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Four years ago, we lost a friend and gained an angel February 15, 2012

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Four years later and Ashley’s presence is as strong as ever. Just by glancing through her photos, or watching her steal a scene in one of her Isidingo videos, you have Ash right there back in the room with you. Though we all miss having her here, in her own way she’ll always be with us.

“Ashley was a woman of grace and style, elegant, charming, sensitive and tender. In the swamp of vulgarity we wade through, she was polished. Crisp as an apple.

I would marvel at having such a fabulous daughter in TV land. If I did have a daughter in real life, Ashley would have been the daughter I would want.

I always thought she would be snatched away by Hollywood. I never dreamt she would be snatched away like this. After all is said I done, I will always wish she was still here.”

Robert Whitehead at Ashley’s memorial service in 2008


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camila Says:

It’s been 4 years since Ash passed but she’s still so much a part of our memories and creative conscience. May you have found your eternal peace, lovely cousin. Although you were taken so young your inspirational talent and enigma will forever drive all the hopeful, including myself, forward. Love Mills

camila Says:

whoever drives this site thank you – you help to keep her light alive!!!

admin Says:

Thank you for visiting and adding your wishes. Ashley will never be forgotten.

Peggy Says:

Ash…I’m still thinking of you after four years
and miss you like crazy,I will never ever forget you my angel

Your devoted fan always

Love Peggy

peggy Says:



Tebogo Says:

thank you for the update! we really miss Ash :-(

peggy Says:

Thanks Isidingo for that clip of Ash(Lee) last week,it
brought tears to my eyes all over again.

Love you Ash
Your fan always


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