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Court case transferred January 14, 2009

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Relatives of actress Ashley Callie on Wednesday described as “irritating” the transfer to another court of the culpable homicide case against the man involved in her fatal accident.

“This is highly irritating and frustrating because it is just a metre away from the jurisdiction,” her sister Lauren Callie told journalists outside the Randburg Magistrate’s Court.

The case, which has been heard in Randburg since Nico Pretorius, 21, was charged with culpable homicide and reckless and negligent driving last year, will now be heard in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court.

Prosecutor Gary Famanda told the court a decision was taken to transfer the matter as Randburg had no jurisdiction over it.
It emerged during proceedings that the February 8, 2008, accident in which Callie’s car collided with Pretorius’ car was a few metres short of being within the Randburg jurisdiction.

The two cars collided on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Tana Road in Linden, leaving Callie with head injuries. She died in hospital on February 15.

Clad in white T-shirts imprinted with Callie’s face, date of birth and the day she died, her family, friends and colleagues from the Isidingo soap opera said the transfer would further delay the case.

“This is a year we would have loved to see the case reaching its finality,” Lauren Callie said.

Also annoyed by the announcement was magistrate Pieter Erasmus, who repeatedly shook his head on hearing reasons given for the transfer.

“What I don’t understand is that the charge sheet state streets which fall within the Randburg jurisdiction. The case… The incident is now a year on the roll and they are changing the jurisdiction,” Erasmus said.

The matter will be heard on February 13, two days before the anniversary of Callie’s death.

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Paul Says:

I am totally DISGUSTED by this!! As the magistrate clearly pointed out – after 4 postponements, NOW they decide to move it and WAKE UP!!! This is so totally UNFAIR to the Callie family & to Deyon. Imagine what they must be going through? Like Lauren said, they would like some finality on this. But still nothing.

To be honest, I’m not surprised! This country has NO justice system and everything keeps being postponed and postponed. Thank goodness I’m emmigrating in the next few months.

Ashley, I cannot believe that we are nearing 1 year since you were tragically taken away from us. You touched us in so many ways, and left a HUGE GAP in our lives. “Isidingo” has never been the same without you. You were truly the BEST ACTRESS this country has ever had, and I miss you dearly.

To Deyon & family; Mr & Mrs Callie, Lauren, & John: There is not a day that goes by that I don’t pray and think of you all. If I’m so upset, (and I’m just a beloved fan), God knows what you must be going through. I really hope this case can really get on with it now.


Your fan, ALWAYS,
Paul x :-(

Peggy Cloete Says:

Good morning to you all

Today is exactly 11 months since Ash had been taken
away from us and for me personally it’s still so hard
to accept the fact that she’s gone forever.

Now there’s the case…Paul,I feel the the same way you
do,my friend.I could not believe what I heard yesterday.
It makes you so sick and tired.I ask myself,what is
going to happen the 13th of February???I pray to God
that justice will be served.

To Ash,s family and loved ones…you’re in my thoughts and prayers every single day.God knows what
you are going through and I know He will be there for
you all the way.

Dearest Ash,I still miss you so very much and wish that you were still alive.You were an inspiration to me and I will never ever forget you.

a Loyal and devoted fan

Estelle Says:

To Ashley’s family, friends and colleagues: Please know that many of us are thinking of you at this time. This time of year is probably hard for you, and it is made even more difficult with the court case. Hang in, hang on!

Estelle Says:

Ashley’s rose is on the front page of

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