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All will be revealed in Isidingo in April March 15, 2008

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From the 20 March 2008 issue of YOU magazine:

The mood on the set of Isidingo is still sombre after Ashley Callie’s tragic death last month. Everyone is missing the actress (who played Lee Haines) terribly, Jack Devnarain, Isidingo’s Rajesh, told YOU at Audi Joburg Fashion Week at the Sandton Convention Centre.

“Losing her was like losing a family member and it’s been very difficult for all of us to deal with. It will take a long time for us to get over her,” said Jack.

Fans will be glad to know Lee’s absence from Horizon Deep will finally be explained in the first week of April.

“It’s going to be gripping stuff. What happens is sudden and shocking. Fans will be reaching for their tissues,” Jack says.


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Natalie Le Clue Says:

Ashley’s last appearance will be a very sad day indeed….

Bianca B. Says:

It is so sad that time is running out, it will almost be like losing her all over again. We’re just holding onto the very last moments with her. It really will be the saddest day, her last episode.

Kathleen Says:

Hey everyone!
Did you catch up on the latest newspaper article regarding Ash? This is taking an ugly turn hey.



Tanya Says:

Hey Kathleen! What does it say?
Which newspaper is it?

Kerry Gray Says:

Hey Tanya,

It was the Saturday Star newspaper.

It said that they were blaming Ash for driving drunk.
They also said that there was a service to drive you home and that Ash refused to use it and said she could drive herself home because it was just around the corner.

I don’t believe this for a minute and Ash was not that type of person.

This comment was passed by one of the people in the other car on the other website that you spoke about Tanya.

Paul, Ash Fan and s.miss.her and tanya could you please give you views on this.

I am really miss Ash today. I seem to be missing her more nad more each day.

All this bad pubilcity is not doing any of us any good.I can just think about what her family, friends and collugues are going there.

Keep Strong everyone.

Miss you Ash
Lots of love

Tanya Says:

Hey Kerry, Thank you for the info.
I am so angry, I do not have words to express my anger toward those stupid people that don’t know what they are talking about!
Don’t they have any respect for Ashley and her family?
I guess not!!

Let’s just pray for her family everyday, they need the POSITIVE support and love! Thank you for your positive support on this site. Let us keep this site going in Ashley’s name, for her rememberance. And once again, thanx for letting us know.

Keep well and God bless.

Kerry Gray Says:

Hey Tanya,

Thanks alot for your positive support as well.

It is really hard and I agree with you.those stupid people, don’t know what they are talking about. It is easy to blame Ash because she is not here to defend herself. They are lucky they are still alive.

The truth will come out one day.

Yep, We must keep this site going for Ash and her family. This site must be giving them a lot of comfort too.

Keep strong.

Mr & Mrs callie, Laurn , John, Deon, Kids, family and Friends and fellow ash fans, my thoughts and prayers are with you today and always.

Lots of love

Kathleen Says:

Hey Kerry and Tanya!
Thats what the news paper said yes. Was so upset that i forgot to post the report. We here all know that Ash did not drive drunk. If she was that kind of person, we would have heard reports of this effect before.

We will all stand strong for Ash and her family and believe in her! We will keep her memory alive and intact!

Strongs for all of her fans hey! In the next few weeks we will lose Lee. We will get through this.

Tanya Says:

Kerry, you’re welcome.
Even if justice is not being done (yet), I know God will deal with those dumb idiots!

Yes, this site must be giving them a lot of comfort.
If only Ashley could see how many people looks up to her,even now when she is not here.

Mr & Mrs Callie, Lauren, John and Deyon, May You always know there are people who supports you ALWAYS!!
We pray that God will see you through this difficult time, give you strength and bless you always!

Ashley, you gave to this world so much to believe in, so much to hope for and so much to dream of. We love you always.

Candice Says:

The dead cannot speak 4 itself, that`s why it is always easy to blame them. But the truth always has a way of coming out…..ALWAYS

Kerry Gray Says:

I was just on the Times website and saw that Orlando was at the pirelli launch with Ash and he never saw her drink once. So that then confirms what we believe.

If you guys what to check out that website. Go onto and search Ashley Callie and all the related articles will come up.

I believe that Ashley can see what is going on and she also knows about the website and all the things that have been written about her. She is probably so proud to know that so many people look up to her and who care about her.

I agree with Candice that the truth has a way of coming out.

We love you and miss you Ash. Thanks for everything you have done in your short life you lived to the fullest and thank you for teaching me that life is short and live everyday to the fullest and seize the day (Carpe Diem).

Love you always.

Kathleen Says:

Yes, the truth will come out! It is so easy to blame those that can’t speak for themselves.

Have anyone noticed the change in Ashley’s acting during last weeks isidingo episodes. Do you guys also sense that she seems distracted?
Yes, we have seen Lee going after something before, but there is an undertone of stress in her acting that was not there before.
Is it only my imagination?

Candice Says:


I lost my brother in the same way…After 8 year`s of searching 4 the truth and what really happend that afternoon. The driver of the other vechile who is paralyzed since then is now facing charges of cobble home aside and driving under the influence. I cannot really explain what a relief it is 4 our family that justice is finally be served……

Tanya Says:

Hey Candice,
I’m so sorry for your loss.
It must be hard for you, still after 8 years!
We all are happy for you and your family, that justice is being done!

Tanya Says:

Thanx Kathleen!
Let’s keep on praying for Ashley’s family.

Take care and God bless

Anon - amazed Says:

As an aside to entry number 15 above….it’s not “cobble home aside”……. you should have written “culpable homocide”!!!!!! An interesting interpretation of the words indeed!!!! Mmmmm… a little worrysome too…..

Kerry Gray Says:

Hey Candice,

I am so sorry for your loss.I am also happy that justice was served for you and your family.

I really hope that justice is served in ash’s case to.

Take care and God bless always.

Tarry-anne Says:



Paul Says:

Hi Kerry,

I did see that pathetic article! Firstly, how could they publish such an article, on the day that she has been gone 1 month!!!??? And it in SUCH POOR TASTE. I was so horrified, I was left dumbfounded ………….

I cannot believe that those IDIOTS, as Tanya says, can say something like that. But, you know what?? It WILL come back and GOD WILL punish them! Sooner rather than later.

And I NEVER believed all those lies which said Ash caused the accident. But WHY was she taken??? And what is happening with the case? Her Family must be going through hell. Gosh ….

I am missing her more and more as the days go by. I’m really, really dreading seeing her last appearance, it is going to shatter us all over again.

To Lauren, John, Mr & Mrs Callie, Deyon & Kids – my thoughts and prayers are still with you all.

Ashley, I miss you so much!

Paul. Says:

Hey all! Im from the eastern cape, so I haven’t seen the article, but from I can see from the comments it was a load of BS!! I have mentioned before in a comment that it is my experience that the people who drive drunk and cause accidents, usually survive. I have a friend in the police who sees accidents all the time and he also says that the people causing the accident survives in 95% of the cases. So… let them write what they want and let the idiots in the other car try to make themselves feel better by trying to destroy the Ashley’s name… What they don’t know is that they are up against MILLIONS of fans who will NEVER believe their BS stories and who will continue to remember Ash in the most posistive way! I feel sorry for them… they are gonna fall, and its gonna be hard. IN THE MEANTIME guys, CARPE DIEM!!!!!!!!!!

Lelani Says:

It’s unbelievable, it’s been a month and now i am dreading April…i still miss you more ash…i heard on Jacaranda that all you Jhb fans requested a song to be played, especially for the Callie family and the song was just soooo perfect, but still very,very grippingly sad. Girl, I wonder if you’ll ever know the hole you left in everyone of our hearts…and in a way we are selfish, cause we would want you back, even though you are at a way better place…thanks for inspiring me to be a better person! a genuine lady of class and a genuine role model.
The Callie-family,friends, colleagues and fans – you are all in my prayers.
*take care guys*

berta Says:

Well, the article in People obviously clear this up as
there was a witness right behind Ashley who described what happened and obviously she was not to blame, may she rest in peace knowing that she was innocent.

Kathleen Says:

Morning Everyone!
Catching up on all the new posts on the libby and face book sites just makes me more determined to stick up for Ash! These people are crazy is they think that we, her loyal fans, will let anyone tarnish her memory!

Kerry Gray Says:

Hi Kathleen.

Could you please tell me what the website is for libby because I want to go and check it out????

Thanks a lot

Kathleen Says:

Hi Kerry. It is the following

Tracy Says:

I was one of the posters on Libby’s blog, and more info came to light after I looked up Ojin Lee’s facebook page. One album on it shows photos from an outing 2 weeks before the accident (that is the date under the pics) It shows Ojin, Oyoon, Ashley Maccauley and Nico drinking copius amounts of booze.(shooters, shots, bottles of beers and a FISHBOWL) When Oyoon and Ashley were only aged 16 at the time and Ojin was only 17. Interesting, since they are underage to be drinking. If they were doing this 2 weeks before the accident, (and on many more occasions as the hundreds of photos on her FB page show) who is to say that they werent drinking like this the night of the accident. They are the ones spreading it around that Ashley callie was drunk and refused the lift home. How come we havent had any “official” comment on it? And when I tried to post this message on Libby’s blog, suprise suprise, I have been banned – interesting……

Brad Says:

You see, here’s where I have a problem. This is a website dedicated to the Memory of Ashley. Maybe you all should rather start a conspiracy/reveal all the facts website, and conduct your investigation there.

Kathleen Says:

Hey there Tracy.
I’m one of the regular posters on Libby as well. I’m so sickened by the smear campaign going on at the moment.

Who the hell do they think they are trying to ruin her good name!

I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for her family and friends seeing this tug of war going on while they are trying to put the pieces of their lives together.

I also started wondering if taking on those idiots are really helping or if we are making it harder for her loved ones to move on.

I don’t know!

All I know is that Ashley was not to blame and that I just can’t keep quiet when they are spreading their BS. She can’t defend herself, but we, who believe in her and her good name, can.

Am I making sense?

This is how I feel. Says:

hey kathleen and tracy, just reading your guys comments! as an ashley fan it is quite natural to react and defend ash, as we should! what is important is to not let it frustrate us – in honour of her memory – let us keep each other up to date of those Says:

pathetic attempts to dishonour ashley. we must continue to write positive comments and make it very clear that we stand behind ash! life has a way of catching up with idiots. they are probably jealous cause they are not getting any attention, the bad news Says:

for them – they are up against millions of ash fans, they will never be anything like her and they are not even worth mentioning, they are the worms, ash is an eagle. she is a role model, a born star, an angel!! we miss you ash Says:

i listen to the rain falling outside, and i think of ash… every drop that falls is a blessing – what a blessing it was to have ashley on our screens, to have her as a role model. we miss you ash. CARPE DIEM!!

Peggy Says:

Hi all my fellow Ash fans. I am sitting here now and think why did this happend to such an amazing person.Ash is constantly on my mind since the 9th of Feb.2008.I went to Johannesburg the 2nd and came back the 9th.It was my fist time flying, but I can’t even remember how that 1st time experience was cause when I came home my mother gave me the bad news about the accident and since then my life was turning upside down.I feel so empty inside, I cry myself to sleep every night.The people around me don’t understand how I feel but when I came across this site I was so glad there are people feeling the same.We as fans must stand together.I don’t want to think about the end of the month.It will be so so sad.Ash thanx for the joy you brought to my life,I love and miss you, Sorry,but I can’t let go of you I don’t know how to.I’ll never forget you,I’ll never let you out of my heart,I’ll hold on to your memory Ash! Says:

Good morning all! Hope everyone is doing well. What a privelege to have had such an amazing woman on our screens. We miss you Ash. CARPE DIEM!!

tracy Says:

Brad, sorry if you were offended by me putting up that information. It just makes me angry that these teenagers are acting all holier than thou and trying to destroy ashleys reputation, when they themselves are guilty of breaking the law every weekend with their underage binge drinking. Anyway, I miss Ashley too, cant believe that we will never see her again, makes me very sad.

Tanya Says:

Ash fan, you are right…”every drop that falls is a blessing”.
Showers of blessings!

Ashley, I wish you were here to see how many people love you, how many look up to you! Gosh..we miss you so much! Thank you for touching our lives, our hearts! You will always be remebered!! Carpe Diem!

Mr & Mrs Callie, Lauren, John, Deyon & Kids…May you feel God’s love all around you and thank you once again, for sharing Ashley with us!! We love her!!

Take care
God bless

Kathleen Says:

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well!
I heard that there was a newspaper article this week claiming that there was a 3rd car involved. The person couldn’t give me more detail except that according to it the 3rd car skipped the robot and Ash swerved to avoid it and so landed in the wrong lane.

This is all hear say and I couldn’t find any proof of this article.

Does anyone have more information?

Tarry-anne Says:


Tarry-anne Says:


Kathleen Says:

Terry Anne
I’m with you on that one!
How can it be that one could miss someone so much who you didn’t know personally?

Ash, you will always be our Lee Haines!

Brad Says:

Hi Tracy,

No, I wasnt offended. It just makes me angry when I see how little those teenagers cared for the life that was taken, and then to read it on here, which is meant to be a tribute to Ashley.

I maintain that a website should be started where we can all put the facts together, because if we had to wait for the police to get it right, we would die of old age.

Jane Says:

Absolutely right Brad ! We need to know the truth about the accident. I believe the eye witnesses story in People Magazine, and judging by the subsequent behaviour and remarks of the passengers in the other vehicle, it clearly seems as if they were at fault. First of all they “couldnt remeber anything” but now some of them seem to remember “certain” details. Just check out the liby blog and see the delightful language that Ashley Macualey uses.

AJ Says:

Hi Jane. I saw the shocking post number 11 on Libby’s site written (apparently) by Ashley Macauley and I tried to post a reply but I was blocked for some reason (mmmm!!!!) as I noticed how contradictory the post was.

At line 5 she stated how she remembers “virtually everything” as she was “conscious” and “didn’t suffer brain injuries” and then in the next breath at line 21 she stated, “It’s true, I don’t remember much”!!!! She must make up her silly immature mind.

Her language is also disgusting. When I was her age (she was 16 at the time of the crash and turned 17 a couple days ago) I was more more disciplined and respectful than to use such bad words amongst my peers, never mind on the net!!!! She and her friends (Ojin and others) need to be taught such a HUGE lesson. Clearly being involved in a serious car accident, the result of which was Ashley Callie’s death, did not do the job!!! They think it’s fantastic that their names are able to be searched on the net with results!! Quite frankly I would rather be known for something admirable, not what they are know for!

I actually pray for these people – they need it. They are too immature to realise the seriousness and importance of what they are now involved in.

God bless Ashley Callie’s life, soul and legacy. Rest in peace Girl.


AJ Says:

In addition to my above entry – there must be something that can be done about these silly teenagers’ underage drinking. How can they get away with it??!! CLEARLY they do not appreciate the gravity of what their actions have culminated in. They CANNOT be allowed to continue to party and drink the way they do at their age. No matter what one’s age is, one has to be responsible about it, even more when the one’s involved are so immature about it. What happened to parental rules and “strict-ness” (if such a word exists!)? What happened to the good old school entrenched discipline??

charles baker harris Says:

I knew Ashley very well albeit a long time ago… She was no saint and not averse to drinking and driving as is the case with 90 percent of South Africans. When she was younger she did drink and she did drive. As it happens I am told she was not drinking at all when she had her accident. We all need to get some perspective here… She has gone and there were survivors of this tragedy who must now live with the consequences of being involved in an accident where someone died and to compound it all thousands of people who didnt know Ashley in any way other than as an actress in a tv programme have judged them guilty. I dont know who amongst you can honestly say that you have never driven your car slightly tipsy… I am sure there are many of you who havent but in SA it is a fact of life.
Despite this I do not condone drinking and driving and despair at the needless heartache it has caused many families and possibly Ashley’s as well. Let her go now guys…thats what Ashley would want… grieve because we have lost a talent that was stellar but know that she was happy in the time leading up to her death and that she was in a good place. Her time had come…she had done what she came to do on earth and although for us it is never enough, it is as it should be. Trust in her family to fight for the truth if they feel it is necessary but dont enter into a senseless tit for tat on the internet about who is to blame. It would not make Ashley happy. This site is to celebrate her time with us. She was truly a unique soul and I miss her deeply. CBH

Val Says:

I want to go onto this libbys webpage. 6 people not rememering what happened. What nonsense. My hubby and six others were involved in a head on (not their fault) and the only one who couldn’t remember was the hubby, why because he sustained brain damage. But we are not here top judge. God will be the judge and the truth will come out eventually.

Francine Kruger Says:

Let us all Remember The great , beautifull and talented Ashley. She was my friend and i can’t stand all this bickering. One day the truth will come out ,and untill then let us let her beautifull sole rest in peace and may we honour her memory and respect her family and loved ones and friends as they are suffering too . Ashley would not have wanted people to bicker and fight about what has happened, but rather to help each other through our suffering and pain. Please lets put an end to all this nonsense. Everybody involved in the accident has been through so much pain and suffering as well as loss, so please let us pray for all concerned and forgive those who may have been in the wrong

Francine Kruger Says:

if anyone wants to Rememember Ashley for the good person she was and to keep her memory alive, Please go to my blog and post your tributes.The adress is

If i see more posts where there is bickering on a memorial site i will be reportinhg you all to the webmaster of the site. Please let my friend rest in peace because that is what she would have wanted.

Peggy Says:

Today,I feel very sad.It’s a black easter for me and I believe for all of Ash’s fans too, because our beloved angel is’nt with us anymore.My heart is really reaching out to her family and loved ones.It’s still so hard to believe that she’s gone.One month and two weeks ago, this time, she was still fine.Sometimes it feels for me like I am still busy with a bad dream.Ash are really glowing in this last episodes.What a beautiful,talented,amazing lady we’ve lost.I am going to buy my ASHLEY CALLIE ROSE on Tuesday,I can’t wait. Ash,I truly miss you with all my heart and soul.Hi there Ash fans if you on the roads,drive safely PLEASE!!!

Peggy Says:

Today,I feel very sad.It’s a black easter for me and I believe for all of Ash’s fans too, because our beloved angel is’nt with us anymore.My heart is really reaching out to her family and loved ones.It’s still so hard to believe that she’s gone.One month and two weeks ago, this time, she was still fine.Sometimes it feels for me like I am still busy with a bad dream.Ash are really glowing in this last episodes.What a beautiful,talented,amazing lady we’ve lost.I am going to buy my ASHLEY CALLIE ROSE on Tuesday,I can’t wait. Ash,I truly miss you with all my heart and soul.Hi there Ash fans if you on the roads,drive safely PLEASE!!! and TAKE CARE.

Lelani Says:

“I for one will always, always, always wish you were here.”
“Wish you were here girl!”
such touching comments from Robert (Barker).

Miss ya Ash, but you’re in a better place now.

Hope you all are still keeping the heads up…i’m still very, very sad though.

You are all in my prayers (family, friends, fans) and so too are the other 6 survivors.

*Take care*

Kathleen Says:

Hey Lelani
Robert’s words echo through these pages.
Soon, Lee will also be gone and then she too will live in our hearts and memories.

It is just too sad!

I think that Ashley would want us to pray for those kids too.

Francine Kruger Says:

Hi Kathleen, Ashfan and s.miss. Also hello to Kerry Gray. Hope you guys are all well and holding up. Please go and check out my memorial to Ashley, i have posted the adress before. Also if you can get into The libby do youselves a favour and go there. I have posted some things there which you guys need to read.

Kerry Gray Says:

Hey Francine,

How are you doing???

Hope you are doing ok under the circmstances.

I am doing ok, Just really missing Ash loads and it seems to be more and more each day.

I have gone to the libby site and seen some of the posts, I have printed it out and I will read it tonight in bed after Isidingo and I will give you a response in the morning.I don’t get much of a chance at work.

It is really going to be hard to watch isidingo and do it all over again next week when she has her last episode.

I hope you are doing ok and I will speak to you in the morning.

Chat soon

Kathleen Says:

Hey Francine
Thank you so much for your beautiful memorial site. I was there and I got such a warm and wonderful vibe from it. You are really putting your heart into it and I think Ash would love it to!

Take care!

Carpe Diem

kerina munsami Says:

it was really heart breaking to hear what has happenend to the great leeonie haynes .i hope isidingo is not gonna replace one can ever come close to her.she was a role model and will be treasured forever… just goes to show how short life is but ashley callie lived life to the fullest it really really breaks my heart to no that your gone and watching isidingo will never be the same a diamond will always be missing.that diamond is deepest condolences goes out to ashey’s family.and ashley is in a better place with god looking down on your’ll always.

Kerry Gray Says:

Hey Kerina,

No they are not replacing Lee Haines.

Lee dies on the 4th of April, which is going to be heart breaking for all of us.

Keep strong. We are all in this together.

Peggy Says:

Hi there Ash fans….I hope that you are all keeping up.I’m feeling so down today.That part where Lee was so emotional over her mother’s death, really touched me so,so much.The 4th of April,is not a date that I’m looking forward to.I’m still asking myself WHY YOU ASH?I miss her more and more as each day go by.I’ve never thought for one moment that somebody whom I’ve never knew personally,would have this impact on my life. Tuesday,she was looking so stunning and that part with Dineo…ooh, she was so cute.If anybody knows about a magazine where Ash appears in,would you please be so kind to let me know.This site really keeps me going!!! Ash ,you were one of a kind and will never be forgotten.Love and miss you.

Portia Mokubela Says:

It’s gonna be a sad day indeed, i cry almost everyday when i watch isidingo. Seeing her smile, walk, laugh knowing that anytime it will be the last time i see her pains me. I miss her so much.

lyn Says:

although i agree the death of ashley callie is very sad, keep it real people. she was a celebrity, a character on tv that you did not know. how do you know she wasnt drunk?? why should the other parties get the blame because they are not celebrities – imagine what the young driver is going through. she was not above the law or making errors in judgement because she was a any of you even remember amy williams who died the same week – shot in the head during a robbery??? cry for our beloved country and stop mourning someone you dont even know

Natalie Le Clue Says:

I thinks its best if we dont respond to the previous post at all…


kerina munsami Says:

i no that i left a message here before but its so heart breaking everytime i watch isidingo.she was a young radiant,elegant young women.i have never felt this much sadness in my life.ashley really inspired me she is my role model.everyday i watch isidingo and just to think your gone and not coming back really makes me cry.Well to me you are still alive in my heart and thats where i intend keeping you 4eva….isidingo will never ever be the same without one can ever come close in being the person you where.YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE!!!my deepest condolences to ashleyz family.Be strong i know it is not easy losing a loved 1 but hang in there,ashley wouldnt want to see yourll sad but cherish all the good memories yourll shared.ASHLEY CALLIE MAY YOU R.I.P SHE WILL ALWAYS BE THE TREASURE IN MY CHEST.


I agree with Natalie. Ohter than that I am left speechless.

Paul A Says:

Wow Lyn, I knew Ash very well..she was a dear friend of mine…she didn’t drink…she was a responsible person…so what you are saying is that STUFF celebs…let them take the blame and whale about young people that were probably on their way to Greenside to party on having left a previous party…NO!…don’t think so…

Paul Says:

i agree with Natalie, no SHAME whatsover!!! shouldn’t even be on our website!


Paul A., I agree with you totally.

anon Says:

…..once again the plot has been lost…. tsk tsk tsk

Jane Says:

I think its best if Lynn takes herself off to another site and takes her garbage talk with her. You dont belong here dear so do us all a favour……. In the meantime, the rest of us who adored Ashley will continue to keep her memory alive with our positive comments !

Paul A Says:

Hi Anon and Lyn!…I think you are on the wrong page…we are not here to change the world…nor to lay a protess against people getting shot…nor standing up against crime…neither are we fighting for some lame cause…no, we are simply mourning the loss of a dear friend…somebody we loved and someone who meant so much to us…no plot

Jane Says:

Well said Paul and thank you ! The death of Ashley is an indescribeable loss and we will mourn her for a long time to come. She was outstanding and one only needs to read all the tributes to her to have this fact confirmed.

Paul A Says:

Hi Fran…we look like 3 wet chickens on your site…it was pouring…but it was worth it because it was for Ash…thanks for puting it in…hope nobody uses the cross for fire wood…one can see it from right across the corner…sure lots of people saw it this morning in the rush hour…greetings to Gavin.

Kathleen Says:

Ai Lyn
Your ignorance astounds me to the point of laughter.
Clearly you came on here with other motives.

So, go on girl – tell us.

anon Says:

Dear Paul A – you are the one who has lost the plot… clearly….. if you paid better attention (and might I add… learnt to spell a tad better…. ) you would have noticed that I have been on YOUR guys’ side…. and to all of you who think you are mightier than the rest because you have more time than others to spend on this site and write about your latest mourning incident (what are your day jobs??? ;) )careful the way you attack people, you are losing favour and doing exactly that which you don’t want this site to become… a debate ground… so enjoy that for breakfast…. now let me get back to work… maybe you should too!!! ;) and don’t get so personal, chill and enjoy a cappuccino with it!!!

Anon - in agreement Says:

I agree with Anon. You raise valid points… and spell well too!

lyn Says:

no i dont have any motives – dont know any of the parties involved. this was the first time i was on this site because i too am a fan but was astounded at how some people think they actually know ashley callie. you only know the character she portrayed on tv. my point was let the authorities find the facts (they will) and dont put celebrities on a pedestal – they are also human. we should be talking, debating and arguing about deaths like amy williams – she was an innocent victim. an accident involving drunken driving is not whoever the guilty party may be

Natalie Le Clue Says:

Not to offend anyone, but this is not a site for debates or arguments, it is a memorial for someone we all admired, and it should stay that way.

Francine Kruger Says:

I Told you all if this auguing and bickering continues on this site i would report you. Lyn you have absolutely no right to coome on to this site and diss everybody. I went to school with Ashley, she was my friend and i knew her very well. What you have said is inexcusabe. I feel sorry for you. One thing io do know about Ashley that despite her being a celebrity she never took advantage of that. She was not that kind of person. I am in mourning for my friend and i have to listen to your garbage on my friend’s memorial site. GO BACK TO YOUR PLAYPEN BABY, YOIU DON’T BELONG HERE!!!!. i WILL BE REPORTING YOU TO THE WEBMASTER AND ANYONE ELSE WHO USES THIS SITE TO ARGUE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENEDE. My Friend is gone no one can bring her back. you are an absolute disgrace to her memory get off this site before i kick you off.
Let my friend have a site where people pay there respects and keep her memory alive. We are not mightier or holier than anyone else , we lost a friend regardless of the fact that she was a celebrity

paul Says:

well said, Franni! We must email Pat immediately. she’s got no right to be here!!!

paul Says:

lyn, you are telling us not to mourn someone we didn’t know. did you know amy williams???????????? i’m sure you didn’t. so stop going on then!!!

Francine Kruger Says:

Paul ,
I have already e-mailed Pat,
so hopefully this nonsense will stop

Kerry Gray Says:

Hey Franni,

Well said and I too wish this nonsense would stop.

It is making it harder for all of us.

Paul,I agree with you 100%!!!!!!!!!! (post 80)

Paul A Says:

Enough…you negatives will have no more reaction from us…best start your own blog…

still in shock! Says:

It is so ominous that Ashey’s character is dealing with death now…the way she has to identify with it. her words about dying and not knowing when it will all be over. Its just so uncanny that she had to meet her end very soon after shooting these scenes!!!

does anyone else feel strange about that?

lyn Says:

i am sorry if you have taken offence esp if you knew ashley personally. i came on this site as i am also a fan but was shocked to see the way some people are slating the other parties also without knowing them.i think the family of the driver is going through hell and we shouldnt judge them. according to the police he is not guilty.
you are right this is not the forum to do this but i was only commenting to other peoples posts and was not the one that started the slating. Ashley RIP
by the way Paul i did not know amy williams either – my point was merely that we should be mourning other SA as well esp the ones lost to CRIME

Tanya Says:

Lyn, please, rather leave no comments on this site.
We are all trying to stay positive and to honour a Wonderful woman’s name on this site! “If your mind is not open, please keep your mouth shut too”! Please, if you do not have any good to say about Ashley, do not do it on this site. Have a nice day.

kerry Says:

I will miss you ashley you became part of my day me watching isidingo every single day without fail it is going to be odd not having u there anymore RIP

Anon Says:

Please note that when one is prosecuted by the State for culpable homocide (as the driver will be), it is a CRIME!!!!! Granted, the intention element is lacking, but it is still nontheless a CRIME!!! So poor Ashley was a victim of crime too. RIP girl

sharon Says:

As a fan I would like to thank Fran & all the other regulars firstly for setting up the site & now monitoring it so well.some comments are really mind boggling! i think there must be many more fans out there keeping up with your stories & comments, but not taking part. I update most days & gain comfort knowing you are keeping her memoy alive & mostly unsullied.
thanx again

sharon Says:

As a fan I would like to thank Fran & all the other regulars firstly for setting up the site & now monitoring it so well.some comments are really mind boggling! i think there must be many more fans out there keeping up with your stories & comments, but not taking part. I update most days & gain comfort knowing you are keeping her memoy alive & mostly unsullied.
thanx again

Tarry-anne Says:




cindy Says:

will someone please give me the addy to this libby website. would like to have a look at it.


Will miss you Ash***

A* Says:

Wow! yesterday was her last episode??!!

Maurice Says:

So ironic that Ash was in a similar place on the show when this unreal tragedy occurred. Will really miss seeing u on the show Ashley. Thinking of all family and fans feeling this ‘second and final’ reality punch tonight
Ash you are finally free to fly!
Lotsa love

Francine Kruger Says:

Hey Tanya,
Please e-mail me at and also Tarry-Anne, as well as Sharon. Thank you all for your kind words. We love you Ashley The Rose of Isidingo may you always be with us. Goodbye my friend i will love you always


Maurice Says:

I really have goosebumps tonight…its just hit me that Ash has left our screens for good:(

s.miss her Says:

hey all…i think every body should stop fighting!
ashley is gone……..and we all her fans r sure she is not the cause of the accident.
i think all that matters is that we stand together and support each other.its a rough time for all!
so there thats what i think……lets all pray for ash 2 rest in peace…coz if we r really her fans..thats what we will do. infact to pray is the only thing left to do….coz she is never coming back.

p.s:as i write this…i am in tears.
we will all b here for each other

Barbara Says:

Yes, I agree, there is something ominous about Ashley shooting these scenes about her mother’s death, so frighteningly close to her own.
And there is something that I find highly disturbing about tonight’s (01/04/08) episode about her colleagues beginning an awareness about her being missing. Were they filming this as she lay between life and death at the Joburg Gen? After her death? Whichever, what an incredible toll on her floow actors. “The show must go on”? How incredibly tough a challenge to an actor! Will we ever know the trajectory of filming alongside her 2 weeks in hospital? Are we entitled to know?

Most importantly for me: what happened between the time she was taken to Milpark where, apparently, she was able to say she had no medical aid, and the time of her death. What is the discrepancy here? And I wonder why none of you fans ask yourself about this.

Lastly, as a psychologist, I want to add that I think there is an element of healthy debate about moral issues of justice concerning who was responsible for this utterly tragic death on this site. But, sadly, there is also too much acrimony and personal mudslinging that accompanies it.

I feel similarly about the mutual support amongst Ashley Callie’s fans. On the one hand, this site provides a wonderful space for fellow-mourners to gain mutual support from one another, to share feelings of dreadful loss. 0n the other, it sometimes veers discomfortingly towards developing a “chat site”. Great you are arranging to meet one another and lend one another support. But take care that Ashley Callie and her life and is potential does not get lost in your own private feelings.

Paul A Says:

Hi Barbara, you are a good observer of the situation…I knew Ash…if you knew her or followed the soapy regulary, you would understand why we are mourning. Elvis Presly died over 30 years ago and look what they did…Graceland, books, movies, memorabilia, etc…still going on…we want to keep Ashley in memory…and we feel it’s worth it because she meant so much to us…we even think of introducing an Ashley Callie dramatic arts busary for a promissing student…regarding the matter of who was to blame for the accident…we are not really interested…one can not weigh it up against the loss of a dear friend…an element of obvious bias will enter the discusion…we love Ash and are struggling to accept her passing…thank you for adding your feelings…

Peggy Says:

Maurice… I agree with you…tonight’s episode gave me goosbumps…I was recording all Lee’s scenes but tonight I did not press the record button once and then it strikes me like lightning…LAST NIGHT WAS THE LAST OF LEE ON OUR SCREENS(how sad)I cannot stop myself from crying.Paul a and Franni,you were the lucky ones to personally knew such an amazing lady.I am so proud of my ASHLEY CALLIE ROSE… I packed bricks around it in a heart shape and painted it white today.(it looks fantastic)Ash,ROSE OF ISIDINGO…you will forever live on in my heart.Any negative post won’t change the way I feel about you,Ash.I still don’t know how to let go of you.Love and miss you very much.Still looking for Ash fans from Cape Town!

Peggy Says:

Maurice… I agree with you…tonight’s episode gave me goosbumps…I was recording all Lee’s scenes but tonight I did not press the record button once and then it strikes me like lightning…LAST NIGHT WAS THE LAST OF LEE ON OUR SCREENS(how sad)I cannot stop myself from crying.Paul a and Franni,you were the lucky ones to personally knew such an amazing lady.I am so proud of my ASHLEY CALLIE ROSE… I packed bricks around it in a heart shape and painted it white today.(it looks fantastic)Ash,ROSE OF ISIDINGO…you will forever live on in my heart.Any negative post won’t change the way I feel about you,Ash.I still don’t know how to let go of you.Love and miss you very much.Still looking for Ash fans from Cape Town!!!

Anneline Says:

Hey peggy ct has a lot of ash fans, believe me I am one. I will have to watch isidingo again on sunday just to see her for the last time. Negative posts will definitely not change the way we feel about ash. We will always love and remember you Ashley!


Hi gang,
Hope you are all doing ok. It was sad not to have seen Ashley last night. The next week or so is going to be very difficult for her family and Isidingo family and of course her fans. We will be tinking of them and they will be in our prayers.

Asley you are surely missed.

Yvonne Says:

Hi peggy, I am also an Ashley fan from Cape Town.

Tanya Says:

Mr & Mrs Callie, Lauren, John, Deon and Kids…
You are always in our prayers! Be strong and remember, we as Ashley’s fans are still looking up to her, we will always honour her name and will always love her! You had a Brilliant, Beautiful Daughter!
You are in our thoughts everyday!

Take care

Kerry Gray Says:

Hey there Gang,

Last night was hard for all of us and i see in the you magazine that the memorial is going to be on the 9th April. How are we going to do this all over again but together we will.

Well said Tanya.

Missing you always Ash, Not a day goes by where i don’t think of you and your family and what they are going through.

To the family, Friends and fans, you guys are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Lots of love always

Tanya Says:

Hey Kerry!
Thank you for the info.
It’s going to be really hard….losing Ash all over again!

Take care*

paul Says:

Hi Georgene,

I’m doink ok, under the circumstances. How right you are, yesterday was very upsetting to see the story unfold like that and not having to see Ashley. It’s going to be hectic from now on …

To Lauren, John, Mr & Mrs Callie, Deyon & Kids. I’m still praying for you and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you all. Ashley was an amazingly beautiful and talented person and her passing has left a gap in all our hearts.

She has brought us all together as friends, and that for me, is truly special. Which is truly the Magic Of Ashley.

Ashley, I miss you so dearly!!



still in shock! Says:

I felt absolutelty lost when I realised that Lee was no more. I cannot begin to imagine the feelings of all those that were close to her – its just horrific for me and all I knew was Lee. I cant imagine how you get over losing someone with so much to live for – with so much to offer the world.

I am so pleased to hear abt the bursary in her honour – I think that’s a wonderful way to carry on her inspirational memory. Ashley Callie should never ever be forgotten.

kimsteenhuis Says:

Hi to all
I havent been able to watch Isidingo so far this week but i can understand where you are alle coming from.
I will catch up this evening and most probably feel like all of you are.
Ashley was a woman with pure and unique charachteristics which was something i always admired in her and will forever. She was and will always be my inspiration in life for many reasons.
From the reading the news papers im aware of what is lying ahead, but dreading the reality of saying farewell to “Lee”.
Yes she is no longer on the screens but her name pops up everywhere until the 9, when we say once again farewell.
Its going to be hard but with the love and support everyone has been pouring out to each other i wil remain strong.
Feeling distant today as if there is a heavy load i am carring, but its just realising the inevetable.
To Graham, Claire, Lauren, John, loved ones, family, friends and fans, keep Ashley’s spirit alive in mind,body and soul. Look out for each other and share the good memories that Ash left with all of you.
Thinking of you always and thank you for such a wonderful person that was able to make a impact in my life.
Will speak again but in the meantime stay strong and take care.
Love akways


lee we saloot u!!

Tanya Says:

While watching Barker and Harriette talk to each other last night…..without Lee…I felt a sudden emptiness! She deserved a second chance!! :(

Paul A Says:

I detected some sombreness in all the actors last night…grief…it is not fare…our Ash is gone guys!!!…what now? we should all try and get together as a family…alone is hard…I’m so depressed tonight…

Paul A Says:

Kery, thanks for all the cheer-up emails…you’re my best friend…over and over again…lots of love…

kimsteenhuis Says:

My heart aches, my tears flow, my body is num my dearest Ashley has gone. RIP my beautiful rose & keep your star shining bright from above. I will miss u always. Your loving fan!

Peggy Says:

Hi there… Anneline and Yvonne.Thanx for replying on my previous post.Now at least I know, that there are more capetonians feeling the same about Ash.We as fans must stand together in this sad period.I feel so empty inside,it feels like my heart had been ripped out.Ash,your body is gone but your spirit will live on in our hearts forever.You will never ever be forgotten ASH(LEE)!

Anneline Says:

Pleasure Peggy. It’s weird feeling this way after almost 2 months since Ashley passed away. I thought it would’ve gotten better by now but it doesn’t seem like that. I guess we should appreciate our SA actresses and actors more, as we sure now know what it feels like to loose one of them. I wish all of you well, as this is going to be very tough on some of us. Says:

ashley… brilliant, inspiring!!! we miss you everyday! even now that you are gone, you bring friends together, you touch lives and inspire people to become a better person! what a woman!! CARPE DIEM!!!!!! Says:

ive dreamed about being a successful businesswoman all my life! i then got into a very destructive relationship and lost my dream! when ashley took over the role of lee haines, i was inspired by her character. i remembered what i wanted to be and slowly got the courage to leave the relationship and dared to dream again. today… im living my dream. i wanted to share this with you all, i didnt know ashley, but by being a brilliant actress, she touched my life!

Tanya Says:

Ash Fan!
Good for you! We are proud of you and very happy for you! May you be blessed and get even more successful!
Thank you for sharing your amzing story with us!


Candice Says:

Ash Fan…Good 4 U. What a brilliant woman she was. I have a new born baby girl and named her Ashley that way i will always remember our Angel…

Bianca - Anne P Moll Says:

It felt like we lost her all over again and it hurts so much to know she is gone forever. It feels like this nightmare is never going to stop. I am still so devasted and after watching Isidingo I am feeling like dying myself.

Peggy Says:

Tonight’s episode was too much for me.I’m busy crying my eyes out.I can’t cope!

Gail Robinson Says:

How sad again, bye Ashley Callie you will always be missed. Well done to Isidingo – you gave her a fitting, dignified and heart rending finale. This is one time our amazing Isidingo actors – never really needed to act at all – their tears were real as were ours. My thoughts are once again with Ashley’s family and friends – love to you all

G Says:

i could not understand why people were still crying after 2 months, but after tonights episode! Isidingo definitely out did themselves with tonights episode and the actors were great. now until Wednesday is going to be hectic!

kerina munsami Says:

hi everyone i watched todayz episode of isidingo and broke down was so sad it was like losing her all over again.i miss her soooooooooo much,her laugh,smile and that loving face of hers.GOD only knows how we gona continue watching isidingo knowing she is gone 4 good.atleast we still have her memories to carry on.i really really miss her i cnt stop crying.its really the end of ashley callie bt we still keep her spirit alive in our heart.I still feel that ashley was robbed of a second chance in life. she didnt deserve to is too short and i think ashley made the most of it while she was around.R.I.P ASHLEY CALLIE YOU WILL ALWAYS BE TREASURED.

s.miss her Says:

hey all…….i cant believe i made it 2 this site.i thiught i would never.
i hav nothing much 2 say…nothing.
all i hav to say is that i was crying and watching and thinking how those devils could get away with this. Says:

ashley… the sunrise will always remind me of you! even now that you are gone you are lighting up our lives by bringing people together who adores you! CARPE DIEM Says:

hi peggy, how are you doing today?? hope you are okay. this is a difficult time, but there is a lot of fans here that will support you. thinking of you! Says:

hi bianca, how are you coping today? i know its tough, ive been walking around with a heavy heart all week. let me know how you are keeping!

Peggy Says:

Hi there…Sorry for replying only now.I was’nt feeling well yesterday after Thursday’s episode(it was too much for me)I did’nt even watched last night.I really thought that I’m gonna lose it.Yesterday was the first day that I did’nt go on this site but this morning when I saw your post,it really made me feel a bit better.Thanx for those inspiring words…that was exactly what I needed.

Maurice Says:

Hi everyone, you can watch Lee on SABCA channel 286 from 9-11 on Saturdays too!! It seems the story is about 1 month behind there:)
My thoughts with all of you.

Peggy Says:

Hi the repeat of 3talk is on now.

CJ Says:

It is so awful to think that we as a nation have tuned out to the very fact that a human life is dead. Have we no morals? Indeed, Ash was a topnotch human being. But she was a life – a God given life. And that is gone now.

Judgments aside, if only one single person learns from this, I’m sure Ashley would be proud. Learn from how much life each and every one of us has in him. We are life, and Ashley celebrated hers by doing the things that mattered to her! If only one person does what matters to him/her, then Ashley’s life wont be lost in vain.

I feel the pain of losing another human life, because those are moments we’ll never be able to get back. I never personally knew Ashley, that is so sad. People forget the childish insults, and see the deeper picture here. Life is to be treasured, enjoyed, loved, pursued; I’m sure that is what Ashley would say to us all now if she could know that her life would be over soon.

Remember Ash when you’re arguing, fighting, jealous, sad, despairing, hating – remember that the only thing that matters, is life itself. So life it.

That is the ultimate true tribute to Ashley Callie.

CJ Says:

Oops, I cant spell.. Its not “So life it”, but rather so live it!!!

Mark Says:

Thx cj for your beautiful comment you’ve taken my words out of my mouth and even better.

Lets all learn from Ashley she is a Gods messenger!

And no matter we all are…!!

anonym Says:


Mpho Says:

The stupid fool named anonymous should be braught to book for making fun of our beloved Ashley Callie.
Isidingo just somewoh feels empty without her, I still can’t bring myself to watch the soap with out feeling a sense of loss.

To Ashley thank you for the beautiful perfomance wherever you are and to the family May you find peace and comfort in God and thank you for sharing yor daughter with us.

Kathleen Says:

Anonym, I find it hard to believe that any person in south africa can be as retarded as you come across in your post, so i’m going to take the high ground and see it in the light that you are from a nother planet and just not clued up on things here on earth.

The reality is that this beautifyl and talented young women lost her life due to an accident. We are here to bring tribute to her and to keep her wonderful memory alive with out prayers and our thoughts and in the way we live our lives to the full like she did.

I’m sure that on the planet you come from you too have mourned somone who has touched your life.

And, I’m sure that somewhere in your planets culture there is something like respect. So, from this earthling to you, respect the memory of our beloved Ash and those that mourne her.

If you can’t, then please don’t post here again.

If you can’t do that, then you are soon going to meet the bad side of this highly anoyed earthling. And trust me, you don’t want to do that. When it comes to the memory of Ash, i’m relentless.

So, peace out anonym!

Ash, your fan 4 ever!


Peggy Says:

Hi everybody
Kathleen and Mpho I agree with you.Anonym, how da hell could you?
If that is your way of a joke, than you are so damn sick,your IDIOT.
Where’s your respect?,but I don’t think you know what that word means.On this site we are bringing tribute to an amazing lady(if you don’t know that STUPID FOOL).Get yourself on another site where you can mess around.Other Ash Fans,I don’t know how you are feeling about this,but I’m furious.
Ash,nobody is gonna do harm to your memory,not as
long as your devoted fans have a say in it.

Your loyal fan always


Kerry Gray Says:

Hey Peggy, Kathleen and Mpho,

I agree with you guys 100%.

No one is going to mess with Ash’s Memory as long as us her loyal fans are around.

we must stick together and fight these IDOIT’S.

Hope you guys are all doing well.

Peggy, I sent you an email yesterday, just want to know if you received it????

Chat soon
Lots of love always

Ash, I miss you so much


Kathleen Says:

With me stand all these people.
You stand alone.
Step down and go away

Peggy Says:

Hi there Kerry

I hope that you are doing ok Friend.

Thank you for the email,I appreciate it very much.

I will reply this evening.

Yes Kathleen,tell that fool that we are

standing together.(if he/she doesn’t know it by now)

Keep well guys!

Peggy Says:

Hi there Kerry

I hope that you are doing ok Friend.

Thank you for the email,I appreciate it very much.

I will reply this evening.

Yes Kathleen,tell that fool that we are

standing together.(if he/she doesn’t know it by now)

Keep well guys!

Kathleen Says:

Hey Peggy and all the Ash fans
It is sad that there has to be sad in the world like this one, but it is just a wake up call of how much bigger we can be.

We are here to do good and not to harm.

Ash, as you look down on us from heaven, know that we miss you very much every day, but also know that we know that you are surrounded with love and peace and beauty beyond anything our mortal imaginations can even begin to imagine.

So, as you sit around the table with the saints tonight and your golden wings comfort your loved ones, know that we, your loyal fans, pray for you and your family and friends.

Your fan 4 eva!


Mpho Says:

Thank You guys for respecting Ashley’s memory and the kind of life she led. She was a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air. They say out of site out of mind, but this is not true for our Ashley, she is missed more everyday. I hope she has found peace and comfort in the arms of angels.

I also belive thst if ” anonym”, has any good in him/ her he or she should apologise to Ashley’s family what he/ she said. It was spitefull and cruel.

Kathleen Says:

Hey there Mpho
I’m convinced that Ashley is in heaven and that she is loved by angels everyday. When she misses her family and friends they comfort her and give her strength in turn to comfort her family and friends.

As for that blot, just goes to show that sad people will always try to make those around them just as sad as they are, but trust me, thats not going to happen because there are people on this site that knew Ashley personally and they, along with all of us will not stand for that.

Stay strong my friend

Mpho Says:

Hi Kathleen

Thank You for your kind words, I’ll draw strength from them and go on to make sure that people respect this w/site and what it stands for to us.

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