memopry. no person would ever been able to replace lee heines ashley made lee who she was and i would find it difficult to imagine another lee, a lee that isnt as good and practically not lee at all. it would be like introducing a new character to show not just a new lee. greatest sympathy to her family, friends and fans. rest in peace ashley callie!

kathleen Says:

im swtill very upset about ashely im goin to miss you girl like robert said wish you were back


God gave us a wonderful gift
It came while we were not expecting it
It brought us so much joy
It had to be forever

The gift had laughter and smiles
It warmed our very being
Our spirits were lifted
It had to be forever

The gift had compassion and caring
It allowed us to share and to grow
Our souls soared like an eagle
It had to be forever

The gift had such passion and desire
More powerful than anything we’ve ever known
Our bodies were tingling
It had to be forever

The gift had love and warmth
It took our breath away
Our hearts swelled with emotion
It had to be forever

The gift had sorrow and longing
We ached to see you again
Our hearts moaned
It had to be forever

The gift had friendship and understanding
It was pure and good
Our whole being rejoiced
It had to be forever

This morning as we awoke
We thought about this gift
Our minds raced
“It will be forever”

That gift, Ashley will always remain in our hearts.

Paul Says:

This morning it’s slightly chilly and overcast. The day has dawned upon us … The day that Barker gets the call that his beloved Lee has passed away. This is going to be very upsetting for us all over again. Just as we were getting slightly stronger it’s going to knock us for a 6 once again.

Ashley, no one could ever replace you! You portrayed Lee Haines with such amazingly brilliantness, such elegance, and you always looked beautiful and graceful. I looked forward to seeing you everyday. Tuesday & Wednesday was very difficult as you weren’t there. I wish you were here, girl, I really do.

I miss you so very, very much.

Dearest Lauren, John, Mr & Mrs Callie, Deyon & Kids – I pray and think of you all every single day. I hope you are all doing ok and know that Ashley was such an inspiration to all of us.



Kathleen Says:

Hey everyone!
I hope everyone is keeping their spirits up as time goes by. Especially thinking about the Callie family, Deon and the kids, and her friends, and Frannie and Paul A who has touched our lives by sharing theirs with us.

I do believe that those who has passed on are still very much part of our lives and when we think of them, they hear our thoughts and they know what we feel. When they were here, they couldn’t, but now they even closer to us.

So, as these difficult days come and go, lets send positive toughts to Ash and those who are left behind.

Wish you were here girl!

This is my gift to Ash and all who mourne for her:
How amazing the beauty you gaze upon. How deep your love reach as you enfold loved ones with your wings of gold. No more sorrow, no more pain but the longing for those who carry your name.

Soon my dearest. Soon all will be complete. Soon all will be reunited. Soon our spirits will fly high above, never again to taste the emptyness.

Until then my dearest, our spirits will meet on plains of radiance and light. Our hearts will echo your name and your comforting touch will sooth its pain.



Paul A Says:

Kathleen…that is absolutely beautiful…your words are toughing everyone’s hart…thank you babe!

Paul A Says:

Hi Paul, bru, tonight is going to be bad, tough and sad…I believe the end has come…the end of Isidingo for me…the end for me to watch…why should we watch the show without Ash…she was the reason for me to tune in to Isidingo…

Candice Says:

Hi, All

Paul A i feel the same way…..This is also my last week to tune in to Isidingo…

Nicole Says:

Wow Iam exstatic that Ash got the award!!!! She’s one of my best actresses, and tonights episode of isidingo was extremely sad. I will always miss her. She’s the BEST EVER!!!

Masibulele Says:

Ashley what can I say she was one of SA greats and she will surely be missed by friends, fans, and by the whole of SA.One of the things she will be missed about is her charecter as lee and her personalityand she won the star award to prove that she was the best. lee we will miss you gal you might be gone in spirit but in our hearts you will live forever
heres to LEE the best actress ever Se you in the next life

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