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The talented actress. The beautiful person. Our love and support.


As I write this, Ashley’s spirit lives on in Isidingo February 15, 2008

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Ashley Callie - goodbye dear friendWhile writing this, Ashley is on Isidingo on TV in the background. So fitting that she would choose to leave us in this way, saying goodbye with utter professionalism. Beaming from the screen is her trademark smile, half naughty, half knowing … totally genuine and uplifting. As an Isidingo fan since the start, I found Ashley to be the most remarkable of the ensemble. So many of her fans have shared similar feelings here.

It is hardly surprising that Ashley has left our hearts so sore. Like one of the few true legends, Ashley connected with us right through the screen. You felt that she was always speaking directly to you. With you. When she looked into the camera, it was just you and her. That’s real acting, real talent, real Ashley.

Only the good die young, Ash. We are just so sad that you had to go and prove it.

Thank you for bringing Lee to all of us. Our gift back to you will be lifelong memories of someone so special. To Lauren and family, God bless always.


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Thasmyn Says:

I’ve just wathched tonights episode of Isidingo and i felt utter sadness. This is a terrible tragedy and i hold the Callie family in my prayers,may God be with you all in this terrible time and give you the strength to deal with and get through this tragedy. A huge loss to S.A television. Isidingo will never be the same without our favourite,beautiful and garceful Ashley Callie playing Leone Haines,no one can ever replace her on our favourite soap.

moniquec Says:


Robbie Says:

Ashley Callie
She has achieved success
who has lived well,laughed often and loved much;
who has gained the respect of intelligent people
and the love of little children;
who has filled her niche and accomplished her task;
who has left the world better than she found it,
whether by an improved soapy,a perfect poem, or a rescued soul;
who has never lacked appreciation of earth’s beauty
nor failed to express it;
who has always looked for the best in others
and given them the best she had;
whose life was an inspiration
and whose memory is a benediction.”

I speak for all of South Africa without the internet when I say
We loved you Ash We will try to emulate your ideals
We will miss you
Our Love to her family


Lauren Winterbottom Says:

Ashley I met you on the Isidingo set a few years ago and I have always been in absolute awe of you. What a devastating loss to the industry and the country as a whole. You were South Africa’s own “Princess Diana”. May you rest in peace, our condolences to your family.
Lauren Winterbottom

Bridget Says:

Ashley (forever Lee to me) I felt like I knew you personally……I have lost you.

My heart always sank when I missed Isiding, looked forward to Sunday reruns and hated cricket when it took over the slot…….

Condolences to your family – I share their pain.

Megan Says:

To Ashley’s family and friends,

When a person is so young and successfull passes on, it is a true heart wrenching tradegy. We will, however, always remember the star that she is. Maybe the happy happy memories you have of her tide you through this time and may the not so good memories blow away in the wind.

May you be strong.

sue Says:

On this sad, sad day of Ashley’s passing… blessings to her and her family. She will be hugely missed. Her spirit shone through in everything she did. xoxoxo

Elmarie Says:

Rest in peace my darling – you will be missed x

Karin Says:

I would like to send my deepest condolences to Ashley’s family and friends. I knew from from school so many years ago and although I now live overseas, hearing the news from my family back home has left me shocked and deeply saddened. Nobody deserves to pass away so young. Having seen Ash on TV the times I was home in SA, I say with all sincerity that we have lost a bright, talented and beautiful person. My thoughts and heartfelt sympathy are with you in this awful time.

zama Says:

I can’t believe it. When I saw the article – Isidingo star dies – on IOL I was like no ways, this can not be… But than I remembered something; The Lord Giveth, The Lord Taketh Away… Ashley has fulfilled her purpose on earth, she has given us more reasons to watch Isidingo… Her spirit live on… To the family… AKWEHLANGA KUNGEHLANGA… May God be with you during this time… ULALE KAHLE LEE!!!

Fay Says:

It is said that we are loaned to each other, yet it is the most painful emotion to say goodbye. No words will comfort or console, memories now will only fill the sad and painful void. Let us not think on her passing let us live in the sweetness of the way Ashley lived.
Our prayers to Ashley and her loved ones may the days ahead be filled with joyful memories and the warm knowing of how many hearts Ashley has touched.

Ashley you are now Ashley you are Always.

Jill Says:

My sincere condolences to the family, friends and fans of Ashley Calley. Every time I watch Isidingo I will be reminded of her. She was an inspiration and role model to us all.

Caroline Says:

I was so shocked to read about Ashley online today. I remember her from school as a warm, friendly person. I am so sorry and am thinking of the Callie family. This is a terrible, terrible tragedy.
Caroline, Seattle, USA

Margo Says:

To Ashley’s family and the whole of the Isidingo crew: this has been a hard week for all the thousand of Isidingo fans far and wide, we lost a superb actress and a wonderful and beautiful person, a family lost their daughter, their sister, part of them. But at least we have the assurance that she is now without pain and suffering and next to our Lord, a place she richly deserves to be. Ashley / Lee you will be sorely missed by us all. This week another special person went to join our Lord and all I can say is may both Ashley and Kevin find peace and restfulness. You will both be sorely missed and loved always.
Margo, Horison, Roodepoort

Lisa Vainikainen Says:

To the Callie Family,

My Sincern condolences to you. My Mum always commented on Ashley, she always said what a beautiful girl Ashley is. It is so sad to know that someone so talented, so much more to live for has left not only her family but us fans too. Isidingo will never be the same again. You know what they say God has a time for each of us and that we should never question it, but we are only human and so we ask… why God Why?. To Ashley’s family all I can say is be strong, draw your strength from the Lord, he will comfort you in this time of mourning. Ashley is in a better place and she is gone back to her maker, our Lord Jesus Christ.
We all feel your pain and we may not have known Ashley personally, but we do know that she was a fantasic young lady.
Our prayers are with the Callie Family always.
Love Lisa Vainikainen: Durban

ioana Says:

My deepest condolences to the Callie family

Estelle Says:

It feels so selfish to say that I am devastated, as I never knew Ashley personally.
Throughout this week I have thought of her roles in life – daughter, sister, friend. How hard it must be for those who knew her.
My heartfelt thoughts go to all who knew Ashley in person. May you find comfort in good memories.
A beautiful person who lit up the screen with her smile and grace.

Mike Says:

This is so surreal, I can heardly believe it. I heard the news and turned on the TV and there she was…

This is a deaply sad moment, however I am so thankful for her sharing her great talent with so many for so long. She was a blessing to so many, now in return, i pray she is blessed with eternal joy and peace…

My sincere condolences go out to the Callie family and Ashley’s close friends. My thoughts are with you.

Stacey Says:

I pray that Ashley’s family and friends will have the strength they need to get through this terrible tragedy. The sorrow never heals completely, but the happy memories slowly replace the sad ones. May God and His angels guide Ashley into the white light so she will experience everlasting peace and love.

Barbara Harmel Says:

Devastated by the news of Ashley’s death. Had hoped so strongly she would make it. Disbelief. I didn’t know her – except of course as Lee on Isidingo. What a beautiful, captivating, intriguiging and hugely talented young woman! During the time she owned the Le Vista restaurant in Melville, we would often see her there. We saw her as a member of the Melville/Westdene community, and we were proud she was. How sorely she will be missed, most of all by her family, friends and colleagues. Thinking of all you, unknown to most of us, heartsore. But how proud too you must all be to have shared her life. And hopefully there is some comfort in knowing you do not grieve alone. Maybe now, looking ahead, a foundation in her honour for the most promising actor. But also pressure, for our roads no longer as deathtraps. We grieve and celebrate you.
Barbara, psychologist in Westdene

Paula Draycon Says:

To Lauren and family, Ashley will always remain the star that she was in this life. ‘The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved’ Ashley certainly was loved by so many. Loving thoughts, Paula and marie, Durban

Chantell & Charmaine Says:

To All Ashleys Family & Loved ones..

What words could we possibly place on this text that would truely Express the immense Loss & hurt we feel..
Gee..How does one do it..
Ashley was an Incredible acterss & even though we were not blessed to know her personally,we always felt we were able to grasp such a unique part of her vibrant personality when we viewed her on screen.
She was absolutely amazing! Such a talented & sophisticated beauty.
She touched all our Hearts & Souls..
She will be terribly missed..
I would just like to leave this Phrase from the Bible for her loved ones:
“He tends His flock like a sheperd:He Gathers the lambs in His arms and Carries them close to His Heart..”
We believe God has a special place for Ashley in Heaven,amoungst his beautiful Angels..
All our Love

Nolu Says:

I am so saddened by Ashley’s passing, i cannot even begin to imagine what her family, friends, colleagues are going through. May God’s spirit be your comfort throughout this time.

Ashley – may your soul rest in peace, we will miss seeing your beautiful face on our screens.
Lala Ngoxolo!

anina Says:

Ons dink aan die mensies in haar familie wat agtergebly het. Sterkte…

Marina Mynhardt Says:

i’m so sorry to hear about the death of Ashley! i have no words…

Jeanette Says:

I am so sad and shocked to hear of Ashley’s passing. As a die-hard Isidingo fan, I am going to miss her incredible acting talent! She had the smile of an angel and an amazing talent! To the Callie family, her friends and co-actors my thoughts and prayers are with you. SA has lost a shining star but heaven is shining a little brigher now. Fly Ashley fly, soar amongst the stars and live amongst the angels. Heaven has another angel. Until we meet again, your star will shine forever here on earth.

Heidi Says:

A beautiful person who leaves beautiful footprints. Heartfelt sympathy, thoughts and prayers to Ash’s family and loved ones.

Belinda Says:

Heartfelt condolences from all of us here at Newscafe Melville. We will miss seeing your beautiful face. Rest in peace.

Sandra De Sousa Says:

RIP Ashley!
Callie Family, you are my thoughts and prayers, there are no words to console you, only good memories

Bonnie Says:

To Ashley’s family and friends, ‘May you find peace in knowing that Ashley is in a better place. She was a real star! Her smile endeared her to many South Africans.’ She will be missed by many. May her spirit rest in peace.

Tracy Says:

To Ashley’s family

No words will lighten this terrible burdern you carry in your hearts. Your daughter was an inspiration to South Africans.

Simone Says:

As I am sitting here reading all the comments I have tears streaming down my face. Ashley was such a beautiful women and such an inspiration to so many people. I did not know her personally, but I was a great fan, and I will always be one. If this is what I feel like I cannot even begin to imagine what her family must be going through right now. my thoughts are with you in this time of absolute sadness. But just remember that her spirit will live on forever… God bless you

delia Says:

Definitely gone too soon…YOU ARE DEARLY MISSED!!!

Phiwe Says:

To Ashley’s family, friends and Colleagues

Our deepest condolences, Ashley will be greatly missed.
Such talent, beauty and grace
She was a star and will always remain a star in our hearts.

We loved her so much
Isidingo will not be the same without her

Goodbye Ashley


Jenny Says:

Such a very sad day. My heart goes out to Ashley’s family and friends. I am finding the news hard to digest, watching Isidingo tonight was extremely hard. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers. Farewell Ashley and may you be safe in the palm of God’s hand.

Aarti Says:

My deepest condolences to the Callie family.

Nick Says:

One small flower: blessed, unique. One flower no more. Rest in peace sweet Ashley.

Michael Says:

Rest In Peace Ashley!
South Africa will miss seeing your smiling face again on isidingo, we will never forget you and to the Callie family: may God be with you where ever you go and whatever you do. Ashley’s spirit will never go away so keep it in your heart.

A prayer for Ashley:

O God! O thou forgiver of sins! Bestower of gifts! Dispeller of Afflictions!
Verily, I beseech Thee to forgive the sins of such as have abandoned the physical garment and have ascended to the spiritual world.
O my Lord! Purify them from trespasses, dispel their sorrows, and change their darkness into light. Cause them to enter the garden of happiness, cleanse them with the most pure water, and grant them to behold thy splendors on the loftiest mount.

The Loser Says:

Dearest Callie family,

I would like to offer my sincerest condolences at the tragic loss of this most amazing life. May God give you strength, comfort and peace; and may He guide you out of the darkness into the light.
Though the majority of us are really strangers, remember, you do not grieve alone, we are all saddened and shocked; it is a terrible loss; my deepest, heartfelt condolences to all of you.

Dearest Ashley,

May your light continue to shine and may you have life eternal.
You touched many, many people and were deeply loved.
You will be sorely missed.

I am completely broken hearted.

Richard Catto Says:

This is very very sad news. South Africa has lost a great actress.

Tyrol Says:

Ashley was a gentle soul whose warm smile and graceful presence easily trumped the best attempts of her counterparts. The staff of PTP wishes to extend their condolences to her family; she shall be sorely missed.

Debbie Says:

I am so devastated and numb. My condolences to your family. Your smile will live on forever. May you rest in peace!

Colleen Says:

The Callie family is in my thoughts and prayers. Ashley will be missed.

GrayWhite Says:

deepest sympathy to family and friends, she will be missed in our great industry,
GrayWhite Productions

sinethemba keleku Says:

may her soul rest in peace…..she will always be in our hearts….i just don’t know what to say right now i am deeply shocked by the news…as a drama student myself i have always looked up to her and hoped to work with her one day…my heart is bleeding and just cannot believe all this is true. may her soul R.I.P…and to her family please be strong the whole country is mourning with you…

Catherine Says:

To Ashleys family…though it may not seem fair, what keeps me going after my brothers deatyh, is knowing that God needed an angel. He has chosen Ashley to join Him. I hope that brings you some comfort. Remember her gorgeous smile and laughter.

DebbieR Says:

Our thoughts are with Ashleigh’s family. We were fortunate enough to have enjoyed your beautiful daughter and we will miss her each night…

No words can make it better, but know you have a
country thinking of you and in mourning with you.

Alet Says:

Dearest Family and friends of Ashley, I never knew Ashley but I loved her in Isidingo – she had such a special adorable vulnerability that endeared her to me and since Iheard about the accident, I prayed and believed that it was impossible that she would leave us at this stage in her life. I trusted and prayedand when I heard the news this afternoon, it was such a shock and then I FELT THE DEEPEST SADNESS and it just wont let go of me.
I cry for you, Ashley, I cry for those who knew you because I never had the priviledge yet you had and will always have a place in my heart. You were a great actress but I know that you were one of those people that once you met them, you will never forget them. Ashley, I cannot think of Isidingo without you – I will never be able to watch an episode without seeing your lovely smile somewhere on the screen. Only a week ago, this time, you were still alive, happy with a lovely future. Tonight we struggle to accept that you are gone. In this lovely country you will live in our hearts forever!!!!
Callie family and friends, as well as fellow Isidingo actors, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. It is so tragic my heart goes out to you and even though you dont know me,I am mourning her loss with you. May God give you strengh and peace. She had a short time on earth but made a difference in our lives hat will live forever. Goodbye dearest Ashley.
Love, Alet. NW.

Zee Says:

My heart is sore, am not sure who to direct my anger to. God has taken his dearest daughter to a safer place where she will no longer feel any pain. Family, draw closer to God and watch him perform miracles in ur hearts. This is just plain sad.

anonymous Says:


V Says:

My thoughts and prayers are with the Callie family.
Ashleigh was a truely beautiful soul and will live on in our hearts.

Josephine Says:

My heartfelt condolences to the Callie Family.

May the sorrow soon be outweighed by the joy of the memories of your beloved Ashley.

We’ll miss her beauty and grace, she captivated our hearts.

May God welcome her into his love and light xox

Annette Says:

for the Callie family it must be a tremendous comfort to know how much Ashley was loved and admired.

a new star shines in the sky tonight and Ashley’s legacy will live on in all who now mourn her loss.

some people leave an indelible memory on one’s heart,
rather like a handshake one never forgets, a glimpse across a room that echoes in the mind, Ashley was one of these people, a beautiful young woman, taken from her family much too soon.

I pray that you, her family and close friends, find comfort and strength in one another. God bless you all.


lex Says:

Its so surreal to sit here knowing that someone who shaped so many evenings and was such a BIG part of south african culture in some ways has left us behind for the next adventure.
Words seem inadequate. Praying for a deep sense of peace and comfort for the Callie family, friends and her isidingo family too.
Ashleigh, thank you for modelling what it meant to be strong, beautiful, vulnerable and open in so many ways to so many people. Go in peace.

Neo Says:

I’m at a loss for words but find comfort in knowing Ashley suffers no more. My greatest sympathies to the Callie family, friends & colleagues.

Bianca B. Says:

The saddest thing. A beautiful and radiant person,an incredible actress…Ashley, I miss you so much. I don’t understand why you left us so soon, but I hope Ashley that you will have eternal happiness. We love you, Ashley, forever.

Sandra Says:

I’m writing this from London where I’ve just picked up the news from my parents in Cape Town(also big Isidingo fans)about Ashley’s death. I am totally stunned and just so terribly sad. What a waste of a brilliant talent and a genuine and special person. She was such a convincing character on the show and will be a huge loss to the programme, let alone her family, friends and many fans. We get to see old episodes of Isidingo here on UK television – great for the many fans of the show who’ve settled here. God Bless, Ashley. We’ll miss you so much.

Lora Says:

You will always be remembered Ashley…you were a fantastic actress and will be missed by millions. Our thoughts are with your family at this sad time. Love an Isidingo fan in Telford, England

Litha Bam Says:

As a young actor in South Africa there are few role models that one can look up to and say “wow, I want to be as good as her, if not better” Ashley was an absolute inspiration to me and certainly one of the people who inspired me to be where I am today. I am deeply saddened
by her passing, yet I’m sincerely grateful to have had the opportunity of being in her presence on more than one occasion.Hope to make you proud Ash. Rest in peace, eternally beautiful. Love always.

Tessa Says:

What a talent she had, to make so many people feel a personal loss at her untimely death. We all forgot we were watching acting,and feel bereft at the loss of someone who was part of the family. Many tears were shed tonight by people who never knew her, but who, through her rare talent, felt they did. She has left a big gap in our lives and will be very sorely missed. Our hearts go out to the Callie family. The whole country mourns with you.

Sue Says:

To Ashley’s family and friends, may you find peace. She was so young and vivacious and her passing is unbelievable. May you find comfort that she was dearly loved and admired.

Sixishe Family Says:

What Is This Thing That Men Call Death

What is this thing that men call death,
This quiet passing in the night?
Tis not the end but genesis
Of better worlds and greater light.

O God touch Thou my aching heart,
And calm my troubled, haunting fears,
Let hope and faith, transcendent, pure,
Give strength and peace beyond my tears,

There is no death, but only change,
With recompense for victory won.
The gift of Him who loved all men,
The Son of God, the Holy One.

Poem by Gordon B. Hinckley who also passed away earlier this month. Our family would like to dedicate this poem to the Callie family, and pray that God will hold you and comfort you in this time of loss. We only knew your daughter and sister through our screens, but she touched our lives. It’s hard for us to comprehend your loss, all we can think is that God must need her beautiful Spirit closer to Him, untainted by a world in decay. For Ashley, truly it is a “genesis” and may the Lord give you the strength to understand and retain the cherished memory of your daughter in your hearts.
Sixishe Family-Queenstown

Billi Says:

To the Callie Family & Friends,

Another star has left this earth to shine in the Heavens!

I was devastated at the news of Ashley’s passing, I have no words to explain how deeply this hurts! Thank you Ashley for providing us with such good memories, and thank you Callie family for sharing her with us.

My Condolences and deepest sympathy go out to the Family and Friends in this your time of sorrow, may the Angels surround you all with love and give you the strength to get through this.

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
I’d walk right up to Heaven
And bring you home again.
~Author Unknown

Love ‘n Light

Dominique Says:

To Ashley’s Family and Friends,

My deepest condolences on your loss.

She was an amazing person, and is truly a special soul.

Angel Says:

Another angel has been added to the heavens.Strength & peace be added to the Callie family. You are not alone at this sad time.Blessings.

gideon Says:

Dearest Ashley – thank you for the memories. I will always treasure our time together at Wits. Only a few weeks ago I stumbled across a copy of Cloud 9 by Carol Churchill and flipped through to our scenes together. Nearly 17 years ago, but the memories came flooding back. I’m sorry we weren’t closer. You remain talented, beautiful and a class act. You won’t be forgotten. Much love, Gid.

Diane Says:

I never really watched Isidingo, but have seen a couple of episodes in the past and I must admit I was very shocked when I heard of Ashley’s death. We never expect things like this to happen to people we “know”.

To Asley’s friends and family, may you find comfort in her memories. May time heal all wounds sooner than later. May God give you strenght to get through this pain.


Savy Says:

It is so very sad for me and my husband knowing that ashley will never dawn our tv screen anymore.Nobody can relate to this loss any better than those who lost their loved ones tragically in an accident, to me its like loosing a daughter, I lost my youngest son six years ago, and I know the feeling.
To the family and dear friends may god the allmighty give you abundant strenght to deal with this loss and pain……Ashley we will always love you

God bless

David Says:

Rest in Peace Ash! You’ll be greatly missed. Our love and prayers are with the Callie family.


Nina Says:

I believe that God collects angels when heaven needs them. To the Callie family, you now have an angel watching over you forever.

However, heavens gain is our loss.

My deepest condolences go out to all those closest to Ashley. Time does indeed heal all wounds….little comfort right now.

Derek & Ursula Says:

Our sincere condolences to Ashley’s family – we have lost a true star

TJ Says:

My heartfelt condolences to the Callie family.May the tears that we as a nation are shedding for your beautiful, talented and very much beloved daughter, somehow help in washing away some of your sorrow. May God’s love heal your heartache.

ikagisho Says:

No words can fill the void you left to our souls,may your soul rest in peace & hope the callie family find a fotress in the lord during this time.

The Naidoo Family,P.M.Burg Says:

Your punchuality to come for dinner at 6.30 pm was a welcome sight for sore eyes. You radiated our home with your smile and brought laughter in our home, all you ever thought of was to enterain us and the people of South Africa rather than sit with us for a meal.
Our home will never be the same without you, we will miss that sparkling eyes and naughty smile that you always wore. We never had the pleasure to meet you personally, but we will one day where the lord has taken you into his kingdom.

To the family and dear friends of Callie, may the lord give you strenght to carry this painful burden and loss……our prayer is with you all


Lin Says:

Dear Callie Family,

Our sincerest condolences on the untimely passing of your daughter Ashley. To have such a beautiful light taken is a total tragedy. May she continue to Live in our hearts and memories. To her family, friends, cast, crew and all those who knew her – strength and peace be with you. I felt like I knew her and I just can’t imagine how you must all be feeling, I’m so sorry. Linda M

Jo Says:

Our sincere condolences to family and friends on such an untimely passing of a exemplary role model to South Africa. She will definately live on in the hearts of so many South Africans and should be remebered as an icon. Her presence will be sorely missed. Stay blessed.

kels Says:

sincere condolences to the family, a true legend has been lost but she remains in many of our hearts

DW Says:

Ash. I heard on the radio, but I so hoped that I heard wrong. Ashley, such a very beautiful and talented person. You will truly be missed. It’s so lovely to see so many South Africans stood by you, we adored you. To you family, my sincere condolences. You are in our prayers, to all the Ashley fans, I know we are all going to miss her beautiful face on TV. You will be truly missed Ashley. The light of one of SA’s brightest stars may be dimmed, but to us, you will always live on in our hearts. R.I.P Ash!

Sheri Says:

I haven’t felt this badly since Princess Diana died. How is it possible that someone so young, beautiful and talented can just be snuffed from our midst. I feel so grieved.

Les Says:

A very sad dad indeed for all South Africans & especially Ashley’s family. May her family and friends find peace and comfort in the Lord’s arms. Rest in peace Ashley – you will be sorely missed. Gone but never forgotten!

ed Says:

Forever beautiful, forever caring, forever in our hearts. You were a one of a kind, and heaven is rejoicing today, as they welcome in a beautiful angel. Thoughts and prayers to the family. Remember, she was loved by so many.

palesa Says:

i never thought i woud be this hurt about a celebrity passing away and not even knowing her…i could not sleep last nigght am traumatised
we will miss you Ashley

unathi Says:

condolences to lauren and family.i would like to send my condolences to you,the cast of isidingo and ashleys family.the fans are also going through a ruff patch about the news that this young and vibrant lady has left us for good.she was the best and keep praying and know that the fans are all thinking about her and we must let her go and rest in peace.god decided it was time to take her back because his the one who created us and his also the one who decides when to take us.she will always be in our hearts and thoughts.keep strong lauren for your parents i know its difficult especially for you.ashley rest in always unathi & family.

Jo-Anne Says:

My heartfelt condolences to the Callie Family on the loss of the daughter, Ashley. Know that there are many South Africans praying for you in this very sad time.

Désireé Says:

My innige simpatie aan familie en vriende van Ashley, weg geneem uit ons midde om aan die Koningkryk van God te dien.

Rethabile Says:

I’m deeply hurt by the passing of Ash, may her family find peace and serenity at this difficult times.

Liz Says:


Jim Says:

It feels as if I’ve lost a dear friend only worse!

A lovely and talented person taken from us.

To her family, you are very much not alone in your grief.


Janine Says:

Another beautiful young person taken far too soon. My condolences to her family and friends.

dianne Says:

I cannot imagine Isidingo without her. It’s such a tragic shock – I just cannot believe she is gone… It is heart wrenching watching Isidingo and knowing that there will be a time when she is no longer in the show…

Ashley – you were an amazing woman, an amazing actress. R.I.P.

Laura Says:

I’m so sorry and sad to hear of our loss; it just seems so tragic and unnecessary for such a beautiful and talented person to die from driving on a road. My heartfelt sympathies to her family and friends, which include all of you who watch Isidingo every night. I’m not so lucky to have enjoyed watching ‘Lee’ these past three years, having left for Australia. She was intruiging and clever and funny – I would have loved to see her in a film as well. God bless you, Ashley, you have touched so many lives! We all miss you ….

Mumtaz Says:

SO SAD!I tried to watch Isidingo yesterday and then there she is in all her grace and beauty.Smiling and laughing.She was my favourite actress and will be missed from the bottom of our hearts.It almost feels like we lost a friend.Condolences to her family, friends and all who love her.We love you Ashley. Thank you for enlighting our hearts with your smile.

Sheila Jones Cape Town South Africa Says:

My deepest sympathy to Ashley’s family. She is now at peace and out of pain. My sister was 35 when she had severe head injuries. She spent the next thirty years in care and living a half life. It was so unfair on her – she was a beautiful vibrant person before the accident. It was so hard on her and so hard on the family.So rejoice and celebrate Ashley’s life. She will always be young and very beautifil in your minds.

steven mabuza Says:

It is the will of God and Nature that these mortal bodies be laid aside, when the soul is to enter into real life.If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
I’d walk right up to Heaven
And bring you home again.
may your lovely soul rest in peace.

laskarina Says:

to all Ashley’s friends, fans and family, may God bless you and keep you during this terribly sad time. May her passion inspire us to live out our daily lives with purpose*

Zubenathi Says:

It is so saddening to hear that Ashley has passed away, she was such a good person you would never see on tabloids for scandalous things, I pray that her family and fans get the strength to deal with the loss of such a special person!!! I will always remember Ashley….Condolences to the family!

Sam Says:

Dear Ashley,

I believe that we are all on this earth for a purpose. I havent quite figured out what it is, but I know it has a lot to do with touching people’s lives and making a differnce in the lives of others; sometimes without even knowing it.

I believe you have done that & more…

I pray you rest in peace knowing that you touched the lives of many people … mine included. I pray that your family also finds peace and comfort throughout this very difficult time.

You will never be forgotten.


Denise Says:

I was shocked when I heard the news, especially since like everyone, I had expected her to make a full recovery. She touched our lives in so many ways. Whenever we tuned in to Isidingo, it was always Ashley’s performance that captivated us. My condolences and prayers to the family during this difficult time.

May your dear soul rest in peace, Ashley. You’ll be sorely missed.

Twanji Kalula Says:

I am deeply saddened to hear of Ashley Callie’s passing. I feel as though the fact that her life was extremely well lived, and not wasted only serves to greaten the sense of loss.

My thoughts are with her friends, family and fans at this time, as they struggle to come to terms with the loss of one of South Africa’s most gifted talents.

Vanessa Says:

I read a quote a few days that seems appropriate now. “You do not have a soul….you are a soul… have a body”. Ashley’s body has died but lets hope that her soul lives on and that she can see and hear how much she was loved. Our messages must be little comfort to her devastated family and friends as we didn’t know her but it feels like we did and we will certainly miss her vibrant presence on our favourite soap. Rest in Peach Ashley – we pray that those who really knew you will find the strength to bear their loss. Know that South Africa is mourning with you.

Vanessa Says:

I read a quote a few days that seems appropriate now. “You do not have a soul….you are a soul… have a body”. Ashley’s body has died but lets hope that her soul lives on and that she can see and hear how much she was loved. Our messages must be little comfort to her devastated family and friends as we didn’t know her but it feels like we did and we will certainly miss her vibrant presence on our favourite soap. Rest in Peace Ashley – we pray that those who really knew you will find the strength to bear their loss. Know that South Africa is mourning with you.

Lee Says:

This is so terribly sad for Ashey’s family and other loved ones, including the cast of Isidingo.

I always had a special soft spot for Ashley, among others because her character had the same name as mine.

My thoughts are with you all in this terrible time of grief. May you have the strength to bear the pain and may your memories of Ashley sustain you through the years to come.

Nhlakanipho Mkhize Says:

May her soul rest in peace. Thank you for gracing us with your presence on our screens Ashley. We shall all miss you.

Natalie Le Clue Says:

The day I heard of the accident I was very concerned, as I have come to big a huge of Ashley and the work she had done on Isidingo. I was very optimistic that she would pull through, so when I heard the news that she had passed away I was deeply saddened. Althought I never had the opportunity to know Ashely personally, I feel like I have lost someone very dear to my heart. I type this as a very sad person, with tears aplently. Her life made an impact on mine, one that I hope never ever to forget. I only watched Isidingo because of Ashley and I dont think I will be able to watch it ever again. Every time I think of the sad news it seems very surreal to me, how can she just be gone? I still cant quite grasp the fact. She was someone I looked up to and I will continue to do so. Cheers to you Ashley! I will miss you.

Lisa Byett Says:

Such a tragic loss. Ashley Callie was amazingly talented and lit up the screen with her presence. Isidingo will not be the same without her, and she will be dearly missed in the hearts of many South Africans. It’s with great sadness that I say goodbye. My sincere condolences to family, friends and cast; may God comfort and strengthen you in this time xx

manisha Says:

rest in peace ashley. ur spirit most definitely lives on

Leigh - Ann Says:

My deepest condolences and sympathy to the Callie family and friends. You are in my constant prayers and thoughts. I hope you can find comfort in knowing how many people loved and adored her. The only reason I watched Isidingo was because of Ashley. She was a remarkable and exceptional person with a God given talent. I feel as if I have lost a precious friend that can never be replaced. It’s with a deeply saddend heart with which I say goodbye. I will miss you every day.

glyn Says:

So sad at the loss of such a beautiful inspiring woman. Whenever I saw her I was in awe of Ashley’s beautiful and the way in which she portrayed her character Lee. Mya her soul rest in peace. Deepest condolences from my family to Ashley’s family.
Your beautiful daughter and sister will be remembered
with love and respect.

Dore Louw Says:

Miss ya alot and treasure our memories together my friend take care! Love ya lots Angel

Rosalie, Diane & Arnold Says:

Ashley, you had dinner every night of the week with us, we LOVED the way you said ‘daddy’when talking to Barker and will miss you terribly. You were part of our family! Rest in peace, you brought so much pleasure to us, Isidngo won’t be the same without you.

Shelley Says:

I came across an old magazine this morning-Me! April 2006 and there was Ashley smiling on the cover and I felt so sad!In the article inside she speaks about the gifts that she is most grateful for, she tells of how close she is to her family, her hpoes and fears and how she loved Cote d’Or chocolates. The one comment that stood out however was this,
“I’d love to get to that level of ultimate freedom, where you’re no tied down and can go wherever the road leads you. I have not travelled extensively as I would have liked to, but each year I try to get to the ocean at least once. I wouldn’t say I have a favourite place in the world. That’s like not allowing yourself to enjoy every day unless you are in that place. I rather have a favourite time of day. I love sunsets. No matter where I am, the sunset is always different and new. I would like to, ten years from now; be able to have cast eveything off and be backpacking around the world.”
Ashley, I hope that you are doing just that, watching all the sunsets you want and I can conjure up a picture of you in your glowing light, halo on the head, rucksack on the back, going wherever the road leads you! You will be missed!

Candice Young Says:

Although I have written something before, I feel compiled to write further.
Ashley, you are our South African Princess Diana, you were taken at the most beautiful stage of your life. Now Lee Heines will also have to rest in peace because no one can play that role like you did!
Dear sweet Angel Ashley, although your very short role has ended in the production of life,and your curtain has been lowered, we your most loyal fans will forever be giving you a permanent standing ovation.
You are so special and will NEVER be forgotton.
May you rest in peace as God have called home, his favourite actress.
Much Love Candice Young (Fraser)

Robyn Says:

Dearest Ashley
My family & I are just so so sad to hear of your passing…. you are beautiful and talented and we love you on Isidingo! What a tragedy to have you taken so suddenly in the prime of your life. It breaks our hearts and we shed big tears of sorrow for your life taken from our country, from your famiy, from your fans. We will miss you enormously and we hope that they do not replace you with a stand-in on TV… there will always only be one “Lee”… irriplacable.
Good bye, we salute and honour you…have fun in heaven.
Robyn, Adel and Ashleigh Kadis – Welkom, FS

Jayne Says:

It has taken me 2 days to write/type this. I am still coming to terms with Ashley being gone. I would like to express my condolences to the Callie family and to the Cast and Crew of Isidingo. I still cannot believe that Ashley is not with us anymore. Let her memory live on forever. Isidingo I think we should pay her tribute as I believe she gave 150 % to her acting.
As my tears are still falling I wish her family all the best in their time of need. To the Isidingo crew Please do the next episodes with her spirit by your side.


Portia Says:

What a waste of young talent. I cannot come to terms with the loss, It is as if I knew her personally.

Rest in peace beautiful Gem.

Tiyisela Says:

I was with great shock and sadness that I woke up to the news of Ashely’s passing yesterday. I couldn’t believe that we will no longer see her eloquent and sharp-witted portrayal of Leone Haines on Isidingo. Her beauty and grace will be sorely missed when the remainder of her episodes end on Isidingo. To her family, we know that your pain and grief is of a more personal nature, but allow us to share in mourning for your beautiful daughter. We loved every bit of the side of her that she shared with us.

In Remembrance of Ashely

I only met you once,
But that once was just enough.
I could tell you were filled with love and life.
Sadly, I never had the pleasure of meeting you again.
Your life was taken so soon,
No one should go so young.
But I can tell you are still around,
Seeing everything we do,
Watching over all your friends,
And everyone who loves you.
No longer can we see you, no longer can we hear you,
Ah, but these are only simple limitations of the human mind.

For you are still around,
For all to bid good day.
Your life was filled with things you loved,
People who loved you so.
Many shall grieve your passing,
No one shall ever forget.
As long as you are remembered,
You will never be gone.
For a soul never dies as long as we hold them close,
And what place closer than in our hearts.
You were a wonderful person and this we shall never forget.

By: Malinda F.

Terry Says:

Ashley was part of my daily life even though we have never met. I really feel as though I am saying farewell to a friend. Her charcater was my favourite one and it was evident in her acting that her eyes refelcted a joie de vivre and a passion for her craft that made her so sucessful. She will be saldy missed by so many South Afrcans. Deepest sympathy and God’s peace to her family and friends.

sharon jones Says:

Ashley we are going to miss you so much. You where a part of my family’s life Monday to Friday. You will be sadly missed by every South African. Sympathy to your family and friends.

Louise Says:

Dear Ashley

Whenever you appeared on our screens I was always mesmerised by your compelling acting. Nobody will ever be able to replace you on Isidingo. Condolences to the Callie family – We did not know Ashley personally and yet we are devastated by her loss – how great your pain is I cannot even begin to imagine. May the Lord hold you in the palm of his hands. Louise David

Sheryl Says:

“Softly the leaves of memories fall..
Gently we bend and gather them all”
Ashley(Lee) you have been such a part of our lives
RIP…you will be sorely missed, Gods greatest Blessings to Family and Isidingo Cast and Crew
Lots of Love Sheryl

khotso baloyi Says:

dear ashley… i write this with a heavy heart, you leave us with big shoes that no one can walk in!!! for me you will always a star, a ray of light in the dark…though i idi not know you personally, it felt as if i did,, you encompassed tru proffesionalism your acting will never be missed!!!!!!!!!!rest now our ashlely, amongst the angels you fittingly take your place!!!!!!R.I.P LEONIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prudence Says:

I loved her dearly she was a good person, she had a free and great spirit I looked up to her although I never new her personally, she looked strong and determined… may your soul rest in peace, your free spirit will always live with us and will always be in my heart as a role model, sister, actress and a good friend… we will keep your spirit alive!

lulu Amutike Says:

Ashley…rest in peace. May God give ur family, friends, us (fans) and everyone that supported u the strength and courage in this very diffcult time. My heart is so sore Lee sooooooooooooooooo sore. u touched my heart in a very special way and trust me its very hard fo many of us, to the Callie family, please know that we’re with u as u go through this rough patch ( we share ur pain) we loved her so much and we feel 4 u. Rest in peace my dear, lets’ not ask God why, but be thankful 4 the time spent with her.

Lata Harie Says:

From the moment it happened and I found out, there’s been a lump in my throat and a sadness in my heart. The tears are always close by. To the Callie family, my heartfelt condolences. Your daughter / sister was such a amazing girl, who crept inside of us all and will stay with us always! God grant you the peace to carry on each day. You are all in my prayers and thoughts.

Andy H Says:

I think it is quite fitting to say that to me, Ashley was “The South African people’s princess, a beautiful South African rose!”.

I find myself becoming more and more emotional days after the announcement, why… because Ashley, you struck a cord in my heart. Ashley, there are thousands of mourning people, for you. That gives assurance that even though your time on this planet was so short, and we’re left feeling so angry that you’re now gone, the fact that we (thousands of people) feel that way shows that you served a fantastic purpose on this earth, and you touched so many thousands, millions of people.

The flash of that smile, and love for humanity in your eyes… Ashley, we miss you… we miss you my darling !! I miss you.

Zhamour Says:

The Beautiful Rose of South Africa

A monument of grace
A stature of peace and beauty
A flower of radiance
A grain of knowledge and enrichment
A beauty and art; rare and awesome

The pick on your head
Was as a dove sent from the Golden Gates
Perched and rested
Ready to whisk you away to Home
There the lark sings,
Its melody reverberates
In the echoes sojourning through valves of our hearts
It’s a ceaseless mirthful melody
The lyrics esoteric and gentle as the streaming smile
of You, Ashley.

If beauty was a name-
Your being would be its owner
Much like the soil
After… a long and heavy rainfall
Our hearts and minds are left inundated
with your affectionate warmth and
Genuine marvel
Even after Your presence has evaded us awhile.

Spell out your tears oh, clouds above!
Shake your brimful troughs!
And nourish the path
She comes ready on your way up to Rest’s bosom.

A star of Gold was in our midst
Golden thanks we must give
A tapestry of the finest talent and character
An honour to have had grace our daily lives
Giving significance to the finite of
….. …Aspirations
And even
Our dreams!!!
A nectar so sweet
For dunes of deserts
Cringling thirst for Joy’s flow
To quench our hearts sadness
And the bleak blandness of life
Your heart, a heart that gave
And continues to give in daily-galores
In Memory, you live on!

A graceful mountain you stand sturdy
Sincerity and genuine artfulness
are the ridges
Of your character

Beautiful and awesome in stature
Like a horse set loose
Your spirit was wild and beautiful
Don’t you see how greatly loved you are in the land of Gold
Where you left our mark in the caves of hearts
Your name is imprinted day and night!
Time uncompressible
Your art un-ancient
Ngesintu unobusha
Siyabonga sisiwethu!
A millennium miracle
Divinity’s oracle of grace and optimism
Thank you for showing me
The face of an ultraviolet South Africa

Through time
Your legacy will breeze through the years
You will blaze past momentary flickers
Yes, our voices will say…’there was only …YOU’
But look through Time’s wrinkles,
Again we will say,
‘Look what a way she has paved for others!’
Your dreams and love for life have lit the way, Ashley!
Even I am richly blessed through you!
Your beingness will always be frozen
In all the space

For all to see and know

The wonder of you!!!

15 February 2008

Rest in peace and love and healing to the Callie family and close friends.
Thank you so much for all that Ashley and ‘Lee Haines’ meant to the South African fanship! ‘Lee in many ways encouraged me to believe in being a strong and moraled businesswoman, and hey to dream of being one, Oneday! I will always be thankful for that! She possessed strength and resilience that every woman is SA ought to have embedded deep within herself; unafraid to take life on for a ride and to contribute to the lives of those in our midst!

On the romantic side, Lee taught me that love can be complex especially when it comes to family concerns and interests, racial inhibitions and prejudices and inevitably social standing and status!

Thank you Lord Jesus for the light you shone in Ashley and the way that she added value to the lives of those around her. Thank you for the ways she impacted on our sense of self and life perspective.

In Your Son Jesus’ Name

With love…


This time next year
You won’t be here anymore
Out of reach out of sight
Life without charm and splendour
Many tears will overflow
Birds confined in cages
Music inane of rhythm
As a wild beast eager to change its spots
You anticipate the unknown
Reluctant to remove the shroud of your past
My life is scorched
Between my heart and this reality
I am stranded
Your life unfurling and mine spiritless
Hopelessly intoxicated by your aura
My heart betrays my mind
Thrashing me in darkened depths
Time dwindles by as seasons give way
You have reason to outgrow
Failing to court this passionate affection
You boycott your magnetic hold over me
This time next year
Much like the present
You will fade in the shadows of illusion
And I will remain here

Zhamour Says:

I must extend my despondency towards the South African entertainment industry.
We do not take to value the art and contribution of our stars and the valuable issues that are tailored into our dramas and doccies that are shaping and helping to shape the perceptions of our South African social and economic issues and plights. Isidingo is one of those shows that are making a difference and adding significance to our daily lives. Don’t you always love how Isi always keeps upto date with what is happening in our country- I hope that they will not overlook the impact that the load shedding problem and road recklessness prevalent on our roads. Ashley’s death has grieved so many of us, adding to the culmination of crime related problems in our country.

This is a poem of regret that recognizes an artist passed-
I wish that we, as a country would honour our artists and we become less reserved with appraising our legends—it will pave the way for more and more artists to take to the podium.

Award ceremonies are not enough, we need to grow in the area of enriching and advancing the profiles of our stars (like Charlize,Ernie, Peggy Sue Khumalo, MaMakeba, Khanyi Dlomo) so that they too can give back to the country from their experiences.
I hope that Ashley gets more than a mention at the upcoming awards-she deserves a place in the world of entertainment industry to be appreciated by fans local and gloabl in years to come!!!!

Poem by Zhamour

Never bothered to find out
How it had occurred
How a moment of fate
Could take away so soon
Too early
Too, little I knew of
Yet a curios
Wanting to know
So much buried
So much I want to find
So many years gone
So many years lost
You wouldn’t know
The thoughts we have
Yet your memory
Lives and grows
Just like our muscles strengthen
Hairs creeping
Body tort and twisted
With each day I rise
You grow with us
Now I rummage
In hopes of finding you
But alls intangible
Except for your spirit
That blankets these walls
Who are you?

Natalie Le Clue Says:

In the days after Ashley’s death I cant seem to think of anything else except her. So today, a very cloudy day, while I was driving home from uni the clouds parted just enough for the sun to peak through and create a burst of light, not for very long just before the sun set, but it was intensely bright.

Because she is constantly in my mind, I found myself looking up at the sun, asking myself: is that you Ashley? I felt a smile spread over my face and even if it wasnt her, I would like to think it was.

Delia Says:

ashley was my favourite south african actress, she was so beautiful and talented, no one can ever replace her. im so sad that i am in the Uk at the moment and can not watch the last few remaining episodes with her still in it.

Bernadette Says:

I am devastated, very sad and in shock. It’s like another Princess Di taken from us. So young and beautiful, due to a car accident. Ashley was a princess in her own way. It is very hard to watch Isidingo now. She will be sadly missed by a great fan and will live on in my heart and thoughts forever. May you rest in peace.

Insiya Says:

I used to see her often at Campus Square and also at her the restaurant in Melville on sunday mornings when we went for brunch. It’s such a shock you are gone and at such a young age :( God has his own plans and we are all on earth temporarily. May god grant you eternal peace in his kingdom. Amen.

shaakirah Says:

death is one of the most difficult things to overcome i wish all the love & support to the callie family
ashley rest in peace

Margaret Motshumi Says:

To Callie family; thank u for sharing your beautiful daughter with us (the Isidingo Fans)
No one can replace her in our hearts,she was an angel on earth and she has joined the heavenly beeings

thecla Says:

I feel so hurt.
May she rest in piece.

Nadia Says:

Dear Family and Friends of Ashley,

I did not watched Isidinog alot, but the times that I did, i saw the strong character that Asley played as Barker’s daughter,…. she was an example to all of us, …young women growing up.

My sincerest condolences for everybody who is touched by this great lost. Be strong and know that there is a reason for everything that happen.!!

Nadia (Namibia)

lorato Says:

i still cant believe it!!!!she cant be gone she just cant……

Ryan Says:

I still can’t believe it. With the persona that she projects with her character a herself it’s hard to believe she’s gone. I personally have taken for granted her and her amazing talent and I now watch every episode of Isidingo trying to… I don’t know make up for my selfishness. I’m still just can’t believe it. Seeing her on screen is just so misleading :’(

carika burton Says:

To a beautiful & talented woman:
I will miss your smile every day, how you inspired me in every way & even though you have passed, your loving memory will fore-ever last…

RIP ‘my favourite actress’

Mpho Says:

To a beautiful, talented, warm and loving woman.
May your soul rest in have been on our screens for long now and we have loved you to bits.!

You will continue to live in our hearts.

Maoliosa O'Keeffe Says:

I am truly heartsore at the death of Ashley, she was such a young vribrant actress with her whole career ahead of her. My prayers and thoughts are with her family and close friends who must be devastated and in deep mourning. May God put his loving arms around you all in this deeply sad time.

Lucinda Swanson Says:

This message goes out to Callie’s Family, Frieds and not to 4get her fans. It’s still feel so unreal that we have lost one of our contry’s most tallented female actresses!!! We all knw that we lost her, without even knowing her personaly I was very heartbroken to hear of death. She had a special place in my heart and I was one of her biggest fans!!! We will never forget such a talented, warm beautiful,loving person. What makes it even more sad is that she’s not even ere now to see what a huge impact she played in the lives of her fellow South-Africans. mMay her memory live on 4eva. She might be out of sight but will neva be out of mind!!!! BE STRONG (CALLIE FAMILY)UR IN OUR HEARTS AND MIND TROUGH THIS TIME OF SORROW!!


Pam Says:

Ashley, u have given so much,Isidingo will never be the same. God bless u and yr family.

To the Callie Family, God will see you through this.

Abby Says:

I am really technically insufficient, but I thought I would post this on something that really touched me…
I think Lee, Ashley was beautiful. Even though I only knew her as Lee, I could see she brought her amazing personality onscreen, she was just so genuine…I am not going to lie and say that I am a “proud” South African, I have my moments…but I will say that I genuinely liked her, I can feel her energy, and THAT is what would make me a proud South African. She was a part in that “moment” of my day which booted me out of reality and stimulated my imagination into these “soaps” which I have always critisised. I think she (and all the Isidingo characters) keet it real. Thank you

pendo Says:

OMG……….. i have nothing much to say …. u where n still will be my rolemodel. u made me sad wen i heard da news, its too hard to jst let u go like that, we luv u so much n God bless u n RIP…MAY GOD HELP THE FAMILY IN THIS TIME … IN THE NAME OF GOD WE PLARY!

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